Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Remedy

Where art Thou, o my Healer,
I have need of Thee once more.
Pain is in my bones and only
Thy touch will restore!
Humbly, I come unto Thee,
desiring Thy touch;
searching for that healing stream
that brings me oh so much!

The enemy has also come
and said it is not real--
the only touch that I can call
to save and fill and heal!
A liar, he is, o my God,
the father of deceit!
All I did was speak Thy Name
and then did He retreat!

And now, here at Thy healing stream,
basking, Lord, in Thee!
Thy love and Thy compassion, Lord,
are all I feel and see!
For Thou hast brought me, once again,
unto this special place;
and so does my pain disappear
as I'm in Thine embrace!


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