Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jesus--Blessed be...

Jesus-blessed be the Name.
The heavens to sing out Your fame!
All of life to join the song--
singing all of living long.

Jesus--blessed be the man.
And not another for God's plan!
Not another to endure
all it took to make me pure!

Jesus--blessed be the Lord;
Holy, righteous and adored!
Your Lordship for to recognize
throughout the land, throughout the skies!

Jesus--blessed be the one
to cry "Not mine but Thine be done."
For You are Life and life once more!
My Lord, my King, my Open Door!

No other Name by which man might be saved.
"Intolerant," you say?
Oh, but I have found that those crying out intolerance are clueless as to the joy, the strength, the power and the peace that Jesus is in this life and the next!

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