Friday, February 29, 2008

Game on?

Life in Him.
So much of life in Him is living by faith.
The most wonderful thing about that is
Jesus never fails!

Already is abundance,
victory assured;
the trial is behind me,
in Christ have I endured!
I bear the scars of tribulation
for His Name alone!
But even in the victory,
let effectiveness be known!

The trial is behind me--
I know that one awaits!
The mountains and the valleys,
this man appreciates.
But I must be as faithful, trusting,
on this stellar height,
as I am in the valley and
the darkest of the night!

"My Hope and my Assurance,
my Comfort and my Strength,
You are immune to seasons,
regardless of the length!
For You are faithful always,
And I will be the same;
In plenty and in poverty,
I press on in Your Name!"

Try Him. Even the Word of God says
"Try me and see if I won't be faithful!"
Are YOU up to such a challenge?

Thursday, February 28, 2008


"How's life?"
We were presented that question one day to open a sermon.
Pastor's second question was a little deeper:
"How's your faith?"
I have since been keenly aware that a lot of folks base their answers to these questions on each other. As long as life is going along nice and smooth, it's easy to have faith! It is on the rough and rocky path that our faith is really tried, and so determines how life will be.
How's your faith?

Blessed be the living
of life and so alive!
The Presence of His giving
to constantly arrive!
Never are to be without,
the ones alive in Him:
necessities and blessings met,
and that, not ever slim!

He blesses in abundance,
His blessings are complete;
He gives that which not another
dare could even mete!
He gives because He loves me, I am
precious in His sight;
He looks at me quite often
and calls me His delight!

O so favored are the living
of His life, so alive!
With urgency, we seek Him to
triumphantly arrive
with a trumpet and a shout,
just like He said He would,
to take us to that world He's made
forever only good!

With such expectancy, we realize that the trials here are temporary. Are you there yet?
God will never give us more than we can handle,
and whatever comes our way, He is right there with us in the midst of it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Why does that single word seem to strike fear in people?
God calls us to be a holy people...
Jesus instructed us " ye holy as I am holy."
Do I always attain it? Of course not. It is not something I can attain in myself. It only comes as I am obedient to Him and His lead.
That does not excuse me, however, from trying to live life on a higher level, especially in the day-to-day duties of living.

Holiness and nothing less
in one only place.
Where absent be all vanity
perfection may embrace.
But not above the rule of "love,"
for there, there is no law!
There does await such wonders great
like no one ever saw!

Yes, there are things so wonderful,
the law they are above!
The same--they are not "things" at all,
like mercy, grace and love!
The One Who is all Holiness,
Dispenser of said "things,"
the Same, along with perfect peace,
into the heart He brings!

"Holiness and nothing less,
but greater, so, by far!
You are Lord! I am restored
in everything You are!
You are power every hour,
Lord, of every day;
and through the age beyond this page,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

Monday, February 25, 2008


"I'm outta here!"
I don't have to take what that person did to me, I'm a child of the King! I'm outta here!
I don't hafta take this treatment, I'm an American! I'm outta here!!
I don't hafta listen to this, I'm the man of this house!! I'm outta here!

Jesus Christ, God Himself, had every reason to make similar statements, but He did not.
Even today, with some of the things I do and say, He would be justified to say it.
Where would I be if He did?
Myself, I would not be alive today to say "I'm outta here!"
I was so depressed about my grades as a freshman that I actually pondered taking myself outta here! I just could not see an end to my failure! As a junior, a few of my teachers would see me and joke "Busby's here on the 5-yr plan."
Upon reflection, I know that such contributed to the advance of this ministry--for when I was in those deepest valleys, I took my pen with me, and He made sure I never went in alone. No, He did not prevent me from the valleys, He accompanied me into them...and through them!
The way of the world says that if it gets too tough, just bail! But reflecting over the years, 90% of the situations where I feel like doing that are either just a speed-bump so I will slow down and learn, or a fire meant to refine me, not burn me.
You are never out. You may feel you are. You may even try to be out. But God is right there with you through the feelings! He is right there with you during anything you attempt. He is right there with you when you don't think you have the strength, health or motive to attempt anything at all! Just whisper His Name!
Again, this life is mostly feelings, and those feelings may seem insurmountable at times. But God is reality. He is, indeed, the greatest 'feelings' known, but He is far greater than 'feelings,' as He is present no matter how I feel.

Where are You when I do not understand?
When I cannot see that so clearly planned?
When everything I do appears to fail,
did You elevate me and then bail?!
Sometimes, times attempt to overtake.
On occassion, faith feels like a fake.
But at all times, regardless of the "feel,"
Your Presence stays so absolutely real!
I cry out from the depths demanding calm,
then realize, I cry out from Your palm!

