Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Everything I do has a consequence. For every deed I do, there is recompense. Two alone know whether or not I give my all.

The wages, they accumulate—
Will I give my all?
I know what is expected of me,
Settled in the Call.
Will I do that expected, resting
I fulfilled the Call,
Or will I press on, unceasing,
Till I’ve given all?

Everything I give, oh, it is
Well returned to me.
In wages I don’t understand,
He blesses liberally.
Even that deemed ‘worthless’ in
Another attitude,
I find to be a treasure when
Enjoyed or heard or viewed!

The wages, they accumulate.
I will, I will give all!
I am secure that God Most High,
He is my wherewithal!
He gives back to me in this life,
And, oh, that life beyond!
I will give, regardless if
I am or am not fond!



How easy it is to accept that God is so great and so busy that He could not possibly have time for me or my little concern. WHAT A LIE!! God wants to hear from us! The Word says that our concerns move Him! Don’t ever let anything hold you back from time with Him!

So far above the situation,
How can You be moved?
And yet, you whisper to my heart
That I have been approved.
Far greater than humanity,
Yet given to the same,
You clothe me in Your righteousness
And call me by Your Name!
I am unnecessary to You,
You are all-in-all;
Yet, without ceasing, You are reaching,
And You gently call.

So great and mighty, perfect You,
Yet You treat me the way You do.
You set aside all else that be
And tend to the concerns of me.
You give what I cannot request,
And only have for me the best.

In every facet of this life
Is Your authority;
And You care for the most minute
Of the minority!
And wherever I may be
Upon whatever scale,
No matter how immense You are,
Your Presence will not fail!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What am I missing?

"The power of life and death are contained in the tongue."*

What am I saying?
Am I speaking life?
When I refer to that person that needs prayer, do I voice it in a 'hopeful' way?
When I refer to that person in his sinful condition, do I say it in a way that alludes to the fact that he is 'savable?'
"He'll never amount to anything..."
Yes, I have said it, too.
Should I not rather say "Father, thank You for the potential You see in that person! Please help me to see it, as well, and pray for him accordingly."
Just this morning, I heard a man ask prayer for his daughter that she would stay away from "...the ilk she hangs out with. She seems to like that lifestyle."
Will God answer that prayer? What about the "ilk?" He loves them just as much! And I don't think God would call them that. What am I missing?
It's all well and good that we gather to learn about and pray about the needs of one another, but what would Jesus do?
I can't see Jesus going to His Father and saying "Father, we must get Jim out of that place because of the people that are there!" I see Him loving and calling out to everyone there with me! What am I missing?
Where did I 'lose it?' I was in the same place that she was! Should I not be all the more merciful, knowing what is she seeing, feeling, thinking...from experience?

"Heavenly Father, yet again I find myself in a place where I must cry out "Make me more like You!"
Thank You, Father, for Your patience.
Thank You for not giving up on me.
Thank You for not giving to me what I deserve.
Thank You for not imputing upon me the rewards of my actions!
Please help me to be as merciful and loving as You are to those around me.
Please help me to love others as I should.
Please help me to mean it when I say 'Not my will but Yours be done' when I pray.
In Jesus' Name,

*Proverbs 18:21

Monday, November 26, 2007


How passionate my Father is about me!
He feels the same way about anyone and everyone!
Yes, even YOU!
Everything you ever go through, He has already been there,

that is why He is THE ONE to turn to in every situation!

Pain so great, I do not even
know how I should pray!
But God, He is so great He
understands me anyway!
He takes the words that I assemble,
and those I cannot,
and gives me back His perfect answer
of His mercies wrought.
Situations that nobody
else may understand,
they are handled perfectly
when put into His hand!
The lives of those around me are
affected by the same
as I present them to my Father
and declare His Name!

O blessed be my Father! He hears
and knows my distress!

He honors me as I come to Him,
and begins to bless!
He is life anew as I
allow Him full control!
He is the Lover of my heart,
the Savior of my soul!

My Savior, Lover, Deliverer, constant Companion…
Everything I need Him to be, HE IS.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Signs of Gratitude

What are they to you? Are they only 'symbols?'
No. Thanksgiving should be a way of life.

Thanksgiving and so thankful
that Jesus is alive!
With a song of gratitude,
before Him, I arrive!

A turkey in the oven,
is that the only sign
of a house that is thankful?
What a wrong design!
For it is just a symbol of
the plenitude we know,
one more thing for which our
gratitude to God would flow!

