Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The alarm goes off.
You yawn...stretch...wake up as best you can.
What to wear...
What to wear?
Does your wardrobe include Jesus?
Does your wardrobe include praise?
According to His Word, I am to "put on the garment of praise..."
It is easy to do as I think of all He does for me and all He has planned for me!

"Holy, Holy, Holy..."
in preparation of
a day that's orchestrated by
the awesome King of Love!
He has mine every movement planned
mine every word ordained;
I explain my willingness,
He does the unexplained!

"Holy, Holy, Holy..."
the first words out of me
regardless of the way I feel
or what I hear or see!
Whatever is my morning, I know
He's the greatest part?
No, but He is everything--
no other way to start!

"Holy, Holy, Holy..." all
my escort and my theme!
He takes me through each task, each meeting,
and through every scheme.
And after is the labor, rest
for body, spirit, soul...
all in Jesus, King of Love
and Savior of my soul!

Remember to include Him in every part of your day! He is willing. Are you?

In HIS Service,


Monday, October 29, 2007


Does that title intimidate you? Anger you? Invite you?
Is it a "thing?" Is it a way to do your hair? (I hope not!!)
It is a way of life. It is attainable! If it is your desire, the One Who is Holiness wants to be with you every step of the Way!

Holiness--again attaining
with the altar in approach;
Jesus Christ, the all-sustaining,
the Object and the constant Coach.

Holiness--the same obtaining
in a world that is not?
Though the whole world be restraining,
Christ to see, the same, I've got!

Holiness--a way of living,
and the same not out of reach!
Power for the same, God giving,
for the ways that They beseech!

Look in front of you: there He is--Jesus!
He is motioning you, encouraging you, cheering for you as you try to live that life that He has called you to!! Are you going to focus upon Him cheering you on, or use 'grace' as an excuse to get away with the minutest of temptations?
Press on!!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hope in all

The Word of God says that if we have hope only in this life, we are the most miserable of all people! What about you? What do you hope for? Is it only something that you may 'possess?' What about when you are in a place where possessions are not allowed. Sure, I myself have 'things' that I enjoy. But those things I take pleasure in cannot go with me everywhere I go. I do possess something that can: a relationship with Jesus Christ! I would not trade that for ANYTHING!!

Hope in all of life and glory--
Jesus Christ, the Man.
For to understand my self
according to His plan.
My need and my desire,
my feeling and my fear,
my hope and expectation are
as Jesus, He is here!

Hope in all of life and glory,
Jesus Christ, my Friend.
All of God and all of man--
all Heaven to descend!
Transcending every sacred class,
relating unto each;
utmost: closer than a brother,
ne'er such tie to breach!

Hope in all of life and glory,
Jesus Christ, my Lord.
Relationship with God the Father
beautifully restored!
The wonder of adoption,
"Abba Father!" be my cry;
in the purpose of His life:
to suffer and to die.

Hope in all of life and glory,
Jesus Christ, my God.
Mortal and immortal,
time eternal to applaud!
Celestial host in adoration,
nature in accord!
Ye all creation harmonize
to Savior, Friend and Lord!!

What is He to you?


Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Little Farther

Just a little farther now
and I will be with Him.
No longer having things in vision
making sight so dim;
no longer seeing things that will
cause joy to disappear;
and only at His Majesty
will I have any fear!

A few more miles down the road
and I'll be at that shore.
No turning back unto this land
or things that were before.
No worries of this dying life,
no yearning for that youth,
for everything He promised us
will be there, of a truth!

Just beyond that cloud up there
and I'll be at that Gate.
Then all that's promised in His Word
will finally culminate!
Rejoicing with Him evermore,
no more to suffer strife,
reaping then from that decision
made in earthly life!

Come on. You can make it. It will all be worth it when we see His face!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Blessed is He

Where are yours? Are you sure?
There has been so very much in the past week to shake foundations. Has yours been affected?
Please continue to join me in prayer for those whose roots may appear to have disappeared.
Foundations, however, remain firm and stable.

