Thursday, January 10, 2008

What do you 'expect' from God?
Have you ever thought about that, or does the god you serve just 'do things' and you put up with it?
Father God does things in my life, but He also listens when I talk to Him about it, and He cares for the desires of my heart.
I challenge you to have such a relationship with Him!!

All my expectations,
my hopes and dreams as well,
are in my Lord and Savior
in whom I safely dwell.
He gives me life abounding
in which I stay alive;
upon His sure provisions,
I prosper and I thrive!

He gives to me His body--I am healed...
He gives to me assurance--I am sealed...
He gives to me His power--I endure...
He gives to me His vow--I am secure!

All my expectations
He is so high above.
Out of all His benefits,
the greatest is His love!
Out of such, His every gift
is surely to proceed;
all of all of everything
my Jesus is, indeed!

Is He YOUR all? There is none like Him! If you lack anything that you just read about, call out His Name! He is all-sufficiency!

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