Friday, January 11, 2008

Kindness and Love

The attributes of Jesus.
I must not only poseess them, but I must dispense the same unto my world if He is ever going to be known through me!

The kindness and the love of Him--
unto me they appear.
So perfect and so beautiful,
they cast out all my fear!
With them dwelling so within,
I'm rid of every blight;
malice, sin, iniquity
are blotted out of sight!

Oh, that this life were as forgiving
as the life from Him;
oh, that we could tend our wounded,
instead of shooting them!
Oh that the mind and ways of Christ
would be everyman's ways!
A so much better world would be
here in these latter days!

That perfect love--to instill it,
shall I not make haste?
Needed so by everyman,
no matter what be faced.
Oh, that I would be a vessel,
yielded, ever-whole,
to being what a Christian should
to each and every soul!

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