Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nothing Between

"Can you hear me now? Gooood!"
I'm sorry. Who do I owe money to for saying that?
Not the physical act of hearing, but listening.

In a place of silence
listening to speech.
So effective is this place,
the very depths to reach!
Where is not any other
is nothing to distract;
with God, my loving Father,
here I interact.

I try to talk about some things,
He listens to them each;
but deeper, far, than surface,
His eyes into me reach
reminding me of things that I
want not to talk about...
He knows what I'm attempting,
but He wants me devout!

In a place of silence
is conversation true.
I cannot fool my Father
that way that I fool you.
He knows just what to do and say
to get right to the point.
I listen with my very heart
that I shan't disappoint!

As a child, I remember hearing often that God knows everything I do wherever and whenever I do it. That puzzled me. When I learned to read the Bible, I read that we are to confess our sins to Him and ask for forgiveness as soon as we sin. "Aha!" thought I, "that's how He knows--we tell Him!" Therefore, whenever I sinned, I didn't say anything to Him and conversed with Him like I had done nothing wrong! I very quickly learned about the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the misery of harboring sin!
I have since learned that He loves me so much and wants me so much that NOTHING is worth coming between He and I!
Have you learned that yet?

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