Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Get the Door!

Knocking at the door;
what is this visit for?
Who can it be out there?
Hurry! Go prepare!
Is everything in place?
The Visitor, now face:
all that I prepare
is null with Jesus there!

Knocking at the door?
Open! Wait no more!
No reason to prepare
for Him Who does repair!
His entrance to allow...
His glories to avow...
unto life and limb,
the fullness be of Him!

Open up the door--
so much is there in store!
His entrance to allow,
give residence to Him now!
All that He will bring
surpasses everything!
So constant is His knock--
how many will unlock?

I speak to so many people who say that they can't have a relationship with God until they fix _______. God is the very One that can help you with whatever it is that you "feel" is holding you back! Don't refuse Him any longer!


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