Sunday, January 20, 2008

"It's a Small World!"

How many times have you heard that?
How many times have you said it yourself?
We were invited to a banquet last evening at a church across town. It was their annual missions banquet. It is so easy to be overwhelmed as missionaries from all over the world recount their lives in such meetings.
Last night was different, however. In fact, most of the day yesterday was different. Pastor Howell called me just after noon.
"Jim, I have two people here in my office who want to say 'hello' to you!"
I then heard two voices that I had not heard in almost 20 years!
The first time I had heard these voices, it was in the church service where God changed my life in 1980, and on the other side of the country! He was the worship leader, she was the piano player.
Since then, they had been to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Africa...and yesterday, in a small missions meeting in the mountains of northern Arkansas!
God has an abundance of ways He uses to show how great and awesome His world is,
Ah, but He has even more awesome ways of showing how personal He is, and just how small He can make that world!
Each and every one of us is a missionary. The only thing that varies is the Mission Field. Yours may be your office, mine is this computer. For Bob & Myrna, it is to wherever the next phone call is from! But Jesus says the same thing to each of us:
"Go unto all the world and preach."
I do it with a pen and a computer...
Bob does it with a hammer...
Myrna uses a chalkboard...
He equips each of us, but it is up to us to GO.

The pinnacle attending—
Is there anymore?
Is there a cause remaining,
Or, from here, do I soar?
A curse, for sure, be ‘static:’
You cannot here remain!
The blessings are awaiting,
For sure, so is the pain!

The passion now existing,
The passion yet beyond…
For that remaining just outside
your reach, remain ye fond!
Do so with uprightness, even
If you are alone—
Far greater the reward of your
Persistence to be known!

Bob & Myrna, thank you for touching hearts all over the world, and continuing to minister to hearts right here at home!

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