Sunday, March 30, 2008


Victory...the same is mine!
I could recount to you my whole day and you would probably shake your head and say "You call that victorious?!"
Yes, I do! Such is life.
Life is not just what happens to you, it is what you do about it or with it. If there is nothing you can do about it, like with my condition, keep living!
Did you hear me?
If there is nothing you can do about your life, you CAN keep living. With your limited abilities, do all you can!
My wife recently lost part of her foot. With it, went a lot of her mobile abilities. But there are still things that she CAN do. There are still things that she CAN do better than a lot of people! She is incredible with a crochet hook! The orders she has for what she makes will employ her from her recliner well into next year!
Every one of us have a list of things that we can't or are unable to do. Trouble is, we focus on that list rather than the list of things that we CAN do! If you'll look, the list of what we CAN do is always far greater! And we can do that greater if we turn it over to God and ask Him to use us in that.
Keep living. If you are living life the way that God directs, I promise you that you ARE doing something: you are being a witness. Someone is watching you somewhere saying "I want what that person has." There are some days when I am at this monitor and do not even get out of the house! Just when I think "Lord, how can I get out and be of use to You?" someone sends an email or will tell me "I wish I could reach as many people as you do." It is not me reaching, it is the Holy Spirit. And to them I would implore: do all that you can with all that you have where you are!

What CAN you do?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Normal Day?

I am spaced out today.
It started shortly after my meds this morning, and got a little worse throughout the day.
I just woke up, hoping the nap would help. I'm not seeing double now.
I had a wonderful morning with Debby, and 'logging' Hot Wheels!
Debby bought me a program in 2006 that's called "Visual PackRat." The man that made it made a Hot Wheels version!! I can record every detail about the little car in different fields. It even has a page per entry where I can store 7 pictures of each car! It's really cool. The man who made it is president of the company. He gave me his personal email and he loves what I write!
I work from 5-8 in a little while.
When I'm done, I have a list of cards to send to folks for pastor.
Before I fell asleep, I wrote

Above...much more than...far greater...
these pertain to my Creator.
To what, though, would these terms apply?
There is nothing to compare Him by!

"My Supply--far greater:
God, alone--Creator!
Where there is not a way,
You make a brand new day!
You do not just "abound,"
but "plenitude" is found!
Where man sees 'just enough,'
he only looks at 'stuff!'

In every aspect, You more than abound!
Nowhere else is such abundance found!
Description of it yet escapes my pen,
for it can but 'record' that known to men!
But take me in the Spirit and provide!
Of a truth, I will not be denied!
Even though You dwell so high above,
I live and move and breathe in Your great love!!"

What is YOUR day like? Mine changes from moment to moment! Do you know how difficult it is to plan things when You have a brain that "has a mind of its own?" Just ask my wife!
In it and through it all, however, God remains faithful! Though I can't think or do anything else sometimes, I can get a pen and, somehow, words and verses come together!
God does not base His use of me my physical or mental abilities. If He did, I would be useless! I still 'feel' that way sometimes, but that is when He reminds me that the life I have in Him is 'FAR MORE THAN FEELINGS!'
Do you know Him this intimately?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's YOUR Question?

So, you have all the answers? Yea, right!
Well, I know someone who does,
even when I question Him...

When I do not know what I am,
I know that I belong...
when I can think of where I am
my side, He comes along...
when I lose sight of who I am
He calls to me "My son!"
when I'm confused at everything,
He assures me "It is done."

Jesus, my assurance
anytime and anyplace!
He never is too busy to
assure me of my place!
He does so with a word, a gaze
and a sure embrace
so blessed and highly favored, those
partaking of His grace!

What about you? Do you know
the who, the what, the where
of everything you are in Jesus?
Nothing will compare!!
Approach Him as you are and let
His Spirit do the rest!
He can handle every issue
rising in your quest!

Jesus is the answer to everything in this life and beyond!
What's your question?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life or death?

