Saturday, December 29, 2007

The "Lesser" Things?

Each of us with a calling on our lives know of the importance of such. Does that mean then, (as I have heard of late,) that the "lesser" things in life have no matter? Further, as I have heard mentioned, if I am not doing something 'spiritual' or 'holy,' am I wasting time?
Even Jesus Himself took time apart to participate in 'lesser' things: He went fishing with the disciples...He went and joined the festivities at a wedding...(even turning water into wine!)...
I had a Pastor write me awhile back to thank me that when he was with us he did not have to be "on" all the time--he could relax, have fun, play catch with us, etc. Can people feel that way around you?
One such occasion was just this afternoon. The five of us went bowling. Real 'spiritual,' huh? It did, however, turn out to be emotional, at least for me. Read on

There are realms of glory, there are
higher plans to be.
But for the moment, Heaven is
an afternoon with three:
in a Bowling Alley with
my daughters and my son--
ministry is happening,
and miracles are done.
Trying to participate
while holding back the tears...
trying to see three adults
without recalling years...
trying to stay level, but
they elevate me so!
The impact of the moment--
can any of them know?

I am not an actor and
it doesn't take too much
to realize that, on my life,
they each have quite a touch!
But to hold emotion and
the hand of my sweet wife
with every pin that tumbles on
an afternoon of life!

Every one of us has a calling. Do not let that calling get in the way of living. In reaching out to minister, do not refuse to be ministered to. And sometimes, it's even alright to sit back and enjoy the moment! For one day, you will realize that those "lesser" things turn out to be more important than you think!

Friday, December 28, 2007

What do you expect?

What do you expect?
What do I expect?
Do I even know what to expect?
"If I continue to do the same things, I am going to get the same results."
(How deep is that!)
I have to expect God to do more if I am going to recognize it when He does!

I know there's a miracle waiting for me!
Will I recognize it when it comes to be?
Will it be only what I am expecting,
or will I accept it as His will perfecting?

Too many times I miss His touch
by seeking the "profound;"
too many times I miss His voice
by listening for sound;
How many times have I refused
His perfect will for me
by seeking only that which I
may hear or I may see?

O help me know Your ways are o
so far beyond my own,
And that what is best for me
by You is fully known!
Let me not turn my back upon
the greatest gift of all
by clinging to what I 'expect,'
thus severing Your call!

A miracle is every moment
in this fleeting life!
A miracle--He elevates me
midst the pain and strife!
A miracle--He sees I prosper
when is gone each source!
A miracle--a life of serving
God Most High, of course!

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Look of Christmas

Merry Christmas!
O, how glorious the season is!
It is even more beautiful when you truly know Whom the season is all about!
Look around and know...

Christmas on the landscape--
it dons the very best!
Knowing, by the One Who is,
it prospers and is blessed!
Replacing that which is discarded
in the fall ago
with a wardrobe so alive
when gone the ice and snow!
Even through the same, the land
is glorious and new!
Never eye to tire of
beholding season view!
Never God to tire of hearing
praise about the same--
for I do so with praise unto Him
and His holy Name!

Christmas on the landscape,
reverence in view!
Jesus Christ, so alive,
abundant and anew!
All creation recognize,
to recognize Him come:
the coming of The King in Whom
new life, new life the sum!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Soldier at Christmas

Celebrating Jesus--
the Giver and the Gift.
The purpose of the season?
All of life to lift!
Each of us have a favorite
way that we prepare;
in so doing, let us not
forget those 'over there.'
Over there in foxholes...
over there in tents...
over there beneath the stars,
the violence, he prevents;
over there in barracks,
in aircraft, ships and tanks:
they need support these holidays
regardless of their ranks!

In spite of an opinion, they are
servants, one and all!
To elevate each one in prayer
is our sovereign call!
Prayer for their protection,
safety, sanity,
as, every moment of their watch,
obedient they be!

Celebrating Jesus--
in all points, HE is Peace!
And He is on each front until
each conflict knows release!
The heart be also present
wherever they're away!
Again, the greatest gift that we
can give is that we pray!


Peace, the Name!

Peace. Do You know Him?
He is so real! How can any live without Him?!
And He is so far superior to 'seasonal!'
Seek to know Him truly, always!
He is JESUS!

Grateful for the peace
based on naught at all,
availed without measure unto
them that heed the call;
even those just calling
His mighty, holy Name,
the peace that passes understanding,
they may surely claim!
That peace--it has no season,
as man is truly prone;
the Prince of peace, but ever-
constantly is truly known!
Keep Him in the heart, therefore,
but in and out of season!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
He is the only reason!

O, wonderful is peace:
Jesus Christ the Son!
Serenity of season enter in,
Thy will be done!
O keep me in the practical
as You do all the rest
to ensure each celebrant
be real and be blessed!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Learning the Light!

Can you hear it?! O, the song of the heart can be nothing less as we behold the Light of love come into the world to save our souls!!

Shower light in jubilance
in season of the same!
Absorb the light that comes as
angels glorify His Name!
Exude the light to them that haven't
heard His Name at all!
So celebrate the Gift of Love,
accomplishing His call!

O holy night illuminated
by a single Name!
One holy life, generated
by eternal Flame!
Holiness availed no other
place at all to know!
'Tradition' to be secondary,
holiness bestow!

