Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reaching Farther?

“You can’t go in there! Don’t you know what they serve?!”
“You were talking with her?! You know what she does?!”
“Don’t share with them! They believe in ________!!”

But if WE don’t love them and share with them, who will?

Blind me again that I may see
Much further than this man.
Without the vision I possess,
Advance much more I can!
With nothing I am looking at
To hinder what I do,
A greater tool of ministry
Can this man be to You!

I will not flinch when I look at
The way that man is dressed,
I will only reach out to him
So he may be blessed!
I will not hesitate when I
Approach that awful place,
But will I take You in with me
And display Your grace!
I will not have to get myself
Beyond the way they look
Because You are alive in me,
And all my sin You took!

I will, however, press ahead
Into the sight and smell,
Because if I neglect to, we
May both wind up in Hell!
I, for sharing not The Lord,
He, for ignorance;
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
All of recompense!

My son, thank you for listening to God instead of opinion!
Please give our love to the strippers, hookers and the winos.
I wish I could be there to help.


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