Thursday, June 19, 2008


The Valley of The Past.
Have you been there?
It is good that we go there on occasion.
However, we must take great precaution in not becoming a resident there!
Yes, I often look back just to see how far God has brought me.
He takes me there sometimes, lest I become arrogant when I meet someone that is in the same sin that I may have enjoyed. When there at His bidding, He reaffirms truths, I know my exit will be expedient, and great are my rewards!
I can emerge and declare

My sin, it is behind me,
no longer is it mine.
The same has been forgotten
by Him Who is divine!
What precious disability:
'no longer to recall!'
Oh, but His ability,
my very name to call!

He is the Equalizer,
He levels out the field.
He makes up for what I lack
when, unto Him, I yield!
He moves me to compassion
to give away success,
He lives the truth, inside of me,
"To be blessed is to bless."

Mine every living moment
is Jesus Christ alive!
Mine every move to govern--
I know I shall arrive!
In favor I shall live 'til then,
abundantly and more!
In this life and in the next,
HE IS the Open Door!


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