Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beginning the Day do you do it?
Since my youth, God has given me a love for His creation.
Upon arising, I always look for His Presence.
I never have to look hard!
Normally, I but acknowledge His Presence, and His song begins...

In the first of morning tide,
You sing to me afresh.
You cause my heart to realize
that You are here to bless!
The majesty of dawn returns
to You a glory song,
as all of living reaffirms
"To You do we belong!"

O wonderful, the melody
arising with the day!
What truths of affirmation does
that melody convey!
You walk with me and talk with me
and I'm a brand-new man
in the life again alive
according to Your plan!

So wonderful, the morning...
so beautiful, the day...
so rewarding is the living
on the Narrow Way!

Friday, June 27, 2008


What is yours?
Each and all of us must reach a point when we confront ourselves to find out exactly why we are doing what. Beyond 'income,' past 'advancement,' greater than '_____,' each of us must realize that the one greatest question above all this is
Once that is settled, one can move forward with boldness and confidence!
I don't know about you, but this is a location I must go to daily.

There is an intensity
that goes beyond 'success.'
There is an effort that, when made,
takes quite a while to bless;
there is a labor that requires
work without a thought;
there is a classroom without doors
where life is surely taught!
There is a level of achievement
known to only one:
the heart alone to recognize
when the best is done.
Accolades are wonderful,
serving to inspire,
but I'm the only one that knows
if I have fed the fire!

Settle for no less than that
accomplishing the most,
even if it only means
that, to yourself, you boast!
Your every effort in this life
may, recognition, lack,
but God, Himself, on that Great Day
will pat you on the back!

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Question & Answer...

I am so blessed.
There are moments, quite often, when 'life' happens to me and I am completely unaware of it.
Such is life for someone with seizures.
I am so thankful that I am loved by a God that is big enough to handle any question I have for Him!
He is not too big, however, to respond to those very questions! While in church this evening, He said the words in red below to me. Those words are His response to the cry of my heart:

Once again, I ask the question "Why?"
And, once again, You faithfully reply.
It may not be the answer that I seek,
but always, You eliminate the 'bleak.'
'From a distance' never You respond,
that's one way I know You are so fond!
Your response to me is very clear--
and with the same, I cannot harbor fear!"

"Even in your suffering, I AM real!
I'm with you even when you cannot feel!
Even in your weakness I AM strong;
I assure you there is nothing wrong!
Though you 'feel' confused, your God is not!
A straight and settled path for you I've got.
And when you do not understand, I do,
and nothing but the best have I for you!

You may not see what is about you now,
but failure I will surely not allow!
Some things you will not see nor understand,
but I contain you firmly in My hand!

Of all that you go through I am aware!
I want to reassure you and I care.
I have a mountain where you can reside;
come, and do not let go of My side!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Impossible God!

Does that sound like someone you would like to know?
Could you handle starting a relationship KNOWING that it is impossible to completely know that other person?
Oh, but when that other Person is Jesus Christ, He makes your every effort MORE than worthwhile!

"Will ever this man understand
the wonder that You are?"
The One Who listens to my prayer
created every star!
The One Who walks beside me holds
the universe in hand!
Come, explain the wonder to me,
you who understand!
Him Who makes the lightning bolt,
the Same enlightens me!
The One Who makes the water,
Living Water--it is He!
The Giver of all life, He is
eternal life, as well!
The more that I possess, the more
of this life I dispel!

So wonderful, the Wonder...
so real, reality
of what I cannot understand
here in the life of me!
I give Him all that is this man,
He gives back so much more!
Never to be understood,
that's not what He is for!

Go ahead! Try! You cannot fathom God. He entreats us to seek Him and know Him, but His fullness is far beyond our capacity!
But again, your efforts will be very well rewarded!

Friday, June 20, 2008

So loved!

I am so loved!
By a beautiful wife, I am loved…
By a sincere son, I am loved…
By virtuous daughters, I am loved…
By wonderful parents, I am loved…
By countless others, I am loved…
However, I am loved the most by the very Creator of everything—
My Father God!
In His love, I am cared for and watched after with arms of love and
An awareness that is omniscient!

The answer to my prayer
You come to me and share—
I am so blessed!
What I need, You bring;
You cause my heart to sing!
You know what’s best!
What I do not know of,
You yet provide in love
And I’m prepared.
You touch all of my life,
The pleasure and the strife,
And I’m repaired.

