Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What about "Time?"

It seems to govern our entire life as we know it.
However, I know

There is a place where mattering
no longer are the years;
there's no concern about the way
appearance there appears;
for everything is beautiful
and everyone is, too!
The one allusion there to 'time'
is everything is 'new!'

But in a place where time is not
will 'new' be recognized?
All our Father has for us
will, there, be realized!
All eternity to spend
just acclimating there,
in the Presence of the One
Whose very blood I share!

'Timeless' certainly applies
to my Savior's love!
The same, it must apply to the
amenities above!
"Eternal" is my privilege
to know Him and His ways;
"eternal" is my privilege
to shower Him with praise!

And so I will practice eternity here: praising Him and worshipping Him Who is greater than mere time, Him of Whom eternity is all about: JESUS!

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