Saturday, January 26, 2008


Blessings on you!
How's your faith?
Is God the God of all your life, or only on those occasions or emergencies when only He will do?

Oh God, be God in all my life,
and not just of my need.
At every time of day, my God,
cause me to want Your lead.
O let my conversation with You
be not always dire,
rather, let our intercourse
go on the day entire!

I know that You are present , Lord,
when something isn't right;
but when it is all good-- but even
then may we delight!
You long to celebrate with me
in ALL my victories!
Forgive me for entreating You
when only is unease!

You ARE the God of all me life,
whatever life may give!
Because there is a storm, it doesn't
mean that I don't live!
You are the God of living life,
all circumstance despite!
Oh God, no matter what shall be,
in YOU shall I delight!

Can you echo those words?

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