I am sure that you are blessed, as well. However, I have found that the more of my life I give to God, the more life I receive in return, and of greater quality!
Can you trust Him that much?


Thursday, June 19, 2008


The Valley of The Past.
Have you been there?
It is good that we go there on occasion.
However, we must take great precaution in not becoming a resident there!
Yes, I often look back just to see how far God has brought me.
He takes me there sometimes, lest I become arrogant when I meet someone that is in the same sin that I may have enjoyed. When there at His bidding, He reaffirms truths, I know my exit will be expedient, and great are my rewards!
I can emerge and declare

My sin, it is behind me,
no longer is it mine.
The same has been forgotten
by Him Who is divine!
What precious disability:
'no longer to recall!'
Oh, but His ability,
my very name to call!

He is the Equalizer,
He levels out the field.
He makes up for what I lack
when, unto Him, I yield!
He moves me to compassion
to give away success,
He lives the truth, inside of me,
"To be blessed is to bless."

Mine every living moment
is Jesus Christ alive!
Mine every move to govern--
I know I shall arrive!
In favor I shall live 'til then,
abundantly and more!
In this life and in the next,
HE IS the Open Door!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Evening of the Soul

Never alone. Not even when by yourself. Not even when you ‘feel’ alone. For God is FAR MORE than feeling! Thankfully, that which only He can provide is ALSO more than feeling!

In the evening of the soul—
Solitude unknown!
The Redeemer of the heart
Is here to claim His Own!
The One and only Purchaser
Of what cannot be bought
Eliminates the darkness and
The evening is not!
No longer is the loneliness,
No longer is the pain…
Gone is the confusion, perfect
Peace to there obtain!
Settled by a perfect love,
Led in ways divine—
This is found when is the evening
Of the soul of mine.

The evening of the soul—
Can anyone relate?
If so, the very same for even
You does so await!
And timing is no matter—He’s
Available always!
He is the Peace and solitude
For every one of days!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jesus--Blessed be...

Jesus-blessed be the Name.
The heavens to sing out Your fame!
All of life to join the song--
singing all of living long.

Jesus--blessed be the man.
And not another for God's plan!
Not another to endure
all it took to make me pure!

Jesus--blessed be the Lord;
Holy, righteous and adored!
Your Lordship for to recognize
throughout the land, throughout the skies!

Jesus--blessed be the one
to cry "Not mine but Thine be done."
For You are Life and life once more!
My Lord, my King, my Open Door!

No other Name by which man might be saved.
"Intolerant," you say?
Oh, but I have found that those crying out intolerance are clueless as to the joy, the strength, the power and the peace that Jesus is in this life and the next!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pray for me...

"Dear God,
I am so sorry!
Please forgive me for sitting here dwelling on those things that I am no longer able to do. Rather, cause me to recall and be thankful for everything that I am yet able to do!
I am so blessed!
The list of my abilities is so much longer than the list of my inabilities...why do I dwell on the latter, then?
Heavenly Father, I can't get into the car and go minister to someone, but I can get onto my computer and go around the world!
I cannot drive up to the hospital to visit that lady, but I can write what you tell me to into a card and send to her.
I cannot just leave the house and visit that man that couldn't make it to church Sunday, but I can pick up the phone and be right there with him.
I can't go down to Guatemala and help Sam & Alice, but I can go to Your altar and be just as effective.
Please make me be grateful for such!
And Father, please forgive me for what I just did: mentioning all the things I CANNOT do and then mentioning the things I can!
Change me, please. Make me more like You. Help me to look at the GOOD in everything without or before seeing the bad.

In Jesus' Name,

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Subtle Boldness

In the earliest, as I look out the window from my keyboard, God interrupts.
Is He allowed to do so in your schedule?

In the boldness of the dawn
that has not been before,
Your breathing plays the aged pines,
and I am blessed once more.
The chimes that are suspended catch
the rhythm of Your sigh,
and day is fabricated
right before my very eye!
The list of my petitions
momentarily aside
as I behold the proof that,
all about me, You reside;
even my desires, for the
moment are unclear,
as I realize that I
have everything right here!

In the boldness of the dawn,
You are and You create,
reminding me that, for my needs,
You are so very great!
O the grand assurance for me,
always to exist
in a time so bold with, oh,
the subtlest of mist!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Are You Ready?

