Monday, January 21, 2008


I did it again!
It's already 8:00 p.m.
"Where have You been all day, Lord?"
Where have I been all day, Lord?!
"Just let me get a few things out of the way so nothing will interrupt us..."
That was over 12 hours ago!

What happened to that moment
set apart for You and I?
I woke up just a while ago,
You smiled across the sky!
Suddenly, it's evening,
and Lord, where have I been?
I filled the moments yet again
with issues and with men.

I know that You are there directing
all that I must do ,
but somehow, I cannot remember
time with only You.
I know that You have got a say
in each and every choice,
but when did I shut out all noise
except that "still, small voice?"
And here am I, resenting that
I did not set aside...
here I am, repenting
that I've been denied...
here am I, desiring
an audience with You--
and here You are, in mercy, with
a visitation new!

My Father--far more faithful than
I even understand!
I set myself apart again,
what beautiful command!
"Oh Father, close the world away
from only You and I;
that intimacy, peace and healing
here to occupy."

Of a truth, God is always with us. And everyday, life is filled with good 'intentions.' However, don't let life rob you of that intimate time with Him.

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