I speak with a lot of people. I enjoy it.
My pastor has shared with me that he likes going to different places and 'observing' people. (For quite a while, I thought that I was the source of most of his sermon stories!)
Something else I enjoy doing is 'listening' to people. And not necessarily those talking TO me, but listening to the 'countenances' and nuances of folks as they speak with each other.
So much of what we say is not necessarily in our words, but in the way we communicate them.
I know a lot of folks right now who just are not doing good at all. However, of those, there are some who are doing as much as they can in spite of how they are doing!
You can know a lot about folks by how they react to things. Something has happened to them in their life, or they have been "told" they have something. Their reaction to such news will determine their quality of life.
I have seen people be 'told' that they have, say, cancer. She just went home and waited to die.
Another man I know was told the same thing. He told me that from that day forth, he was going to go out of his way to get the most out of life in whatever time he had left and live life to the fullest!
I have learned that the answer can be discerned by the answer to one simple question: "What's wrong?"
One person will answer "I'm dying with cancer."
Another person will reply "I'm living with cancer."
Listen! Did you hear that?
In each and every one of our lives, their is something wrong or something that has an effect on the way we live, or on the quality of life.
Are we living with it,
or are we dying from it?
Choose life!


Easter morning. What do you see?
What are you looking for?
Look with me. Way off in the distance...

Across the miles, I can see
a solitary hill.
There upon the crest of it,
a cross is standing still.
There is no one on that cross
because HE IS ALIVE,
thanks to that great scenario
the Father did contrive!
He is alive in majesty,
in power and in love,
and biddeth He to such as we
to, with Him, rise above!
He bore the stripes, He bore the cross,
He bore the awful shame,
just so He could enable us,
if so, to do the same!
So, since He has gone through it all
and, in us, He so lives,
we can now face anything
that this old world gives!

He is no longer on that cross!
He is alive in power!
Seated at the Father's right,
waiting for His hour!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Is it but a seasonal cry form our hearts?
Is it only an obligatory acknowledgement from my pew?
It must be a daily, no, a constant state of heart!

"HE IS RISEN!" said the angel on
the stone that's rolled away!
"HE IS RISEN!" said the ladies, their
excitement on display!
"HE IS RISEN!" the disciples heard,
(and some in disbelief!)
O lay aside your grief!

But where has gone the fervor once
contained in this great truth?!
Is Easter only for the merchants
and the naive youth?!
Has it succumbed unto the plague
of futile merchandise?
Resurrect your very heart!
Recall THE Sacrifice!!

"HE IS RISEN!" go ye, forth, proclaiming
this to one and all!
Not a single thing prevents us
from this hallowed call!
Let it resound from countenance,
let it be heard in voice!
Let all of life cry "HE'S alive!"
Rejoice, I say, rejoice!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Final Days

Not ever being accused being 'punctual,' I realize as I write this that it should have been posted a few days ago.
However, I was walking with Him a few days ago, writing as fast as I could...

"Walking slowly through the streets,
noticing all men;
yearning for to talk to them
and fellowship again...
though I've been rejected so
by those very ones,
I am compelled to reach once more
unto them and their sons!
But a handful have been touched,
what more must I go through?!
The sovereign will of Him Who sent Me
is what I must do!
I'd hoped there'd be another way,
My Father told me "No;"
and tears were in My Father's face
as He told me to go.
As I left My home above,
He said to Me "My Son,
You must go through all of this
if just for only one."
For as I look upon these men
compassion wells inside.
They're blinded in their hearts by sins
like selfishness and pride.
Of a truth, I realize
there is no other way,
and they'll remember, days from now,
the words they heard Me say.
I must go through the days ahead
to benefit ALL men,
so that there will be a way
to purge them of all sin.
The sacrifices they have now
are rituals, no more;
I AM the Way, the Truth, the Life
that truly will restore!
For what I suffer in these days
I suffer for them all;
and what appears to be 'defeat,'
will be My victory call!
Much pain will be inflicted so that
healing may be claimed;
and death will come unto Me so that
life may be proclaimed!

No one understands this now,
but, very soon, they will!
The Holy Spirit soon will come
with wisdom to instill!
Perhaps My going through this will
confirm to them My love,
and so afford a glimpse to them
of mercy from above."


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Man I Am

If I cannot be genuine
unto myself alone,
integrity amidst my
brother man will be unknown...
If I cannot be who I am
in every atmosphere,
who I am diminishes,
and soon will disappear!
If I can't be myself when it
is only God & I,
I might as well give up on life...
what wretched way to die!

I have to be myself when it
is only God and I,
so He can take the man I am
and cause the same to die!
The new man He has purposed for
this man to ever be,
the more that I am with the Lord,
that brand-new man will be!

God loves me so much that He will accept me as I am, but not let me stay that way!
The more open, honest and genuine I am with Him, (and He knows!) the more He can do with me.
What can He do with YOU?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Settle Down!