More than just a table full,
more than recipes,
more than friends and relatives,
more deep than all of these!
Thanksgiving is a way of life,
it is a state of heart;
it is that voice that cries, no matter what,
"How great Thou art!"

Whatever's in the oven is
a blessing on this day!
Remember, though, to live each moment
in a grateful way!
Gratitude to Him from Whom
all gifts originate--
gratitude to God, so very
good, so very great!

Thanksgiving, and so thankful
that Jesus is alive!
With a song of gratitude,
before Him, I arrive!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I pray that your list of that for which you are grateful is endless! Of a truth, there is not time for me to list what we are thankful for, but that entire list is directed to God Himself, without whom we would have nothing.

Holiday upon us,
just one day each year?
Absolutely not! So much
of gratitude is clear!
Be ye grateful for each day
that you can take a breath!
Too many are the ones alive
that yet resemble death!

Thanksgiving--not a holiday--
a way of life it be!
If you are reading this right now,
be thankful you can see...
if you are listening to this,
be thankful you can hear...
but you cannot do either one?
Thank God for life so dear!

A bounty set before us--
but much more than a meal;
a buffet of emotions--
but far more than mere 'feel;'
Thanksgiving is reflection,
to render and receive;
thanksgiving be that attitude
all charity conceive!

Do be blessed where you are, when you are, and who you are. If no one is there with you, ask God to join you! He is already there, of course; He may just be waiting for you to acknowledge Him!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I must reach out...
I know I can do it...
it is not out of reach...

If I can but touch the hem of His garment,
my need shall surely be met!
But as long as I'm this close to My Jesus,
His embrace I want to get!
I cannot sneak up upon my dear Savior,
He knows everything at all!
Sure enough, as I enter into His chamber,
my name I hear Him call.
A moment alone with God my salvation,
so personal and so intense,
but so refreshing to know I'm no bother,
in ways so far greater than 'sense!'
His touch while we're talking about everything,
and about nothing at all,
so deepens the covenant we have established,
and inspires me on in The Call!
Here, where the enemy isn't allowed,
I'm restored and repaired for The Way.
I savor the peace and Presence of Him,
before I return to the fray.

He carries my burden far out of my sight
replacing it with His own bale,
and bids me farewell as He strengthens and blesses me,
promising that we will not fail!



That is how I must proceed. That is how I must pray. No matter what is in front of me, no matter what is pending, I have the authority to proceed with power.
Sure, there are times when I must wait. There are purposes to wait.
But He will make such known to me as I pray and listen to the Holy Spirit. As long as I am moving, I am to do so with power!

Never to be powerless
As long as I can pray!
Never to be comfortless
Along the Narrow Way!
Never be confusion as
I go where I be led,
As I refuse the world and
Take Jesus Christ instead!

“I take You, Jesus! Yes, You are
my power and my strength!
The way—it is in front of me,
I cannot know the length;
But to know Your faithfulness
For every step ahead…
But to know Your holiness
As, onward, I be led!”

My power and direction until
No way be at all,
It is my fellowship with God—
He hears me when I call.
I will hear Him calling and
Respond to Him with prayer:
Power and authority
Restored unto me there!

Prayer is my power!

In HIS Power,


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wasting Time

Let’s not waste time in prayer!
You heard me. Read on…

My voice is rife with feeling and I am heard.
My trials, they go reeling with just one word!
He speaks unto the problems and they respond.
The only One to solve them—His ways beyond!

My prayers, they move the earth and sky;
My prayers, they make Heaven sigh;
My prayers—they are my power source,
And they are answered each, of course!

He listens to each thing I vocalize.
My heart and soul take wings and soar the skies!
They each return with answers from above,
Returning with His joy and perfect love!

If I am only praying and not believing He will answer, what’s the point? I might as well spend all my time collecting Hot Wheels!
God is completely tuned to the words of my voice. Greater, He is in tune with the words of my heart! He knows when I am praying as I should.

