Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mercies Anew

Same old same old?
I have heard so many people tell me that about going to church. But God is more than "just going to church." If He is allowed to be, God is every part of life! Can you handle that?!
Give it all to Him, He will give back more than you have ever imagined!

So merciful--like not a thing
that ever was before;
today and evermore!
There is none like You, for every
morning You are new!
You know me completely, so
mysterious are You.
As You are so new to me,
allow my verses be;
everything that I convey,
o be afresh in me;
all my time and effort, God,
You are so worthy of...
my resources You deserve,
and undivided love!

I dedicate it all to You,
the paper and the pen...
take the very heart of me
and minister to men,
all the while allowing me
to minister to You--
living You and loving You,
God, everyday anew.

The reality of God inside every part of every day--who can handle that?! Try it! You will never be the same...and neither will HE!

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