Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Remedy

Where art Thou, o my Healer,
I have need of Thee once more.
Pain is in my bones and only
Thy touch will restore!
Humbly, I come unto Thee,
desiring Thy touch;
searching for that healing stream
that brings me oh so much!

The enemy has also come
and said it is not real--
the only touch that I can call
to save and fill and heal!
A liar, he is, o my God,
the father of deceit!
All I did was speak Thy Name
and then did He retreat!

And now, here at Thy healing stream,
basking, Lord, in Thee!
Thy love and Thy compassion, Lord,
are all I feel and see!
For Thou hast brought me, once again,
unto this special place;
and so does my pain disappear
as I'm in Thine embrace!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was lying in a hospital bed in 1988 listening to doctors discuss the possibility of me walking again. I am so blessed by the assurance of God! He is so faithful!

Shackled so by humanness,
bound by age's roll;
confined unto this place again,
waiting to be made whole.
Vision often wanders from
the place that it should be,
causing me to, earthly things,
so very clearly see!
And then I look out through the glass
into the open sky;
a single hawk there, without effort,
does so freely fly.
Even from this very bed
I hear him in his flight,
and just the very sight of him
tells me I'm in HIS sight!
For how can One Who makes the trees
to blossom 'fore my eyes,
and feeds the birds that slowly soar
out through the open skies,
not care for one that's stricken down
with pain inside his bone?
Ah, but careth much does He,
that's why He leaves His throne.
He leaves His throne and comes to me
and sits here at my side,
and He makes sure that loneliness
does, nowhere near, abide!
And as the pain does slowly mend,
we fellowship so much:
for He enjoys my heart-felt praise,
and I enjoy His touch!


Saturday, January 26, 2008


Blessings on you!
How's your faith?
Is God the God of all your life, or only on those occasions or emergencies when only He will do?

Oh God, be God in all my life,
and not just of my need.
At every time of day, my God,
cause me to want Your lead.
O let my conversation with You
be not always dire,
rather, let our intercourse
go on the day entire!

I know that You are present , Lord,
when something isn't right;
but when it is all good-- but even
then may we delight!
You long to celebrate with me
in ALL my victories!
Forgive me for entreating You
when only is unease!

You ARE the God of all me life,
whatever life may give!
Because there is a storm, it doesn't
mean that I don't live!
You are the God of living life,
all circumstance despite!
Oh God, no matter what shall be,
in YOU shall I delight!

Can you echo those words?

Friday, January 25, 2008

I Can't Remember?

Blessings on you.
How is your day going?
Mine is almost gone, but I can't remember it.
Does that ever happen to you?
The greatest thing about my day, however, I can recall and it is still happening:
God and His awesome Presence!

Always is Your Presence,
Your power and Your love!
Whatever happens in my day,
You raise me high above!
Mine escort in the valley,
through it and beyond,
that way that You accompany
says of me You are fond!
I do not want to be without
your Presence any time!
Always, to Your level, You
allow my soul to climb.
You even help me to that place
where I'm above it all;
and Your affection guarantees
away I shall not fall!

Oh, Your perfect Presence!
You elevate this man!
Assuring me, whatever task,
with You I always can!
My life and my assurance,
Lord, I will ever cling!
Of Your mercies and Your love,
Lord, I will always sing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reaching Farther?

“You can’t go in there! Don’t you know what they serve?!”
“You were talking with her?! You know what she does?!”
“Don’t share with them! They believe in ________!!”

But if WE don’t love them and share with them, who will?

Blind me again that I may see
Much further than this man.
Without the vision I possess,
Advance much more I can!
With nothing I am looking at
To hinder what I do,
A greater tool of ministry
Can this man be to You!

I will not flinch when I look at
The way that man is dressed,
I will only reach out to him
So he may be blessed!
I will not hesitate when I
Approach that awful place,
But will I take You in with me
And display Your grace!
I will not have to get myself
Beyond the way they look
Because You are alive in me,
And all my sin You took!

I will, however, press ahead
Into the sight and smell,
Because if I neglect to, we
May both wind up in Hell!
I, for sharing not The Lord,
He, for ignorance;
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
All of recompense!