Some of us cloak them with the term "reasons."
Upon inventory, I am amazed at what I miss in this life from what really turns out to be merely "excuse..." for one "reason?" or another...

Summer ran up to me just
a little while ago.
He challenged me "You wanna play?!"
I just said "I dunno know..."
I watched how he was running, jumping,
in the warming rays;
my heart detected his each move
was generating praise!
I thought, "It's kinda hot today..."
then saw December's snow...
I said "I hafta work tonight..."
he laughed and said "I know!"
He smiled as mine every reason
turned into excuse,
and his persistent attitude
made me cry "What's the use?!"

Summer ran up to me and
before he got away,
I grabbed him by the hand and we
enjoyed a happy day!
That which I thought would hinder me
turned out to be so petty...
When Summer comes to visit you
make sure that you are ready!

Life is short. Enjoy it while you can, as often as you can! If you need to, come on over! I have several miles of Hot Wheels track and you can pick from cars from all over the world!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I ran away from God and found
Him running right beside...
I ran from His embrace to find
I had no place to hide...
I escaped His sight to find
Him looking right at me...
I learned, to be apart from Him,
I could not ever be!

Wherever I attempted flight,
He was already there.
The refuge I discovered, it
was fashioned by His care.
He saw what I attempted and
He made for me a way
to keep on moving forward until
my blindness went away.

I ran away from God to only
learn that I could not!
Every place I fled, I found
His Presence in that spot!
And He assured me, yet again,
I have no cause to run;
the love that He has for me--
it is greater than a son!
My Friend is He, as well, and will be
with me, this I know.
I ran away from God...
into His very arms to go!

Are you running? Where to? What from?
Are you getting anywhere?
The refuge you seek may be right in front of you...
right behind you...
perhaps that refuge is the very ONE you are running from!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beautiful People

Look at me. What do you see?
A major problem with me is only seeing what I want to see.
What does God see?
Dare any ask Him for His vision?
Oh…but soon and very soon!

So beautiful, the people—
Not one just like before!
Independent, valuable,
And each, so much, much more!
How often is invested
The time it takes to find
The beauty that is deeper than,
Just to the eyes, resigned?

For certain, everybody
Has such but yet concealed;
Qualities and blessings that
Are yet to be revealed.
Look past the imperfections, only
By the vision, found
At the life inside that, of
A truth, does there abound!

So beautiful, the people,
And more so when abide
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Deep, so deep inside!
He makes each person beautiful
And special as His own!
Invite Him to become this real
And, surely, He’ll be known!

Open Line

Is it monologue or dialogue?
There is a point in relationship where you do not have to do all the talking. It’s called “communication.”
For so many years, I would go to God with my “wish list,” speak my piece, and leave Him until I spoke to Him again.
Life really came to life, however, when I learned to go to prayer and “listen!” Greater, part of my prayer became “Father, I must leave this hallowed place now. Please go with me and direct my day with Your voice and with Your Spirit.”
Are You there yet? He is, and He waits for You to trust Him to the point “going with Him where He leads,” rather than “Father, go with me as I leave here.”

Thank You for speaking every time
The lines have rhythm or have rhyme…
Thank You for moving like You do
When I do what You tell me to…
Thank You for opportunity
To witness everything You be—
Completion of the very same,
How many lifetimes would it claim?

There is no limit to You!
How can I profess to know?
You are beyond presumption,
Mine intellect, You throw!
You are not apprehended by
The learned or the wise!
What man am I if, without effort,
I can recognize?

Oh, so very blessed that You
And I communicate!
Nothing else to matter as
I see You, oh so great!
So intimate, so valuable,
So different, so new;
So very blessed and fortunate
That I belong to You!

So Strong!!


Are YOU strong?
Is it a ‘feeling?’
Then what if I don’t “feel” strong, does that mean I am “weak?”
Of course not! Strength is something I must cling to the same way I do “faith.” Most of the time, my strength cannot be “seen.” (At least by me.) There are others in my life, (and in yours, as well,) who say that can they “see” such in us and are encouraged by it.
Myself, I must make the following affirmation almost constantly, and then I am strong in "something" far greater than myself...

I am so strong inside Your strength!
The day is long, but through the length
Your Presence is, (and far beyond,)
As Your own garments I have donned.

