Friday, January 4, 2008

Many People

Each and every one of us, if fortunate, has the opportunity to enjoy another day. Part of that day is interacting with other people. (I know a lot of people who do not see that as 'opportunity,' rather a dread!)
This was written while back in public service many years ago. I miss it greatly! These are some observations from then, but you don't have to be in public service to notice them.

Many people in this place,
none of them the same.
Verily, each one has got
a difference to proclaim.
And being very different,
oh so varied is their care
and attitudes toward the others
of which, life, they share.

"My Lord, I pray for each of them
that they would each know Thee,
and may they each have attitudes
reflecting victory!
Some, Lord, are so bitter over
what they get in life,
thus does their very countenance
bring grieving, Lord, and strife.
So when I am about them, Lord,
cause me to firmly stand.
Exemplifying there the love
and patience You command.
Enough pain have they, Father, I see
by the way they are,
thus, Jesus' love shared unto them
would go so very far!
Let me be that example of
such wondrous love to them,
that they would see my life and, thus,
be beckoned unto Him,
receiving then the things for which
they're searching now in vain;
to be that vessel, Lord, by which
Your love would they obtain!"

So is the calling of all who are already in Christ. Are you an example of living that others need or desire?

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Anonymous said...

Good words.