Thursday, May 29, 2008

"For This..."

But what if He would step down with an explanation?
How many would listen?
He told us that we had Moses and the prophets, and if we would not hear them, surely we would ignore Him.
“Father, please forgive me!”

“With reasons for what has been done
I speak now unto thee
So you’ll remember evermore
What was and is to be.

I went unto the ‘righteous’ ones
To show to them their fault,
Trying to show unto them
They are to be the salt,
That, from their mouths should be the words
Dispensing life and breath…
For this, with heartfelt rage inside,
You plot My very death?

I came to freely share the Good News
With the poor and weak
So they would know My holy Word,
For this, you smite My cheek?

For telling you that you must bow
And rid yourself of pride,
You bind My arms and take a spear
And pierce My very side!

For turning water into wine
And miracles as such…
For raising someone from the dead
With a gentle touch…
For reaching unto those so bound
And setting them so free,
For this, you take the scourge and rake
The very flesh of Me?

For answering your accusations
With a gentle word,
Sharing Scripture unto you
That you’ve so often heard,
Explaining that, without My life,
Your lives are but a loss,
For helping you to understand,
You nail Me to a cross?

For being so hard-hearted and
Not knowing what to do…
For the fact that I have such
Undying love for you…
For that yearning in My heart
That, evermore, you’ll win,
For this, I rise up from the dead
Defeating hell within!!

And so that you will have a haven
From this dying life,
With no more worry for the morrow,
No more grief and strife,
I have prepared a Perfect Place
Where evil does not live…
For this, I’m coming once again,
Eternal life to give!!”


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Papa Vern

"Go unto all the world and..."
But God, what can I do?

Do you ever wish you were somewhere else doing something "more effective?"
At times, I wonder that myself. It is then that the Holy Spirit asks me if I am doing all I can where I am.
More effective...
In whose sight?
I got home at 10:30 this morning. While taking the groceries in, I caught sight of the man that lives behind me motioning me over. When I got to the fence, I reached to shake his hand. Instead, this man clung to me and wept severely.
After a minute, he was able to say
I held tight. He showed no signs of letting go!
A few minutes later, "The Death Official is on his way now!" (Coroner.)
He then was able to describe was what happening. Papa had only been dead about 45 minutes, and passed in his arms from this life.
Where are you? Is there someone near you that is needing someone to cling to?
What will it take to be able to find out?
From what I know about this man and his son, I saw and heard these words from the son's eyes...

"I was a stranger and you took me in...
I was naked and you clothed me..."
Matthew 25:35

You took me in as if I were your own
a closest of relationship be known.
Employee, but you treated me not such;
from the start, I knew a special touch.

And as I grew with you, I always knew
how special everybody was to you!
Very few were strangers in your heart,
due to this, we cannot be apart.

And now, our Father takes you as His own
pain and suffering are now unknown!
Father, husband, brother, neighbor, friend--
our memories of you will never end!
And to those memories we dearly cling
until that day, together, we shall sing:
reunion, surely, at the Father's throne
and once again, relationship be known!

Relationship continues to that place
as we reflect on wisdom in your face,
as we reflect on strength you gave us all,
and listen closely for HIS Trumpet call!

"See you later, Papa!"

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just how high are yours?
Just how high are mine?!
Sure, we talk about them, but how many of us are willing to put deeds to words and carry out what the faithful did?
Those faithful we honor today...

There is a standard to uphold,
at times, untouched by sight;
a code to which a chosen few
would even take delight;
a 'vow' to be your very best
in every circumstance,
wherever be the theatre,
whatever be at glance.

There is a standard yet above
the love of even life
to cause a person shun each comfort,
braving every strife!
A dread truth to accompany:
"The same may not return..."
That changes not emotions, deep
within us each, to burn.
They burn of those so dear to us,
the dear ones that gave all;
emotions for the families of
the ones that take the fall...
emotions for the ones whose status
yet remains unknown--
the same deserve memorial
until the light be shone!

There is a standard to uphold
not set by any man,
and those we now commemorate
were stalwart to such plan!
Gone, but not forgotten in
the living of us each.
Due their exploits and sacrifice,
so freely yet we preach!

Never, EVER, take them for granted, neither let their honor be confined to a single day!