I know when I am praying as I should.
You know when you are praying as you should.
Let’s not waste time in prayer



"Heavenly Father, would you please...
I'm sorry.
I come to you and the first thing out of my mouth is a request.
I'm very sorry.
I enter into Your Presence with a shopping list instead of an offering.
I'm so sorry.
I am supposed to enter into Your courts with praise!
Worship and adoration are the vehicle that transports me into Your Presence.
Please forgive me.
Such will be foremost as I approach You.
You are so awesome!
You already know my needs even before I am aware of them, yet You graciously and patiently listen to me tell You about them as if they are news to You!1
There is none like You! I worship You! Thank You for Your mercy.
Not only are You aware of my need, You knew what You were going to do about it long before it was a need! Hallelujah! Your grace is amazing!
Please, Father, teach me the difference between a 'need' and a 'desire.'
Your Word declares, and You have proven, that You will even give me the desires of my heart.2 Help me to know what my heart desires, and not my sight.
Help me to delight myself in You, not in what I can get from You.
Please remind me to always come to You because of Your Majesty, and not merchandise. For You are greater!
Salvation is greater than salvage.
Relationship is greater than religion.
I will focus on You.
In the Name of Jesus,

1. Matt. 6:8
Phil. 4:19
2. Ps. 37:4

Saturday, November 17, 2007


"But God..."

What? You've never said that?!

You're better than I am, then!

Fortunately, with me, He is patient enough to continue to use me for His glory.

And He rewards me for such.

That, in itself, can be a stumbling block.

I cry out that my attitude

would stay one of gratitude

in spite of what I do or do not own.

I may or I may not possess,

but this I know: my God will bless

according to His will for me alone!

I may reach, I may pursue,

but always will I give Him due,

it all belongs unto Him anyway.

Thus I can focus on His work

as He provides each precious perk

He purposes for all who will obey!

God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

But that cannot be the only motive, or I will fall.

"And great will be the fall of that man!"


Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Crest of Rest

We are to boldly continue forward.
What if continuing forward reveals a mountain up ahead? Does a mountain always denote a challenge?
Unless He tells you otherwise, don’t stop! Remember the One Who is bidding you to come is also the One that will provide everything you will need to follow His call!

The mountains of imagination
Harbor an escape.
Upon arrival, I relax,
Reality a-drape.
There to walk the heights, but not
Alone, no, not alone,
The Creator of the heights,
His Presence there be known.

The mountains of imagination—
They are not afar!
Strength awaiting—enter as
The respite is ajar!
Find what you are lacking,
Refill the depths within.
Creator God, He is the Source,
But you must enter in!

Even when you feel like life is a constant climb, remember that He has provided wonderful stations of rest along the Way!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Anniversay

Debby & I have been married 26 years today. Here is what I wrote and read to her at the altar on that day:

A flame has come into my life
and settled in my heart.
And now, a fire gently burns,
deeper love to start.
Forever it will be in my life,
that is my only prayer;
and hon, in all the days of life,
I feel you must be there!
Love can be just like the sea:
so calm, and yet so strong.
And in love, like upon the sea,
storms will come along.
And love is like a rose in bloom:
so precious on the vine!
And like the rose, there will be thorns
lagging us behind.
But since we have our hearts with God,
in storm, there shan't be gloom;
and putting Him forever first,
the thorn shan't hinder bloom!

So Deb, please take me as I am
on this, our Wedding Day.
Time will go on and both of us
will change along the way.
But one thing that will never change
is my deep love for you,
and that I promise from my heart
so very, very true!

And the flame goes on. And the years go on. Thank you, honey. I love you.

"...and thank YOU, Jesus! We cannot go on without YOU!"


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day

Those of you receiving of that, please know that you have my deepest respect and heartfelt gratitude.
Thanks Daddy...
thanks Pastor...
thanks Ed & Cheri...
thanks Ron...
the list goes on...
Each of you know who you are, and each of you are the only ones who truly know all you went through to obtain the title "Veteran."
All I can do is express my gratitude.

In a place where I cannot be,
sacrificing all;
faithful and obedient
unto this country's call.
Over here, over there,
the same to matter not--
America, so honored, blessed,
that such as you we've got.

You are not invisible
in a world so fast.
A giant shadow on our living,
of a truth, you cast!
One of honor, gratitude,
one of great respect;
may those attributes in us
unto you each deflect.

God, alone, to know the scope
of everything you do.
God, alone, to fully understand
what you go through.
This writer and this country, though,
to be so grateful for
your time, your passion, every talent,
each of you outpour!

"My country, 'tis of thee
these veterans oversee.
See to it, each and all
appreciate their call."

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby


Watching Him walk

God's awake!
Look outside, He has something to show you:

My Father walks the land
utensils in His hand
touching here and there
signing everywhere!