Where are You when I do not understand?
You and I are right where You have planned!
And I don't have to understand to know
Your mercy, grace and love envelope so.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Interruptions... time with Father God.
Sure, I know I spend the day with Him and He never leaves my side, but there is something absolutely vital about setting aside that time with HIM alone!
I don't know about you, but there is a host of things that arise to prevent me from that most essential part of my day!
Will I allow them to?

On the way to solitude,
someone at the door...
too much time elapses
until I try once more;
on the way to worship,
the telephone goes off...
to set apart a time for God,
is life itself to scoff?!

Must all be taken from me
for to attend that place?
So minor are most of the things
distracting from His grace!
But what could be of more import
than fellowship with Him?
In His Presence, He addresses
every one of them!

So blessed is that solitude
containing He & I!
There be no greater place of healing
for to occupy;
place of restoration, blessing,
peace--it's all His own;
let not a thing distract from where
His Holiness is known!

God wants your company! He loves your time with Him! And no one knows better than He does what did, does and will attempt to affect that!
Oh, what a patient and merciful God I serve!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reaching out

It's that white stuff again!
I will not complain, it's far better than the frozen clear stuff!
On a day like today, it's easy to reach the uttermost parts of the earth with this keyboard.
But greater than this keyboard, I have a pen that can reach places and say things even when the power goes out!
But more than that, is the need to reach the ones close to me in person.

Far greater than technology,
the pen inside my hand?
It communicates in ways
some means don't understand!
But more important than my words
is an ability
to take the hands and reach out to
that person next to me!
And stellar to the masses, my
to let that person right beside
know all that God tells me!

For I have the ability
to speak throughout the earth,
but if I will not reach my neighbor,
what's my message worth?

Am I doing all I can to reach my world...the world being right next door? For some, the world means reaching into the very home they live.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Sometimes, the day will just be breezing along...for me.
I will start getting notes and phone calls from people going through tragedies.
To me, they may not seem like tragedies. To me, it just might be a part of life.
I shared this with a group of people just the other day when they asked what a seizure did...

I know of life that so few understand;
I know a love that, all of time, has spanned;
I have a Father that will not abuse;
though He's perfect, He still lets me choose.
Though I do not choose always as I should,
He works all things together for His good.
And though another's choice may do me wrong,
with time, the same contributes to His song.

I may not understand why I'm in pain,
but the reason, someday, I will gain.
And, if I don't find out before That Day,
Perfection will delete it anyway!
I may not like my circumstances now,
and God can take the "What for?" and the "How?!"
But time continues to instruct this man
that I am in the center of His Plan!

The pain--for it is seen and heard and felt...
and something each day is unfairly dealt!
But if everything was to be "fair,"
the pages of His Word would all be bare!
I'm grateful for my lot--however bleak.
I know that God and I so freely speak.
And I know He is in complete control:
my Father and the Lover of my soul!

Yes, sometimes I still question. With a brain that 'crashes' more often than my computer, I probably question more than "y'all!" But God is my faithful, loving Abba that knows exactly when and how to speak to me to keep my bearing upon the Narrow Way.


Friday, February 8, 2008

Another Parable?

Perhaps. The following words have spoken to so many people in so many ways, that I decided to no longer tell anyone why I wrote it to begin with.
May you be ministered to:

Soaring through the open sky,
the freedom of my flight!
Upon the very gusts of wind
my heart and soul delight.
There's nothing like the feeling of
the wind beneath my wing...
but that is not the only reason
that I proudly sing!
For if I were to lose my wings,

I could still rejoice;
I still could show my happiness
because I have a voice!
And still would I have life with you
here in our lofty nest;
and, with the breeze through all the trees,
with memories I'd be blessed!
For I have found that there is more
to life than only flight.
There are so many other things
that bring to me delight.
So I would find it tolerable
if I would lose a wing,
because, so many other blessings,
unto me you bring!

Life is not over when something happens. Life does not, should not, be based on a single object, event or ability.
I have found that God will not take one thing away without replacing it with another.
Don't give up!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Blessings on you.
The tornado was heading east. It was 2 miles west of us.
"For some reason," it turned north.
For some reason? No. By grace alone!
Because I pray? No.
Some of those who lost their home do that more than I do!
Because I read my Bible? I think not. One of those affected teaches the Bible in ways that I only dream I could!
Because I am worthy? Even those reading this know better than that!
Why did it miss our road? Only God knows!
Looking around, the age-old question is bound to surface yet again: why do bad things happen to good people?
I know for a fact that some will look back a year or so from now and question "Was it really a 'bad' thing?" (I'm sorry if that hurt.)
Several years ago, we were helping mom & dad move into a brand-new house. It was evening. Most of the stuff was still in boxes. As usual, I was outside admiring the lightning show. It was the first time in my life that I saw lightning that was "constant!"
Mother kept warning me to get inside the house. I had moved a chair outside and was writing.
Daddy was was cautious...and I was straddling that fine line between bravery and stupidity!
It settled down a bit. We began to relax. We were teasing daddy because he went to bed fully dressed.
The thunder started up again and momma suddenly yelled "EVERYONE TO THE BATHTUBS!!"
It sounded like a freight train was right outside the door...on the roof...under our feet...
I held onto Debby as tightly as I could and prayed!
"Several hours" after hearing that, only a few minutes had passed, and all that was left standing was the shower stall that Debby & I ran into, and the one that mom & dad ran into!
The authorities told us where to walk to for shelter and so relatives could find us.
During the walk, daddy said "Jimmy, where did you learn how to pray in Latin?"
Two things still grip me with awe:
1) That tornado was the LOUDEST thing I have ever heard in my life, but daddy could hear me praying!
2) How did daddy recognize what language I was praying in?
Here we are, years away from that terrible night. God has proven over history that "there has to be rain for there to be blossom and new life." That storm was no exception:
1) The "newness" in the lives of my family involved in that night remains quite visible to this day.
2) Because the storm destroyed the house, they were able to purchase a house that mom lived in as a child in her hometown!
3) Both of my parents have a fresh and new reality of Who God is and His Presence!