There is so much to be done today!
But I want to be with You!
So much to be done even before work begins!
I want to stay here with You!

Have YOU been there?
Of how much import is that mental list you have assembled?
Can you be interrupted?

"O quiet down, my busy mind,
prepare ye to receive!
Lay aside ambitions and
agendas to achieve!
Releasing...letting go of all
of that to which I cling
for to enjoy Your Presence, Lord,
mine adoration sing!
No matter what I have for You,
far greater Your return!
You give far more than I can ask
or purchase, want or earn!
You have exactly what I need
because You know the same;
and then You add so many blessings--
praise Your holy Name!!

Settle down again within...
oh, but how can I,
knowing that I shall receive
from Him Who reigns on high?!
Be still and know...rejoice! Rejoice!
Be loud!
Be all the leading of the
Holy Spirit has allowed!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Entry

What would you expect to see? Of a truth, there was expectation about those times! But who could know?! Put yourself there. What are you looking for?

Who could see a chariot
as having four bent legs?
Who could fathom royalty
embracing one that begs?
Who could see a coronation
carried out with scourge?
Who could see One Man come,
mine every sin to purge?

Who could see? But lest YOU see
the wonder of it all,
you will have missed the fullness and
the purpose of His call!
He will not come as you expect;
receive Him anyway,
knowing He's the Truth, the Life,
the one and only Way!

The poorest and the weakest knew
the coming of The King!
The heavens and the very rocks,
in unison, to sing!
One only to withstand that week
that would affect all time!
Allow YOUR very spirit enter
that triumphant chime!!


Friday, March 14, 2008

The Final Days of Battle

There are some days, MOST days, when I just cannot wait to live life! As I said, for me, that is MOST days. There other days, however, when I see life around me and I echo that Scripture cry
Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!
Especially when I see those I love and respect fall by the way. Please help me to be Jesus to them EVEN THEN!

Looking to the days ahead,
anticipation grows;
yearning for that moment that
the Father only knows,
when all that is around me now
will then be in my past,
and all that shackles of this life
will, outwardly, be cast!
Nevermore again to hurt,
no more to know affliction!
No stumbling there on any sin,
no reason for conviction!
No more gossip there about
the sinful things I've done!
My mind will be on just one thing:

Yes, I'm looking for that day,
'cause here I'm not immune
to people trying to decide
if they will like me soon...
of basing favor upon what
I have or haven't done...
condemning me for all those things
that they heard from someone!
For none of it will matter when,
with Jesus, I will reign;
but here, in these few, final days,
it causes so much pain!
For we are all examples of
His warm, forgiving grace,
but why does it sometimes appear
we have another face?

In the last days of this war
the wounded are so many;
that doesn't mean we shoot them, though,
so that there won't be any!
The LORD goes to the casualties
and mends their hurt and pain--
should we, ourselves, not help them heal
so they can fight again?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How do I Look?

As I often do, I will scratch out a few quick lines that God gives, and not find time to finish them until later. If you know my memory, I must "capture a thought" that He gives me or I will lose it! Such was the case yesterday. I found the first verse with a date of March 4 on it. I prayed about it yesterday afternoon, and God filled in the rest...

Help me to look without my eyes
that I be not deceived.
Help me to use my heart to see,
that truth may be received.
Seeing is believing, yes,
but oft I see amiss,
If I've a heart to verify,
I may skip such as this.

Help me to look without my eyes
so I see more than sight.
There is so much, much more to life
than that which comes to light!
For with it, I can overlook
the fallings of another;
for only with that vision can
a friend become a brother!

Help me to look without my eyes,
lest I be handicapped.
If only I've the physical,
I'm destitute, I'm strapped!
But with the heart do I possess
the greatest sight of all;
and only then to be of greatest
use in Heaven's call!

"Seeing is believing..." we have heard all of our lives. But if that is the only sight I use, I will get nowhere!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All I Need

Back to the basics.
Often I find myself needing to go there.
At times, this life gets to where I just cannot explain it,
figure it out, or keep up with it!
It is then that I resort to those truths that I can depend on:
those certainties availed me through the Blood!
Too, it is there that He looks into my eyes and bids me cease
trying to figure it out--
He has it all figured out and planned!

"All I need to run my life
free from bonds of sin and strife,
free from Satan's evil ways,
is You beside me all my days!
For with Your hand upon me, God,
who could come and bid me trod?
I speak Your Name and they do flee,
and there we stand: just You and me!

