Friday, January 25, 2008

I Can't Remember?

Blessings on you.
How is your day going?
Mine is almost gone, but I can't remember it.
Does that ever happen to you?
The greatest thing about my day, however, I can recall and it is still happening:
God and His awesome Presence!

Always is Your Presence,
Your power and Your love!
Whatever happens in my day,
You raise me high above!
Mine escort in the valley,
through it and beyond,
that way that You accompany
says of me You are fond!
I do not want to be without
your Presence any time!
Always, to Your level, You
allow my soul to climb.
You even help me to that place
where I'm above it all;
and Your affection guarantees
away I shall not fall!

Oh, Your perfect Presence!
You elevate this man!
Assuring me, whatever task,
with You I always can!
My life and my assurance,
Lord, I will ever cling!
Of Your mercies and Your love,
Lord, I will always sing!

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