Purity of Light abound
and occupy all sight
in magnitude beyond our own,
eliminating night!
Son of God, God the Son,
salvation for eterne!
2,000 years to now the Light,
and still so much to learn!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas of the Bible

Get this straight: I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

I get frustrated, however, when I see people get caught up in the commercial trappings of the season....when I see gift-giving become a competition instead of an outpouring of love...
Often, usually DAILY, I must stop and remind myself what Christmas is, WHO Christmas is, and ask myself what lengths He would go to in savoring this season.
Pray for me, won't you, that I keep Christ Mass in perspective...

Christmas of the Bible,
so foreign unto most:
no gifts to be competing,
no castes in which to boast...
ONE GIFT alone to matter--
the One come from above;
'mongst precious metals and spices,
the greatest gift be love!

Christmas of the ages,
traditions come and go...
but Truth be yet alive for each
and all to truly know!
History to add, subtract,
but God to guarantee
the Truth of Christmas stay alive
for such as even we!

Christmas of the present--
controversy yet.
So long ago the Manger...
how far removed we get!
Peace on earth existing
for all who will receive:
"It came upon a midnight clear..."
to any who believe!

Christmas of the heart,
reality at last!
When Jesus there resides,
insignificance is past!
Enthrone Him where is proper,
all else will find its place.
Christmas--it is JESUS,
He is the Gift of Grace!

Christmas, IT IS JESUS! Is He your Christmas?
He is free, can you afford Him?



The Bible.
The Word of God.
Is it ‘alive’ in your life?
Have you given it a chance to be alive?
Ask the Holy Spirit to direct…

Vision to select a page—
What does the looker seek?
Will the living of the text
Unto the reader speak?
Will another one peruse
And hear the very same?
Or individuality
Will the writer claim?
And therein be the “life” of that
Existing in the text:
That spoken to the reader says
Another to the next!
Even that read previous
Communicates anew
When is seen as so alive
The page that comes to view!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

How Long Is "Christmas?"

Glorious, the season of the year!
The same is all-year-long with Jesus here!

Special, though, take time to celebrate
the newborn King, so glorious, so great!
Jesus, You are life and life again!
Known by the most fortunate of men,

served by those so blessed to know Your call
worshipped soon by EVERYONE at all!
I recall Your birth with thoughts ahead...
I walk with You through green and white and red...
I give in Your Name in and out of season...
Father, thanks so much for Jesus Christ!
Jesus, thanks for all You sacrificed!
Father, Son and Spirit, quickly come,
eternal life in glory be our sum!

Christmas is so beautiful, but there is One more beautiful than Christmas!
Christmas is so special, but there is One more special than Christmas!
Christmas is a season, oh, but there is One Who is eternal!
He is ETERNAL...


Saturday, December 8, 2007


O, what a Presence!

God is so good...God is so generous...
God is so present!
Anywhere and everywhere I be, even though He goes with me, He is already there!
I don't understand it, I only rejoice in it with thanksgiving!

O, what a Presence, not ever away;
comes to me anywhere inside the day;
comes to transform any where I be found!
O what a Presence--what blessings abound!

Blessings abounding that cannot be bought!
No way to record all that shall be my lot,
but to enjoy what the benefit be,
oh, of the wonders exclusive to me!

How can I tell all that God is to me
when every moment new wonders I see?
And newer is He, so unchanging and sure
in Whom all of grace I enjoy and endure!

Is He present with you? He can be!
Just ask Him from your heart!

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me" Rev. 3:20


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"It hurts to go on!"

Have you been there? Have you ever reached that point?
So many times I have found that location. But I have also found something else in the same place. Upon arrival, I have never been alone!
The One there awaiting is not only willing to listen to me, He already knows exactly how I feel and, greater, He knows exactly what to do for me!

Must I suffer more?
I am tender, I am sore!
If I could stop and rest,
Then I could give my best.
I’m aching in my hands,
And Someone understands.
He listens and He hears;
He feels all my tears.

His hands, however sore,
They give, and they give more.
My shelter in the blast,
My balm ‘til pain is past;
My compass and my guide,
They open, oh so wide!
Yet they be my abode
Amidst whatever load!

Must I suffer long?
The same to make me strong;
But Jesus is relief—
My Cornerstone, and chief!
He knows my every pain
And He will e’er remain!
The suffering soon gone, oh,
But Jesus, on and on…



Sunday, December 2, 2007


God is so incredible!
In all of the pain and confusion of the past few days, here are the words He gives me:

In the depths of suffering, I'm healed;
in the deepest darkness I am revealed;
from the deepest depth I do arise;
for God, wherever I am, He supplies!

When I'm not feeling right, He says
I do not live by 'feel;'
whatever is my sight, He never
fails to reveal;
when I can't 'sense' at all, somehow
He makes His Presence known
with words of reassurance,
verifying I'm His own!

The depths of suffering are not at length,
He makes me there to sing about His strength.
The song is not just hope, it's also truth,
'cause there is God--Restorer of my youth!
Through the depths I know I have been led.
I could gripe, but I choose praise, instead!
I've learned that my location, anywhere,
has been ordained and He is with me there!

Bless His holy Name! Strive to know such a God as this!
He is available to one and all who seek Him.
Can you release yourself so deeply into a trust that allows
this kind of relationship?
One of the few certainties we have about these seizures that
I go through is that I do not go through them alone. For God
is there with me every second of the way.