All I need is You around
if I am sick and feeling down.
I claim the stripes upon Your back
and they fend off the worst attack!
The healing power of Your blood--
it comes upon me like a flood;
and this world offers not a thing
that can compare with what You bring!

Forsake You ever? I will not!
Because, oh God, You're all I've got!
I know that, always, You'll be there;
all I must do is say a prayer
and healing comes that second-same
that I call upon Your Name!

Indeed, in Thee, I have it all!
And no need, for Thee, is too small.
I know to bring all things to You;
forever, God, that's what I'll do!

Those settled truths. How simple!
That divine embrace--oh, beyond words!
"Thank You, Father, for the certainties of You!"

Sunday, March 9, 2008


God "interrupted" us this morning.
I was still a little tired from yesterday, but we were going to church anyway.
Debby & I went out to breakfast beforehand. While there, she started coughing. She had the cough last night, and we thought she was over it.
Pastor spoke about the joys of "being spontaneous" a few years ago. I reflected upon that as I made the decision to skip church and go back home.
One of the incredible things I love about this pastor and this church is that if you decide to miss a service, they are concerned, but not critical.
So here we are, watching the snow melt and enjoying a wonderful Sunday morning at home.
On the way home, I stopped at Wal-Mart for some milk. I hate going there for milk, because I always end up in the toy dept.! (Right!)
You know those days that are "interrupted" for a reason? This was one. There is a lady at our Wal-Mart named Mary. She knows that we pray so she "chased me down." For a few minutes, we traded 'disbeliefs' about how busy this town has become! Then, for 20 minutes, right there in front of the HOT WHEELS, she had to relate to me the dream she & her husband have. She said "As you can see, I'm not going to be here too much longer. I don't want to be here too much longer!" (She's in her 70's.) "My husband & I, along with several other couples, are planning to open a resort on a Caribbean island. You know those resorts you see on TV where they plan your whole vacation for you? We have just the opposite in mind. We are planning a resort where you can go to relax, reflect and re-focus. God will be the center of this. Instead of having famous entertainers doing a show, we will have inspirational speakers sharing a message that matters, and Christian artists. It won't be jam-packed with the activities that "appear" to draw people to it, it will be billed as 'a vacation that truly is a vacation--rest, reflection and restoration.' She said they would have an inspirational bookstore. (At which I gave her my card that has my book on it and said "Start the bookstore with these!")
I wish I could somehow show you the passion she had in her as she was sharing all this with me! It was incredible!
Please pray for Mary and those involved that God would continue to lead and direct them in this venture.

And please pray for me. If I had been so busy and so set on getting somewhere and doing something this morning, Mary would not have had the opportunity to share her dream with someone she knew would pray about it.
Have you got a minute?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh, my Fortress!

I had a bad seizure today. I am still slow. When I woke up from the seizure, I found the words below written on my pad. I can't remember writing it, but I can remember it's based on Psalm 30, which I studied this morning:

"There is a fortress where I know
Your Presence, all alone.
The fiery darts of wickedness,
in that place are unknown!

The signs of my infirmity
come not to light in there;
steal me away into that place
that I may know repair!

There is a fortress where is
restoration made complete!
Strength and power also come,
whenever there we meet!
I know blessing, I know favor,
when I heed that call:
Jesus is there resident,

I trust You, o my Fortress!
I will never be ashamed!
You are so far superior
to anything that's named!
Even far exceeding that
which has no name at all--
and I am highly favored as,
my very name, You call!"

God is so faithful! He can take my pen and use me even when I am barely aware!

Friday, March 7, 2008

When I am Strong

On occasion, I will be contacted and asked to pray for someone or write something for someone or some occasion. I will never do such a thing without first praying.
My mother did this very thing this morning and, after prayer, God gave me the following words.
First, you will read her note...

"Jim, I need you to write something for Carol, the girl that lives behind me. She is recovering from cancer lung surgery and her mother is in the process of leaving us from cancer. The mother, is in her 80's. Such a sweet little lady but she is tired and says she is ready.
Can you write something comforting that she can read to her Mom? Carol needs our prayers for strength. Carol said her mom felt better last night after a visit from her pastor. Thanks dear. Mom"

To which the Spirit speaks through my pen:

When I am strong, You are my own,
and stronger I become;
when I am not, You give Your own,
and victory is sum!
Even in recovery
Your blessings, they are mine to be!
Whatever this life takes away,
You replace it until That Day!

