Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beginning the Day do you do it?
Since my youth, God has given me a love for His creation.
Upon arising, I always look for His Presence.
I never have to look hard!
Normally, I but acknowledge His Presence, and His song begins...

In the first of morning tide,
You sing to me afresh.
You cause my heart to realize
that You are here to bless!
The majesty of dawn returns
to You a glory song,
as all of living reaffirms
"To You do we belong!"

O wonderful, the melody
arising with the day!
What truths of affirmation does
that melody convey!
You walk with me and talk with me
and I'm a brand-new man
in the life again alive
according to Your plan!

So wonderful, the morning...
so beautiful, the day...
so rewarding is the living
on the Narrow Way!

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