Blessed be the very one
whose roots are in the Lord.
He doesn't have to wait for rain
for life to be restored.
For when the blasts of storm arise,
as he's on solid ground,
firmly planted, he'll remain
stable, strong and sound.

So blessed is the one whose hope
and trust are in the Lord!
For when the time of drought has come
his days are e'er restored!
He will not have anxiety,
his fruit will never cease,
and faith and hope and peace sublime,
will, in him, e'er increase!

So blessed is that man whose life
is planted very firm!
He does not fear the stormy blast
or gnawing of the worm!
Fruitful will he ever be,
while others 'round him fail;
and every word 'tween him and God
will, much more life, avail!

(based on Jer. 17:7,8)


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mine Enemy?

Opposition. It is not always visible.
Sometimes, it is. There is coming a day, however, when the adversary will be done away with and Peace will prevail!
In the days that are, it seems like enemies are made easier: a cross word...a misplaced deed...etc. Sometimes, all it takes is a glance!
No matter how many are against you, ONE is always FOR you! His Name is JESUS! And He is more than you need against the foes of the day!

So many are against me,
Mine enemies amass!
When I remind them You will come
They ridicule….they sass!
But You remain my Promise,
My Fortress and my Shield!
Therefore, unto their accusations,
Praises will I yield!

My Glory and my Lifter,
Unto You I cry out!
You answer me from Heaven,
I never am without!
I even have enough to give
The ones who yet oppose…
Will he remain mine opposition?
Heaven only knows.

So many are against me,
But I need only One!
He has for me the answers,
I never am undone!
Regardless of the number,
I will not be afraid!
Each moment to establish;
In You, God, I am made!

Based on Psalm 3


Monday, October 22, 2007

Weather or Not

Blessings on you!
I have spoken to people today in four different climates.
From raging fires to someone iced in.
There is one constant in every place I heard from: all are giving God glory that they are alive and safe.
Where are you? Is there a song in your heart? Are you grateful to just be alive?
I know I am!

No matter whether the weather,
somewhere is sunny always!
In the embrace of my Father,
there's always plenty to praise!
A shelter like not any other,
away from the storms that arise.
How many have found that the weather
is not always due to the skies?

No matter whether the weather,
there is an excellent song!
The words and the music are certain,
in spite of anything wrong!
So wonderful is to recite it,
coming from fathoms so deep;
scaling the heights beyond measure
the scope of that song for to keep!

No matter whether the weather,
no matter time of the day,
Him Who is causing the singing,
eternity, it is His way!
Each time the song is recited
a piece of eternity known!
Elements, they are no matter,
such joy in that singing is sown!!

Rejoice with me, won't you? I am praying for you.

In HIS Service,


Sunday, October 21, 2007

More in Him!

O Father, I'm so weary that
I cannot even feel.
Unto that strength and healing,
far beyond me, I appeal!
You possess what I do not,
but mine does it become;
and as I'm in Your Presence,
perfect healing is my sum!

O Father, I'm so grateful I
don't have to understand.
All I must do is yield to You,
and give You all command.
You can do far greater as
I let go of it all;
take it, Father, as I take You
and Your holy call.

O Father, I'm victorious
in You and You alone!
Naught of me to interfere,
Your wholeness to be known!
So blessed and highly favored I
to be receiver of
that which belongs to You alone,
given with perfect love!

No matter what, my Father has the answer. Is there something in your life that you need help with? Turn it over to Him. He can do more with it than you can, and healing will result!


Thursday, October 18, 2007


Here comes Jesus, riding on
the envelope above,
In the coming of the Light
resplendent with His love!
That exclusive of Him be
abundant in His wing!
Here comes Jesus---all of life
in harmony to ring!

Here comes Jesus, riding on
the newest of the day!
rolling up the twilight, until
work has gone its way!
Carpeting the land with brilliant
colors all about!
Here comes Jesus---all of life,
in harmony to shout!!

Here comes Jesus, riding on
each facet of the day!
Oh, and even 'yond the veil,
He rides without delay!
Nothing for to hinder His
advance---o tune the heart!
Be ready for the trumpet blast:
in harmony depart!

