Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Evening of the Soul

Never alone. Not even when by yourself. Not even when you ‘feel’ alone. For God is FAR MORE than feeling! Thankfully, that which only He can provide is ALSO more than feeling!

In the evening of the soul—
Solitude unknown!
The Redeemer of the heart
Is here to claim His Own!
The One and only Purchaser
Of what cannot be bought
Eliminates the darkness and
The evening is not!
No longer is the loneliness,
No longer is the pain…
Gone is the confusion, perfect
Peace to there obtain!
Settled by a perfect love,
Led in ways divine—
This is found when is the evening
Of the soul of mine.

The evening of the soul—
Can anyone relate?
If so, the very same for even
You does so await!
And timing is no matter—He’s
Available always!
He is the Peace and solitude
For every one of days!

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