Whatever you have been through this day...this week...this month, God can use it to "Work all things together for good for them that love Him!" I could not see it then, some of you probably cannot see it right now.
I have been there. I may not understand exactly what you are going through, but God fully understands!
I will not tell you not to feel, or to get over, the emotions that you have, because they are a healthy and necessary part of life, but I will ask you not to forget that, someday, even you might thank God for this tragedy as you witness the life that will definitely somehow come out of it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


2/6/08, 5:32 p.m. Mtn. Home, AR

Ha! I better make this quick.
I was writing it 30 minutes ago when the power went out again!
We are so blessed! Blessed to be alive!
I went down to the restaurant this morning to help.
There is no way to describe how busy it was!!
Every time the owner or another manager walked by, I heard "Buzz, you O.K.?"
If stress and disaster bring on a seizure, the drugs are working GREAT today!
Please keep praying.
There are so many people around here without ______ !
The television is on.
They are reporting from two miles away from here about every 15 minutes.

Last evening, we could see the funnel cloud in the distance from the drive-thru. It was huge!
I wrote this when I got home from the restaurant last night and we found the power on:

Peace for sure existing
no matter what is seen;
peace so deep residing
regardless of the scene;
peace past understanding,
peace that passes all;
peace, so far past logic,
upon my heart to fall.

Have I peace because the storm evaded?
My brother was affected over there!
I see and hear the way he was affected;
had I been so, would this same peace I share?
How can I convey the peace I cling to
to him who just lost everything but life?
Have even I the right to reach out to him,
assuring him I understand his plight?
"NO!" but it is God within me reaching!
The only One Who knows and understands!
In every situation He's directing,
I am His eyes, His heart and, yes, His hands.
And with Him in possession of my living,
I can be distributor of peace.
Unto my brother that has been affected,
the attributes of God can I release!

I did not have to go to the scene to see the pain. Being McDonald's, they came to us. They were hungry for more than food.
What a pivotal place to be!


Monday, February 4, 2008

To Show His Love...

He stood there in the midst of them,
conscious still, somehow...
He opened not His mouth as they
did force it on His brow...
paraded by for all to see
with crown upon His head...
humiliated unto all
and yet no tear is shed.
So worn out from the night before
from beatings that He took,
and yet, in spite of all of it,
His power He forsook!
With just one word out of His mouth,
He could, all hosts, command;
and yet my Savior uttered not
as they did pierce His hand!
Erected there upon a hill
while people 'round Him scorned...
malefactors at His side
as Holy Scriptures warned...
the highest One this earth would hold
brought lower than the dust
so He could, unto such as we,
His perfect love, entrust!
Put through all of the above,
Scriptures to fulfill...
ever so obedient
unto the Father's will...
and the Father, well aware
of what the Scriptures said,
raised my Lord and Savior three days
later from the dead!!

A sequence of events that were
foretold so long ago;
kept alive for us so we,
His love, would truly know.
All of this endured He as
He stepped down from above--
I am amazed at what some do
to simply show their love!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Only by Him

Did you work hard today?
I tried to.
However, no matter how hard You or I work, we must remember that whatever we do is not our provider.

Though my labor be in vain
and all my efforts fail...
though my fields produce no more,
and crops do not avail...
though my oil dryeth up,
and fruit may leave the vine,
yet will I sing praise to the Father
of this soul of mine!

For all I do is till the land,
my Lord brings forth the yield.
'Tis only by His blessing that
I harvest from the field!
And it is only by His hand
upon this life of mine
that I have abundance of
the fruit, the oil, the wine.

Labor is not my provider,
nor so is the field;
nor is my faith based in the crops
or all that they would yield!
My faith is in the Lord, alone,
for only by His hand
does provision come my way
here in this temporal land!