Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Question & Answer...

I am so blessed.
There are moments, quite often, when 'life' happens to me and I am completely unaware of it.
Such is life for someone with seizures.
I am so thankful that I am loved by a God that is big enough to handle any question I have for Him!
He is not too big, however, to respond to those very questions! While in church this evening, He said the words in red below to me. Those words are His response to the cry of my heart:

Once again, I ask the question "Why?"
And, once again, You faithfully reply.
It may not be the answer that I seek,
but always, You eliminate the 'bleak.'
'From a distance' never You respond,
that's one way I know You are so fond!
Your response to me is very clear--
and with the same, I cannot harbor fear!"

"Even in your suffering, I AM real!
I'm with you even when you cannot feel!
Even in your weakness I AM strong;
I assure you there is nothing wrong!
Though you 'feel' confused, your God is not!
A straight and settled path for you I've got.
And when you do not understand, I do,
and nothing but the best have I for you!

You may not see what is about you now,
but failure I will surely not allow!
Some things you will not see nor understand,
but I contain you firmly in My hand!

Of all that you go through I am aware!
I want to reassure you and I care.
I have a mountain where you can reside;
come, and do not let go of My side!"

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