His signature impossible to copy,
the very same, He never duplicates.
The colors of His hand have not a number;
oh, but inspiration generates!

My Father walks the land--
how many understand
the very fullness of
the One whose name is love?

One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is TIME to look around and notice the touch of God in your life. It is everywhere...if you look!


Friday, November 9, 2007


Life affects each of us the same way differently.
What my brother is going through right now is something that I may have gone through a few years ago, or that I have not even experienced yet, or may never.
A friend of mine went through cancer several years back. Being close, we discussed each others' lives about every day.
It was mentioned that, though the symptoms had been for a while, as soon as he was told "cancer," everybody's attitude and treatment of him changed. This poem is a comment on his faith.

My brother is in trouble,
my brother is in embrace.
A situation dire
now stares him in the face.
"My God, You have to help him!
What are we going to do?!
Did You hear what the doctors said?!
He needs Your touch anew!"

My brother is in trouble!
God, why are You so calm?
I want to see Your hurried hand,
I only see Your palm.
While I am in a flurry,
God, You retain Your pace;
my countenance be panic,
but You have set Your face."

My brother is in trouble.
Must we be troubled, though?
The answer to His situation,
in our hearts, we know.
Oh help us stand beside him,
instead of 'pushing' You.
Help us to bind our hearts with his
for faith and hope anew."

"Thank you for living your faith, Larry!"

Thursday, November 8, 2007

You, too!

So different for all of us.
So different with each new day...each moment!
Oh, but I am so thankful for the One constant that will NEVER change!

Silently, He's there by me
wherever I may go.
Whether I'm away or home,
it is so good to know
a thousand angels are with me,
making each step true!
My friend, I have some words of hope--
this also is for you!
You, too, can have the Lord above
beside you everyday;
a hedge from danger 'roundabout
from angels sent your way!
Someone closer than a friend
to hold you when you cry,
to comfort you and lift you up,
and help to dry your eye.
This Friend of mine from Nazareth
can turn your life around.
He'll make His love and hope and His
forgiving grace abound!
He'll straighten out your path and lead
you down the Narrow Way;
He'll show to you much better things
than you can see today!
But there is something you must do
before this can be done:
you must die unto your self
and seek the Holy One.
You must surrender unto God
and claim the Lord, His Son,
and seek ye first His holy will,
and all this will be done!

Submit. Can you handle that? It isn't easy for some. It is essential for His!


Saturday, November 3, 2007


I want my way.
I may not say it, but I feel it. Do you?
Oh, you are so good!
Pray for me, then.
In fact, pray this way for me:

"Overtake my humanness
with that which pleases God!
Upon the thoughts and deeds of self,
oh let me freely trod!
I have been trained for battle, yea,
and fitted for the same--
I am a soldier of the Lord—
All victory to claim!

The battleground, it is my mind,
and I must fit it so!
To let HIM be the Guardian,
there purity to know!
Nothing is impossible,
thus, unto Him, I turn!
Oh, the very mind of Christ,
but constant I to learn!


Thank you. I needed that.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Life is Seasonal

Colors in descent.
Not colors indecent!
A feast for the eyes. But is autumn only a vision?
Autumn is life! OK. Fodder for those who say that
"Life is seasonal."
I must agree. Life is seasonal.
Oh, but CONSTANT are the seasons!

Find again crescendo in decline...
life, so slowly exiting the vine.
To indicate that life has come to end?
No! The constant cycle to defend!
Therefore to savor colors, every one,
until the autumn season, it is done,
remembering another time will be
with every tomorrow that we see!

Fear not the changing of the seasons. Only be thankful that you can behold it. Thankful to God--Creator of every season of life!

Blessings on you!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I did it again!
Me, me, me!
When will I learn?
So much life out there...why must I focus so much on ME?!

"O deliver me from craving 'Me'
of all of life's buffet.
I have indulged in way too much
along the Narrow Way.
Seeking for to satisfy
desires--all mine each!
To crave alone the things of You,
o let my heart beseech!

Deliver me from craving "them"
and all they may possess.
I cannot covet others' things
expecting You to bless!
I know that You will give to me
all that You have for me;
o blind me if you must, oh God,
Your bounty only see!

Deliver me from craving
anything You will not give.
I know it is Your pleasure to
provide for me to live;
and I know all else be in
Your timing, if at all.
Deliver me from what shan't be
as I attend Your call.