The strength of You, for it is true!

It is not what I feel or do.
It is established and secure—
For by that strength does life endure!

In Your strength, I am alive!
I prosper in You and I thrive!
I do far more than “just exist”
As, by Your strength, I am so kissed!

My Strength—for it is only You;
And nothing else will ever do!
You were, You are, You’ll ever be
The Strength inside the life of me!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Is it taken for granted?
Is it a 'license' to get away with 'whatever?'
But mercy.
I know mercy personally.
I needed it more than most.
I need it yet.
According to the measure of mercy that I mete to my brother, so shall it be unto me.
That scares me!
In a discussion Sunday, I brought up the fact that I am more merciful to a complete stranger than I am to my own family.
That is definitely not fair! But something surprised me: I discovered that I am not alone.
In no way does that excuse my behavior, but why am I that way? Why are we that way?
Deeper yet--why are we more merciful to strangers...AND to loved ones...than we are to ourselves?
Please pray for me. The standard to which I have been holding those dearest to me has been impossible for them to attain of late, and that is not fair to anyone!

I need again that grace,
right here in this place,
with those I mainly face
all everyday.
My arrogance and pride,
they would not be denied,
I let them both outside
in wretched way!
The very thing I preach,
the tenets that I teach,
the same do I beseech-
my life deceive...
but I know there is grace,
there is a trying place
where I look in His face
and I receive.
I am without excuse
for such shoddy abuse
I've got to call a truce
with attitude...
but bartering aside,
my self must be denied
destroying wretched pride
for rectitude!
The ones I love the most
of late have been my roast,
and I have overdosed
on ME, ME, ME!
Oh God, repair my heart--
stupidity depart,
that this man may impart
YOUR quality!

In JESUS' Name,

Monday, June 2, 2008

FIRST Communion?

Blessings on you.
As I reflect upon the wonders of Communion, the power of the elements, I recall those first few that I partook of when I got saved.
I took of it carefully, as per Scripture’s warning and Pastor Snider’s instructions.
However, it never became more real to me than one of the youth meetings I eventually attended. The church had just hired a new Youth Pastor. After several weeks, Dan said that he noticed quite a level of stress and strife amongst the youth in the group.
We showed up one Monday evening for the ‘usual’ weekly meeting.
Instead, there was a punch bowl full of grape juice and real glass cups, not the little tiny cups.
In place of the little wafers, there was a bowl of fresh-baked rolls.
And instead of closing our eyes and reflecting in “self-examination,” we were instructed to get a cup and a roll and go to anyone and everyone in the group that we had or have had animosities with, repent, break bread, and ask forgiveness.
That “15-minute Communion Service” lasted almost three hours. It was well after 10 p.m. by the time the last person had left, but the affects of it have not left me even yet!
One thing that yet stands out was my future wife confronting me in Christian love about the way I was treating my
future brother-in-law.
I am so thankful for the way the Holy Spirit moves! I was doing things that were painful and I was not even aware of it!
(Please keep praying for me, I still have that problem.)
Intimacy…honesty…humility…all so very real!

How would such a service go now? How many would be brave or bold enough to attend? Is such a service 'corporately' possible? Necessary?
I know that, with MY mouth, it is a very necessary event!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Change my ways..." is the cry of my heart.
I want to be more like Him.
I want to be more like Him so I can minister more effectively.
I want to be more like Him so I can touch my brother in a way that will help him.
I want to be more like Him when I am all alone--
For if I cannot be effective when it is only He and I, what good am I to my brother man?

"I come to You, praising You
for being You, oh Lord.
Thanking You for all the blessings
freely You afford,
and bringing to You my request,
like You told me to do;
I lay upon My face and wait
to hear from only You.
Make me more like You, my Lord,
in all the ways I'm not;
those ways that are, with human eyes,
impossible to spot;
come into my heart and mind
and take complete control
that there would be not any cause
to jeopardize my soul!
Those very thoughts of evil, Lord,
are just as bad as sin--
Lord God, cause me to know the way
to let not evil in!
And help me look at others, Lord,
the way You look at them,
that I would love them with Your love
and nevermore condemn!
And cause me not to look upon
what they do or don't,
I know if I obey this I,
trespass against You, won't!
Again, help me to look at them
like You do, oh my Lord...
if we all did this, we could all
live in such sweet accord!"