Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Reality Check

“I’ll pray for you…”
“Have faith…”
“God is in control…”

It’s so easy for us watch the news from around the world, say a few words to God, and go on with our day.
It is altogether different to look at the news, see the very street that you grew up on across the country going up in flames, and listen to someone you know describe it to the reporter in tears!
God, please forgive me!
Please forgive me for smiling at someone and praying with them…just so I can end the conversation and get on with what I was doing!
I’m sitting in my comfortable home with a roof over my head, in my recliner with remote in hand, watching someone on the news turn in circles in despair trying to figure out where the house was before the tornado yesterday.
Father, please forgive me.
I turn the channel and the pilot of a helicopter is pointing to a town that is under 8 feet of water, and I complain because it is sprinkling here when I have to walk the dogs outside so they can pee.
Oh God, I am so sorry!

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