My son, thank you for listening to God instead of opinion!
Please give our love to the strippers, hookers and the winos.
I wish I could be there to help.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Reality Check

“I’ll pray for you…”
“Have faith…”
“God is in control…”

It’s so easy for us watch the news from around the world, say a few words to God, and go on with our day.
It is altogether different to look at the news, see the very street that you grew up on across the country going up in flames, and listen to someone you know describe it to the reporter in tears!
God, please forgive me!
Please forgive me for smiling at someone and praying with them…just so I can end the conversation and get on with what I was doing!
I’m sitting in my comfortable home with a roof over my head, in my recliner with remote in hand, watching someone on the news turn in circles in despair trying to figure out where the house was before the tornado yesterday.
Father, please forgive me.
I turn the channel and the pilot of a helicopter is pointing to a town that is under 8 feet of water, and I complain because it is sprinkling here when I have to walk the dogs outside so they can pee.
Oh God, I am so sorry!

Nothing Between

"Can you hear me now? Gooood!"
I'm sorry. Who do I owe money to for saying that?
Not the physical act of hearing, but listening.

In a place of silence
listening to speech.
So effective is this place,
the very depths to reach!
Where is not any other
is nothing to distract;
with God, my loving Father,
here I interact.

I try to talk about some things,
He listens to them each;
but deeper, far, than surface,
His eyes into me reach
reminding me of things that I
want not to talk about...
He knows what I'm attempting,
but He wants me devout!

In a place of silence
is conversation true.
I cannot fool my Father
that way that I fool you.
He knows just what to do and say
to get right to the point.
I listen with my very heart
that I shan't disappoint!

As a child, I remember hearing often that God knows everything I do wherever and whenever I do it. That puzzled me. When I learned to read the Bible, I read that we are to confess our sins to Him and ask for forgiveness as soon as we sin. "Aha!" thought I, "that's how He knows--we tell Him!" Therefore, whenever I sinned, I didn't say anything to Him and conversed with Him like I had done nothing wrong! I very quickly learned about the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the misery of harboring sin!
I have since learned that He loves me so much and wants me so much that NOTHING is worth coming between He and I!
Have you learned that yet?

Monday, January 21, 2008


I did it again!
It's already 8:00 p.m.
"Where have You been all day, Lord?"
Where have I been all day, Lord?!
"Just let me get a few things out of the way so nothing will interrupt us..."
That was over 12 hours ago!

What happened to that moment
set apart for You and I?
I woke up just a while ago,
You smiled across the sky!
Suddenly, it's evening,
and Lord, where have I been?
I filled the moments yet again
with issues and with men.

I know that You are there directing
all that I must do ,
but somehow, I cannot remember
time with only You.
I know that You have got a say
in each and every choice,
but when did I shut out all noise
except that "still, small voice?"
And here am I, resenting that
I did not set aside...
here I am, repenting
that I've been denied...
here am I, desiring
an audience with You--
and here You are, in mercy, with
a visitation new!

My Father--far more faithful than
I even understand!
I set myself apart again,
what beautiful command!
"Oh Father, close the world away
from only You and I;
that intimacy, peace and healing
here to occupy."

Of a truth, God is always with us. And everyday, life is filled with good 'intentions.' However, don't let life rob you of that intimate time with Him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

"It's a Small World!"

How many times have you heard that?
How many times have you said it yourself?
We were invited to a banquet last evening at a church across town. It was their annual missions banquet. It is so easy to be overwhelmed as missionaries from all over the world recount their lives in such meetings.
Last night was different, however. In fact, most of the day yesterday was different. Pastor Howell called me just after noon.
"Jim, I have two people here in my office who want to say 'hello' to you!"
I then heard two voices that I had not heard in almost 20 years!
The first time I had heard these voices, it was in the church service where God changed my life in 1980, and on the other side of the country! He was the worship leader, she was the piano player.
Since then, they had been to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Africa...and yesterday, in a small missions meeting in the mountains of northern Arkansas!
God has an abundance of ways He uses to show how great and awesome His world is,
Ah, but He has even more awesome ways of showing how personal He is, and just how small He can make that world!
Each and every one of us is a missionary. The only thing that varies is the Mission Field. Yours may be your office, mine is this computer. For Bob & Myrna, it is to wherever the next phone call is from! But Jesus says the same thing to each of us:
"Go unto all the world and preach."
I do it with a pen and a computer...
Bob does it with a hammer...
Myrna uses a chalkboard...
He equips each of us, but it is up to us to GO.

The pinnacle attending—
Is there anymore?
Is there a cause remaining,
Or, from here, do I soar?
A curse, for sure, be ‘static:’
You cannot here remain!
The blessings are awaiting,
For sure, so is the pain!

