Thursday, January 17, 2008


Blessings on you!

I spent the day today with Jesus! Imagine that!?
ME in the presence of God Most High?!
And you know what? He wants to do the same with you!
You have apprehensions? What can they be?
I wrote down some of mine...

"O God, I am unlovely;
You love me anyway.
You look at me and smile;
I don't know what to say!
You weep with me in sorrow,
You laugh with all my joys!
The 'reality' of You,
each day, my life enjoys!

Your reality inside me
and at every hand...
You are far more than I deserve,
I do not understand!
I am the head and not the tail,
I reap where I've not sown;
all while You look in my eyes
and say 'You are My own!'

How can You associate
with someone such as I?
O, but You are so real to me,
such questions I defy!
So lovely and so beautiful,
but only through Your eyes;
only in You, o my Lord,
is worth to realize!"

No matter what excuses you come up with, I come up with, God is right there countering and assuring your worth!
Don't put it off any longer!


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