Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pray for me...

"Dear God,
I am so sorry!
Please forgive me for sitting here dwelling on those things that I am no longer able to do. Rather, cause me to recall and be thankful for everything that I am yet able to do!
I am so blessed!
The list of my abilities is so much longer than the list of my inabilities...why do I dwell on the latter, then?
Heavenly Father, I can't get into the car and go minister to someone, but I can get onto my computer and go around the world!
I cannot drive up to the hospital to visit that lady, but I can write what you tell me to into a card and send to her.
I cannot just leave the house and visit that man that couldn't make it to church Sunday, but I can pick up the phone and be right there with him.
I can't go down to Guatemala and help Sam & Alice, but I can go to Your altar and be just as effective.
Please make me be grateful for such!
And Father, please forgive me for what I just did: mentioning all the things I CANNOT do and then mentioning the things I can!
Change me, please. Make me more like You. Help me to look at the GOOD in everything without or before seeing the bad.

In Jesus' Name,

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