When I am strong, You are my own,
and everything You are!
No matter how I feel I know
right here with me You are!
Even when I am in pain
Your embrace continues to sustain!
You ensure I stay above
by the power of Your love!

When I am strong, You are my own,
and strength for all of mine.
You speak Your truths unto my heart,
affirming the divine!
Your ways, they are never plain,
Your care for me shall never wane;
my own flesh and my family, too,
they are in the watch of You!

What caught me greatest was this little lady's resolve and trust! Pray with me, won't you, that her trust in God be rewarded?

In HIS Service,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Embraced away!

As we were singing last night in church, the words to one of the songs were backed by a painting of Jesus holding a lamb in embrace. The lamb was looking up at Jesus, and He was looking down at him with a loving, caring smile.
In my pad, I wrote "Remember that picture..." and when I got home, I wrote

Can I think of anything
as I am in Your arms?
The safety, Lord, of Your embrace
eliminates alarms;
the beauty of Your words as I
am savoring Your voice
causes every facet of
my being to rejoice.
The world disappears as You
hold me against Your breast.
Nothing else to matter as
I take Your perfect rest.
I taste and see Your goodness as
I look into Your eyes;
and, as You hold me tighter then,
what love I realize!

Thank You for this haven where
is only You and I.
At all other times, the world
and life to occupy;
but far beyond the world is
Our Presence in this place:
perfect peace, grace and love,
all in one embrace!

It is surely my prayer that YOU have such a relationship with Jesus!
He is available. Don't wait! Don't let ANYTHING hold you back!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ever wonder about the scope of God's care for you? I often do.
It is at those times that the Holy Spirit gives me affirming truths
that I can cling to without a doubt...

E'er before I had a name,
my own was on His heart;
oh, and He made sure that, in Him,
I would have a part!
Long before I suffered pain,
He bore the wretched scourge;
before I knew iniquity,
He shed the blood to purge!
Before I knew this earthly life,
He planned eternity-
a place I cannot fathom with
rewards I cannot see!
Yes, and long before I knew love,
perfect love was mine
from One Who gives it without measure,
One Who is divine!

Before a lot of times and places,
yes, before all things,
through it all, there be a constant
that so brightly rings:
God the Father was, He is,
and evermore shall be!
My trust in Him shall waver not
throughout eternity!

What about YOU?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

"I am worthy."

Can you say that? Do you have the knowledge to say that?
Yes, we are to be humble before our God.
However, as His children, we are to boldly declare the truths and benefits of belonging to Him!

I am worthy to partake
in Jesus Christ, my Lord.
He assures me of my worth
as I am restored!
Of a truth, there's nothing in

this wretch deserving such,
yet He continues reaching out--
what merciful of touch!

The elements of restoration:
Jesus gave it all!
My only restitution be
for to obey His call!
Jesus gives it all and asks
so little in return,
and even that shall be rewarded...
will we ever learn?

I am worthy to partake
because of grace alone!
Not a thing at all of 'self'
could, anything, atone!
All of self to be defied
for everything of Him.
I AM worthy to partake,
and never on a whim!

"And never on a whim," God is there 24/7. He knows where my heart is when I a with Him. It is never "just a whim" to drop by His house, grab whatever I want, then take off! He wants me to come to Him planning on spending time. Sure, there are times When I can only spend a minute or two. Oh, but those "dates" that we have to spend a few hours talking and visiting are like no other time in this world!
Are you worthy?

Saturday, March 1, 2008


God. So many thoughts, so many truths,
so many misconceptions.

God--so very cold and unconcerned?
But this is not the Father I have learned!
Though parts of life may falter and may die,
somewhere else He does not occupy!
God--so in control with all things planned;
God--the only One to understand,
encourages, escorts and carries me
unto that place I am supposed to be.

Far greater than a feeling is a purpose;
and greater than a "comfort" is success!
Do I want a life that only prospers,
or do I want a life that He will bless?
I see the way of ease out of the valley,
but is that His purpose for my life?
I know what it is like upon the mountain,
I also know that growth comes out of strife.

God, "so very cold and unconcerned?"
But He retains the stellarmost of care!
He's perfect at all times I've truly learned,
and welcome I but all that He will share!

Will YOU allow God to be Himself in your life?