Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was lying in a hospital bed in 1988 listening to doctors discuss the possibility of me walking again. I am so blessed by the assurance of God! He is so faithful!

Shackled so by humanness,
bound by age's roll;
confined unto this place again,
waiting to be made whole.
Vision often wanders from
the place that it should be,
causing me to, earthly things,
so very clearly see!
And then I look out through the glass
into the open sky;
a single hawk there, without effort,
does so freely fly.
Even from this very bed
I hear him in his flight,
and just the very sight of him
tells me I'm in HIS sight!
For how can One Who makes the trees
to blossom 'fore my eyes,
and feeds the birds that slowly soar
out through the open skies,
not care for one that's stricken down
with pain inside his bone?
Ah, but careth much does He,
that's why He leaves His throne.
He leaves His throne and comes to me
and sits here at my side,
and He makes sure that loneliness
does, nowhere near, abide!
And as the pain does slowly mend,
we fellowship so much:
for He enjoys my heart-felt praise,
and I enjoy His touch!


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