Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 'Real' Year!

Now that most of us have already broken our 'resolutions,' what really matters most for a new year?

Another year surpassing...
is it 'another' day?
Does it only become another
if I change my way?
If I keep doing what I've done
each other day before,
just the hanging calendar,
a new year, has in store!

I will not have a 'new' year lest
I differ from the past;
unless I purpose to advance
I will go nowhere fast!
As long as I keep doing that
which I have always done,
the same result will be:
"There's nothing new beneath the sun."

Oh, but everyday in Jesus
is greater than before!
I must deny myself and seek
what He has got in store!
To get the most of everyday,
His sight must I obtain;
then to grow assuredly,
newness for to gain!

Another year upon me,
I must keep Christ as head
for to guarantee, into
His newness, I be led!
From glory unto glory
the greatest life of all;
serving and enjoying Jesus:
there's no greater call!

The more real we are with God, the more real He will be in our lives.


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