The passion now existing,
The passion yet beyond…
For that remaining just outside
your reach, remain ye fond!
Do so with uprightness, even
If you are alone—
Far greater the reward of your
Persistence to be known!

Bob & Myrna, thank you for touching hearts all over the world, and continuing to minister to hearts right here at home!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Blessings on you!

I spent the day today with Jesus! Imagine that!?
ME in the presence of God Most High?!
And you know what? He wants to do the same with you!
You have apprehensions? What can they be?
I wrote down some of mine...

"O God, I am unlovely;
You love me anyway.
You look at me and smile;
I don't know what to say!
You weep with me in sorrow,
You laugh with all my joys!
The 'reality' of You,
each day, my life enjoys!

Your reality inside me
and at every hand...
You are far more than I deserve,
I do not understand!
I am the head and not the tail,
I reap where I've not sown;
all while You look in my eyes
and say 'You are My own!'

How can You associate
with someone such as I?
O, but You are so real to me,
such questions I defy!
So lovely and so beautiful,
but only through Your eyes;
only in You, o my Lord,
is worth to realize!"

No matter what excuses you come up with, I come up with, God is right there countering and assuring your worth!
Don't put it off any longer!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mercies Anew

Same old same old?
I have heard so many people tell me that about going to church. But God is more than "just going to church." If He is allowed to be, God is every part of life! Can you handle that?!
Give it all to Him, He will give back more than you have ever imagined!

So merciful--like not a thing
that ever was before;
today and evermore!
There is none like You, for every
morning You are new!
You know me completely, so
mysterious are You.
As You are so new to me,
allow my verses be;
everything that I convey,
o be afresh in me;
all my time and effort, God,
You are so worthy of...
my resources You deserve,
and undivided love!

I dedicate it all to You,
the paper and the pen...
take the very heart of me
and minister to men,
all the while allowing me
to minister to You--
living You and loving You,
God, everyday anew.

The reality of God inside every part of every day--who can handle that?! Try it! You will never be the same...and neither will HE!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Blessings on you!
What is driving you?
What is there in your life that keeps you moving forward?
Is it something that nothing can stop you from?
Is it eternal?

I'm pressing onward in this world
whatever be, at me, a-hurled,
unto those loving arms unfurled--
the arms of Christ the Lord!

Though on the way, I may travail,
blest victory, it shall prevail
in Him Whose hands are scarred of nail--
the Scriptures, they record!

In the fountain, in the flood,
but constantly I plead the Blood!
Be I on turf or in the mud,
to Jesus I will cling!

Thus, when I hear that Trumpet sound,
faithful then shall I be found
advancing unto higher ground,
then e'er with Him to sing!

What is driving you?
If all you are striving for is something here, you will achieve it, but you will be just as empty as before when the thrill is gone!
Aim higher. Store up treasures that are incorruptible. They are within reach, and newer everyday!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Kindness and Love

The attributes of Jesus.
I must not only poseess them, but I must dispense the same unto my world if He is ever going to be known through me!

The kindness and the love of Him--
unto me they appear.
So perfect and so beautiful,
they cast out all my fear!
With them dwelling so within,
I'm rid of every blight;
malice, sin, iniquity
are blotted out of sight!

Oh, that this life were as forgiving
as the life from Him;
oh, that we could tend our wounded,
instead of shooting them!
Oh that the mind and ways of Christ
would be everyman's ways!
A so much better world would be
here in these latter days!

That perfect love--to instill it,
shall I not make haste?
Needed so by everyman,
no matter what be faced.
Oh, that I would be a vessel,
yielded, ever-whole,
to being what a Christian should
to each and every soul!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What do you 'expect' from God?
Have you ever thought about that, or does the god you serve just 'do things' and you put up with it?
Father God does things in my life, but He also listens when I talk to Him about it, and He cares for the desires of my heart.
I challenge you to have such a relationship with Him!!

All my expectations,
my hopes and dreams as well,
are in my Lord and Savior
in whom I safely dwell.
He gives me life abounding
in which I stay alive;
upon His sure provisions,
I prosper and I thrive!

He gives to me His body--I am healed...
He gives to me assurance--I am sealed...
He gives to me His power--I endure...
He gives to me His vow--I am secure!

All my expectations
He is so high above.
Out of all His benefits,
the greatest is His love!
Out of such, His every gift
is surely to proceed;
all of all of everything
my Jesus is, indeed!

Is He YOUR all? There is none like Him! If you lack anything that you just read about, call out His Name! He is all-sufficiency!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Get the Door!