Monday, May 19, 2008


“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you!” 1 Thessalonians, 5:18

Can you echo that? Can the same be always echoed by ME?!
Have I the right to that first question when this writer himself so often complains about the most minor of problems?
Pray for me that the following would be the cry of my spirit, soul and body as I follow His leading:

Oh, thank You that I am so thankful!
You meet my need and so much more!
But even before a provision,
Who You Are I am so thankful for!
You are my joy and salvation,
You are my life and my breath!
You are my strength and provision,
You are the very “Thus Saith…!”

Thank You that I am so thankful!
I echo Your Word, so alive!
You order each step that’s before me—
With joy and with grace I arrive!
In everything I shall be thankful,
For You have the finest for me!
Thank You that I am so thankful;
Oh, and forever I’ll be!




“How intolerant!!”
“You narrow-minded fool!”
Oh, but I will continue in my folly and savor the absolute perfection that my Lord and Savior Jesus is!!

Faithfulness, faithfulness
He is and He will be!
Constantly, and then forever,
Father God is He!
Present on the mountaintop,
Present in the vale;
Faithful even when your own
Would absolutely fail!

Turn your back upon Him?
He is present even then!
His faithfulness is far beyond
The faithfulness of men!
He is above emotion, even
Though He has the same;
To be recipient of Him
Can anybody claim!

The faithfulness of God—oh why
Would anybody doubt?!
Why would anybody try
to live this life without?
It is the ONE decision
Every person has to make,
And Jesus Christ, His Son, remains
The only route to take!


A greatest blessing: I CAN SEE!
Too often, however, I SEE the problems about me.
I have to realize that He sees all of that problem, I only see what’s visible.
Please pray for me that I will SEE more of what HE created, and less of what I may have created.

Across the living spectrum
The rays illuminate,
The handiwork of God—it is
Abundant, it is great!
Sights and scents that generate
A song unto His Name;
He doesn’t even need a person
To engender fame!
He brings it on Himself as He
Paints every single tree;
He causes worship as He sculpts
Where lakes and rivers be;
The mountains and the hills sing out
In victory of voice!
Unto their Creator God,
They rise up and rejoice!

And what of introspection?
Begin the accolade!
Fearfully and wonderfully
This temple is so made!
Made to praise and honor Him—
So intricate, so true;
Forever and for everything,
His adoration due!


Unknown again...

“Mrs. Busby, we’ve never seen this before. We need to keep your son for observation…”
“Mr. & Mrs. Busby, we cannot handle Jimmy’s condition here. You must transport him to ___________...”

“Ma’am, we still don’t know what’s wrong with your husband…”
“Mrs. Busby, we know what’s wrong with your husband. There is an expert in this field in ___________.” I suggest you take him there…”
And so continues the medical history of this writer…

One more time the unknown...
that, for awhile, outgrown;
though paths become uncharted,
God will not be outsmarted!
The path, to us unclear,
is walked by One so dear.
Each turn, each hill, each care,
God knows, and He is there!
Directions may not be,
the path we may not see;
one single step ahead
by faith must needs be led!
But there, the Leader be
and He can clearly see!
His answers are secure,
in Him shall life endure!

For there is no unknown
to Him upon the throne,
to Him inside the heart,
we cannot be apart!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wake-up Call

that sound!
Can you hear it where you are?
Oh, you don't know what you're missing!

I set my alarm last night.
I did not need to.
I was pleasantly brought to life this morning by the song of Spring, itself:

The essence of the morning,
so old and oh so new...
the flavor of the season...
the feeling of the dew...
the symphony upon the land,
the choir on the wing,
so inspire ALL of living
"Rise and shine and sing!"
Sentinels to raise their arms
and reach into the sky--
perpetual example of
exalting God Most High!
Branches to oblige the singers
sheltering each one...
Again, the Truth resounds "There's nothing
new beneath the sun?!"
All of fabric to rebel
and cry "BUT ALL IS NEW,
even only if exalted
by a chosen few!"
Life is now--it's not tomorrow,
neither yesterday--
so prove the clear and complicated
on the Narrow Way!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"More like You..."

