Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Impossible God!

Does that sound like someone you would like to know?
Could you handle starting a relationship KNOWING that it is impossible to completely know that other person?
Oh, but when that other Person is Jesus Christ, He makes your every effort MORE than worthwhile!

"Will ever this man understand
the wonder that You are?"
The One Who listens to my prayer
created every star!
The One Who walks beside me holds
the universe in hand!
Come, explain the wonder to me,
you who understand!
Him Who makes the lightning bolt,
the Same enlightens me!
The One Who makes the water,
Living Water--it is He!
The Giver of all life, He is
eternal life, as well!
The more that I possess, the more
of this life I dispel!

So wonderful, the Wonder...
so real, reality
of what I cannot understand
here in the life of me!
I give Him all that is this man,
He gives back so much more!
Never to be understood,
that's not what He is for!

Go ahead! Try! You cannot fathom God. He entreats us to seek Him and know Him, but His fullness is far beyond our capacity!
But again, your efforts will be very well rewarded!

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