Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Can you relate to the following words? I wrote them after listening to a man at a prayer meeting. I hung on his words, as I don’t think I have ever had cravings as deep as the ones he was describing…

Accursed be this addiction,
This thorn against my flesh!
Must I again address it
As if it were afresh?
I give it too much of me:
It rises all about me,
My efforts cannot climb!

“There you are again, you look
Delicious…o so nice!
I’ll give whatever you require,
You just name your price!
It is only you and I,
No one else will know…
So very few know the lengths
That I’m willing to go!”

Are greater You within me?!
Rise up against this thing!
You are the only Standard,
My Victory to bring!
So great is this “appearing,”
O, but truth is found in You!
Return to me perspective
To see this battle through!

Of a truth, “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Feelings are real…but they can be deceptive. The Word is not deceptive, and it lives on—no matter how I feel.

God is greater than feelings.
What is He in your life?


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