My walk with God must be deeper than my attitude toward "things."
My love for God must greater than my disgust of a person.
My animosity toward someone will certainly affect the way I respond to my call to minister.
If I am living properly for Him, His workings in my life will be far greater than any workings of my past. I will give more heed to what I have and will have, what I do and will do, and concentrate less and less on what was and what may have been.
If I am in total submission to God, I will love the sinner in a greater measure than the hatred or disgust I have for his sin, especially him who is involved in those things I used to enjoy the most!
If I love that person the way I am supposed to, I will say
"Lord, thank You for the potential I see in him for Your Kingdom," instead of prophesying "That loser will never amount to anything!"
Unfortunately, I hear more and more people making the latter statement.
Back when I heard people say that about me, God was looking at the potential I contained. Even when I could not see it myself, He revealed it to others and they rallied behind me!
My walk and my love are going to determine whether I get behind him and hearten him on, or overtake him so all he sees is me leaving him.
In all of the above, my actions will be THE barometer measuring the evidence of God in my life.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Oh, That time and Place!
Are you aware of it?
That same has been spoken of for over 2,000 years!
Just ask Jesus about it. He isn't dying to talk to you about it. He already did that! He is living to share that life and time with you!

There is a day when days no longer are.
I see and hear and feel it is not far.
And when I cannot see or hear or feel,
the Holy Ghost is faithful to reveal!
As long as I put limits not on Him,
His many ways, He uses each of them!

There is a place where places are unknown,
yet to my spirit it is surely known!
Though where it be I have not any clue,
"homesick" am I for its rapture view!
A yearning for it in me was conceived
the moment that, on Jesus, I believed!

My presence in that Place to be assured
As, in my heart, resides the Living Word!
He told me, to prepare it, He would go.
His word is all I need to prove it so!
Would anybody else believe this man?
But I will share, according to His plan!

Don't give up!
And when He comes, He will receive us unto Himself in That Awesome Place!
Will YOU be going with me?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, 2008...

...a little late. Sorry, mom!
I am not sorry, however, for recording the following words, knowing that the blessing you are will be read about around the world!
Thank you, momma, for affecting me in so many wonderful ways...even today!

The days...the weeks...the months...
the years become a blur
as emphasized be precious moments
of my life with her!
The states, the streets, the cities that,

too often, come between,
all disappear upon recall,
and distance has no mean.

And everyday she is appreciated
by this man!
As my life unfolds, I see
her earliest of plan.
My appreciation of her
builds with that each day;
I thank God for the mom He chose
to set me on The Way.

The years--not to matter even now;
continues, she, to bless this man somehow!
"Continuing to honor her" my vow,
long as time eternal will allow!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Can you see them?
What if they are not what they appear?
I have learned that most blessings that come our way do not appear as first. Read on...

1988. Successful career. $23,000/yr. Back injury @ work in April. Down to $900/month.
It was an answer to prayer.....WHAT?!
For years, I prayed for an opportunity to live in Arkansas and write. However, at the above salary in those days, dreams get postponed. Because of the back injury, I was no longer able to do my exact job anymore.
Enter "Corporate America." It was easier for the corporation to give me "permanent disability" than to wonder if I would get hurt again. The settlement was large enough for my family & I to move to Arkansas, build a house and start over.
Arkansas. Stability at last? Hmmm...
"Sir, we would love to hire you, but you have had a back injury. We don't want to take that risk."
"Isn't that discrimination?" said I.
"Normally, yes. But since the injury happened on the job, we have a legal right to refuse to hire you. Have a nice day."
"Wow, God. Which prayer was that an answer to?"

1992. "Mr. Busby, can you tell me why you are in this hospital bed?"
"No. Is that where I am. What happened?"
"You had a major tonic-clonic seizure, sir. We had to call in a neurologist from Missouri to treat you."
"Mr. Busby, I'm a Dr. of neurology. You had a quite a time! I understand you work part-time baking pizzas. I recommend you get out of that kitchen."
"Can I deliver the pizzas?"
"Sure. No problem."

1993. "Honey, where are we? I just saw the "Welcome to Arkansas!" sign.
"That was 3 hours ago, hon. You had a seizure and we had to stop the car while you were driving! God helped us pull it off the road without incident." You can no longer drive.
So much for delivering pizzas.

"Mr. Busby,"
"Yes, your honor?"
"It is my opinion that you don't need this disability pension...unless you want to lead a normal life for the next 30 years!"

1994 to present... Home. Unable to retain 'normal' employment. Writing poetry and sending it all over the world via Internet. God paying the bills and meeting needs through love gifts and pension.