Knocking at the door;
what is this visit for?
Who can it be out there?
Hurry! Go prepare!
Is everything in place?
The Visitor, now face:
all that I prepare
is null with Jesus there!

Knocking at the door?
Open! Wait no more!
No reason to prepare
for Him Who does repair!
His entrance to allow...
His glories to avow...
unto life and limb,
the fullness be of Him!

Open up the door--
so much is there in store!
His entrance to allow,
give residence to Him now!
All that He will bring
surpasses everything!
So constant is His knock--
how many will unlock?

I speak to so many people who say that they can't have a relationship with God until they fix _______. God is the very One that can help you with whatever it is that you "feel" is holding you back! Don't refuse Him any longer!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Can you relate to the following words? I wrote them after listening to a man at a prayer meeting. I hung on his words, as I don’t think I have ever had cravings as deep as the ones he was describing…

Accursed be this addiction,
This thorn against my flesh!
Must I again address it
As if it were afresh?
I give it too much of me:
It rises all about me,
My efforts cannot climb!

“There you are again, you look
Delicious…o so nice!
I’ll give whatever you require,
You just name your price!
It is only you and I,
No one else will know…
So very few know the lengths
That I’m willing to go!”

Are greater You within me?!
Rise up against this thing!
You are the only Standard,
My Victory to bring!
So great is this “appearing,”
O, but truth is found in You!
Return to me perspective
To see this battle through!

Of a truth, “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Feelings are real…but they can be deceptive. The Word is not deceptive, and it lives on—no matter how I feel.

God is greater than feelings.
What is He in your life?


Friday, January 4, 2008

Many People

Each and every one of us, if fortunate, has the opportunity to enjoy another day. Part of that day is interacting with other people. (I know a lot of people who do not see that as 'opportunity,' rather a dread!)
This was written while back in public service many years ago. I miss it greatly! These are some observations from then, but you don't have to be in public service to notice them.

Many people in this place,
none of them the same.
Verily, each one has got
a difference to proclaim.
And being very different,
oh so varied is their care
and attitudes toward the others
of which, life, they share.

"My Lord, I pray for each of them
that they would each know Thee,
and may they each have attitudes
reflecting victory!
Some, Lord, are so bitter over
what they get in life,
thus does their very countenance
bring grieving, Lord, and strife.
So when I am about them, Lord,
cause me to firmly stand.
Exemplifying there the love
and patience You command.
Enough pain have they, Father, I see
by the way they are,
thus, Jesus' love shared unto them
would go so very far!
Let me be that example of
such wondrous love to them,
that they would see my life and, thus,
be beckoned unto Him,
receiving then the things for which
they're searching now in vain;
to be that vessel, Lord, by which
Your love would they obtain!"

So is the calling of all who are already in Christ. Are you an example of living that others need or desire?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 'Real' Year!

Now that most of us have already broken our 'resolutions,' what really matters most for a new year?

Another year surpassing...
is it 'another' day?
Does it only become another
if I change my way?
If I keep doing what I've done
each other day before,
just the hanging calendar,
a new year, has in store!

I will not have a 'new' year lest
I differ from the past;
unless I purpose to advance
I will go nowhere fast!
As long as I keep doing that
which I have always done,
the same result will be:
"There's nothing new beneath the sun."

Oh, but everyday in Jesus
is greater than before!
I must deny myself and seek
what He has got in store!
To get the most of everyday,
His sight must I obtain;
then to grow assuredly,
newness for to gain!

Another year upon me,
I must keep Christ as head
for to guarantee, into
His newness, I be led!
From glory unto glory
the greatest life of all;
serving and enjoying Jesus:
there's no greater call!

The more real we are with God, the more real He will be in our lives.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What about "Time?"

It seems to govern our entire life as we know it.
However, I know

There is a place where mattering
no longer are the years;
there's no concern about the way
appearance there appears;
for everything is beautiful
and everyone is, too!
The one allusion there to 'time'
is everything is 'new!'

But in a place where time is not
will 'new' be recognized?
All our Father has for us
will, there, be realized!
All eternity to spend
just acclimating there,
in the Presence of the One
Whose very blood I share!

'Timeless' certainly applies
to my Savior's love!
The same, it must apply to the
amenities above!
"Eternal" is my privilege
to know Him and His ways;
"eternal" is my privilege
to shower Him with praise!

And so I will practice eternity here: praising Him and worshipping Him Who is greater than mere time, Him of Whom eternity is all about: JESUS!