Saturday, January 12, 2008


Blessings on you!
What is driving you?
What is there in your life that keeps you moving forward?
Is it something that nothing can stop you from?
Is it eternal?

I'm pressing onward in this world
whatever be, at me, a-hurled,
unto those loving arms unfurled--
the arms of Christ the Lord!

Though on the way, I may travail,
blest victory, it shall prevail
in Him Whose hands are scarred of nail--
the Scriptures, they record!

In the fountain, in the flood,
but constantly I plead the Blood!
Be I on turf or in the mud,
to Jesus I will cling!

Thus, when I hear that Trumpet sound,
faithful then shall I be found
advancing unto higher ground,
then e'er with Him to sing!

What is driving you?
If all you are striving for is something here, you will achieve it, but you will be just as empty as before when the thrill is gone!
Aim higher. Store up treasures that are incorruptible. They are within reach, and newer everyday!


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