"Father, when I grow up, I want to live in Arkansas and write poetry."

God answers prayer. Are you able to accept HIS answer?


Before I was a daddy,
I never knew my heart
could be outside my body,
but nonetheless a part.
I never knew that organ
go in each direction,
the same ways of that boy and girl
which garner my affection.

Before I was a daddy,
I thought I had all wealth.
A son was given unto me,
a fortune, now, to dwell'th!
Now garners he such interest as
he multiplies my worth!
Who knew that such prosperity
resulted from a birth?!

Before I was a daddy,
so macho and so tough.
And then I held my daughter,
resolution turned to fluff!
How could such a tiny person
topple such a man?!
I thought that such humility
was only in HIS plan!

Before I was a daddy,
my wife was oh, so nice...
But now, her beauty and her worth
have multiplied in price!
Even far beyond a 'price,'
this lady that I know;
"...but who am I, Lord, that such
treasure-trove would You bestow?!"

"Before I was a daddy..."
but how long has it been?
In spite of 'functions' that escape,
I am most blessed of men!!
A wife, a daughter and a son
compounding my account!
To calculate how I am blessed...
no way to find amount!

(*Before Children)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Eye on the Sparrow

Many years ago, as I 'experienced' the "I don't have time to notice such 'things!'" attitude, I wrote the following in rebellion....

I listen to the little birds
and try to catch the subtle words
my Savior would be speaking unto me.
He feeds them daily from His hand
in front of me and o'er that land,
and does it in a way so few would see.
He gives them trees to make their home
and open skies in which to roam
and teaches them to fly from here to there;
though they depend so much on Him,
(as He does oh, so much for them,)
not many of His children seem to care.

So similar it is for man,
all he needs to run the land
flows freely from the Lord upon request.
Everyone receives the same,
everyone who calls His Name,
to all who call, He gives the very best.
There is a difference, though, with man:
he came up with another plan
with no dependence on the Lord at all:
"I will do it my own way,"
unto the Lord the man did say,
and, steadily, that man began to fall.

Those are two ways of the day,
so close, and yet so far away,
two ways of life with you I had to share.
One is "For the birds!" they say,
the other one is called "my way!"
and, still, not many people seem to care.

I hate ending what I write on a negative note. This is one of the very few things that I have written that does such.


"For the Birds!"

Too often, such is the undertone I hear applied to the simplicity of God's precious gifts...and the precious little lives that are "less than human!"
These "less than human" creations sing more about God and His abundance than I do! He even tells us in His Word that they completely depend upon Him...while I, with my advanced, complex brain, worry and wonder about things that are "less than they!"
"Lord, I believe. Oh, help mine unbelief!"

Early, early morning,
life upon the wing;
listen to each greeting,
hear them as they sing!
Take a lesson from them, as
their trust, it is complete!
No cause have they to doubt that God,
each every need, shall meet!

To grasp the same, would we be free
to glide upon the gust?
To be the same would take the full
amount of total trust!
But He requires a mustard seed
for to obtain the same!
The same amount of care, and more,
but everyman to claim!
I may not fly from here to there
like Father made them for,
but, like an eagle, I can mount
and effortlessly soar
above the trial of the day
to victory assured!
O, the life upon the wing
and, beautiful, each word!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

National Teacher's Day, 2008

Only in the classroom?
Only for a check?
Only there to put in time,
retirement to expect?
But countless are the ones I know
contrary to the same--
and in a moment, yet once more,
I contemplate each name...
In the same, to slight not one
by failing to recall.
The list to multiply as I
walk slowly down each hall:

Mrs. Kettering, Dr. McDonald,
Mr. Rigney, too...
the "higher-ups," but not so high
that they looked down on you!
The times that they took me aside
imparting their own strength;
the impact they have had on me
is still immune to length!

Mrrs. Sandschulte, Weibel, Barone,
Mrs. Barbara Kruis:
counsel, guidance--treasure I
but even yet their views...
Mr. Corcoran, Mr. Whipple,
Mr. Starkey, too,
spared no means to see that, English,
I so clearly knew.
Mr. Starkey even set
apart a time each day
for me to hone this poetry--
to write and to convey.
Mr. Kolb, Mr Perry,
oh, and Mr. White,
all took a world so far spread out,
into us to unite;
Mr. Beuhman, Mr. Heald,
(and those who've done repair,)
have added, (and I can't subtract,)
from their amount of care!
And bless dear Mr. Reyes, will I
ever understand
Why I "No habla Espanol"
though firm his steady hand?
Mr. Pack, Mr. Vanyo,
Mr. Willie Waite,
continue to inspire me,
in spite of my own weight!
Mr. Douglass, Mrs. Hopkins...
gone so far too soon,
yet alive inside the hearts
where, often, we commune!
So many others in me from
way back at Red & White;
thus 'blanket' be my gratitude,
lest, someone, I should slight!

Again, the most painful thing about reminiscing and writing something like this is knowing there are some that I've left out. (Try rhyming "Woessner!" He's the one that gave me my first school paddling. Yes, in HIGH SCHOOL!)
So many wonderful many wonderful memories...far too many for a single message. More appropriate: an entire volume! If you are one of them reading this, thank you so much for affecting my life!


Wherever you are, whomever you are, recall those instructors that have affected you. And, if possible, try to remind them of that.

In HIS Service,

Monday, May 5, 2008


I snuck up on my Father, He
was carrying a box.
He's ever so amazing, all
my wonder, He unlocks!
In a place so vacant, He
set down what He possessed,
I knew the heart and soul of me
were soon to be so blessed.
From the box, He pulled a brush,
a brush so very new;
He opened up a can containing
every single hue!
He breathed into the air and it
became an open land,
and put a little paint upon
the palette in His hand.
He sketched a "happy, little tree,"
beneath the blue above,
it came to life as it received
His words of living love!
He looked in each direction with
a wink and then a nod,
bidding life upon the wing
approach and sing Him laud!
Instinctively, the little tree
extended every limb
in grateful praise and adoration
only unto Him!
As if He weren't surprised at all,
He turned to me and said
"Come unto me, you favored one,
there's much, as yet, unread!"

And in the Presence of the Master
in the dawn pristine,
He treated me unto a moment
for beyond 'routine.'
The same and separate way He does
whenever I resign
to the bidding of the One
that says to me "You're Mine."

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Speculation...

sunlight--very soft...
sounds--almost silent...
"Why are you not in church?!"
How do you know?
Am I only in 'church' when I am in a building with a pastor?
Of a truth, we are not to forsake assembling together, but if that is the only place you can find sanctuary, you are missing out on QUITE A BIT!
Still others that I know will go to church to see God, and then leave Him there...until the next meeting.
I cannot do that! I would suffocate! I WOULD STARVE TO DEATH!
God is with me WHEREVER I am.
I take Him with me...
He is already present when I arrive...
In the most public of places,
in the most private of moments,
Can you handle such intimacy?
"Oh, but there are things in my life that I don't even WANT God to know about!!"
Too late now. He already knows! He knew you were going to do those things even before you did!
Can you handle someone knowing that much about you?
Not only does He fully know all that You did...or do...or think about, He still loves you and desires a relationship with you! An intimate relationship.
God is good, and the plans that He has for your life are for good and not for evil. Trust Him.
It is the greatest relationship you will ever have.
Is that something only found in church? Of course not! It IS something only found in a willing heart.
A heart that can see Him in church...
A heart that can see Him in the workplace...
A heart that can see Him when NOTHING at all is visible!
Have you such a heart?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Good morning!"

Is it?
What gauges this?
I did not get much sleep last night due to the amount of pain that I was in.
However, during those 'awake' hours, I was not alone.
The Holy Spirit spoke to me...

When greatest is the pain, I am reminded
how awesome is the healing that will be!
When, by the symptoms, I become so blinded,
He gives me His own sight that I may see!
When promises become a little blurry,

He causes one of them to be fulfilled;
when I am shaken by the stress and worry,
He wraps me in embrace, and I am stilled.

Take all of my possessions--give me Jesus!
He is so far more valuable than wealth!
I'll suffer what I must and cling to Jesus--
for He is more dependable than health!
Whatever happens to me He's aware of;
"He understands it all," I am assured!
He visits me at all times just to share love!

No, I could not sleep very well; yes, the pain was intense; but whenever I find myself in that place, I always find His Presence, thus assuring I will emerge safely.

"Lord Jesus, thank You for Your constant Presence and Your perfect touch!
I love you, my Lord!