Are you ready? Can you see Him? Desire to see Him! He will not disappoint you!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Greater Realms

The term 'predestination' has caused quite a fuss in the recent past. No matter how you feel about it, God knows exactly where you will be when He finally calls! I want to be serving Him and doing His work! That life which awaits beyond will be filled with all the blessings that we've already sampled, plus those which are too wonderful for us to imagine...all without the pains and setbacks that this life knows!
Where will you spend eternity?

In realms I cannot visualize
so far beyond the sky,
events we cannot realize
concerning you and I
are happening without an end
beneath a watchful eye
until a Trumpet sounds "ASCEND!"
and upward we shall fly!

And that so very constant in
that realm so high above,
is due alone a single motive:
undivided love!
Our each and every thought and deed
before we even know
is in revelation until
Three alone to show!

"In realms I cannot fathom, be
my strength and shield, I pray!
Wholly would I yield to You,
holy for to stay!
O, mine all-in-all I place
in Your complete control.
I love You more than anything,
oh Savior of my soul!"


Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh...the Father!

Blessings on you!
What would you do if someone walked up to you and said "I know everything that you have ever done wrong!" Or how about "Hey, remember what you said to that person yesterday when no one heard?"
There is someone who can say that! In fact, there are two persons who can. One is your enemy, and he uses that tactic all the time to accuse and condemn you. The other is the Holy Spirit. He uses it to move you to repentance. Your enemy will keep dragging it up. The Holy Spirit, however, will only remind you until you do something about it. He does it in love. How will you respond?

Oh, the Father's mercy,
oh, the grace of the same.
One without the other--
impossible to claim!
Say, but who could fathom
the wonder of it all?
Love like not another
to anyone at all!

Oh, how vast the Father,
how personal the same.
He made all that is made,
He knows my very name!
He speaks to the heavens,
He speaks unto my soul...
He makes whole worlds function,
He makes my person whole!

Oh, how blest all people
this God of love to know.
Oh, this God, so willing,
His perfect love, to show!
Matchless, His assurance:
I'm saved, though I was lost!
Matchless, His provision--
He paid the dearest cost!

Yes, He gave His Son for all of this!
He gave His Son for all of us!
What will you do with His Gift?


Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Can!

Blessings on you.
Do you ever get caught up desiring something someone else has? Not necessarily their possessions, but perhaps an ability, a talent?
In recent years, I have said "Lord, if I only had the ability to drive again, I could___"
And He reminds me that where that person over there may be able to do something I cannot, I may have the blessing of something that he is praying for.
I come in contact with a lot of people. If there is one thing I've learned, we ALL have limitations. Some are just more visible than others'.

I cannot do like the other,
but I can do like not another.
This life puts limits on this man.
Beyond this life, though, yes I can!
So, far beyond this life I live.
Each day, I know the term 'outgive.'
That's the provision that I know,
and it's an aim for me to sow!
If I but took what life bestowed,
mere poverty would be my road!
Beyond this I choose to stay,
stabled on the Narrow Way!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Watching Assurance

A hawk gliding on the currents, effortlessly...
so regal in flight...can anything hinder?
As noble and distinguished as he is, there remains
that little, tiny bird that is matching his glide... nipping at his tail...trying to distract, annoy and interfere with His agenda.
Here we are: children of the Most High God--royalty. We have the best of everything. And we, too, have HIS agenda. And, yes, on each and every step of the way be the pests of this life trying to distract, deter, yea, even prevent us from His agenda. What to do?
Fix your vision fast upon the Cross and plant your feet firmly upon the Narrow Way, for He has for each of us an established end!

Monday, October 8, 2007


"God is great!"
Let such be the heartcry of matter what!
Can it be?
Yes, it is possible!

When the pain, it is unbearable,
I am blessed.
When functions are not as they are,
I am blessed.
When peace is not a feeling,
I am blessed.
When I cannot see or hear
I am blessed.

My Father, You are greater than mere 'sense.'
You are now, You are my recompense.
You are my eternity ahead.
I choose every way of You, instead!
You are above all things that may afflict.
There is no way of You to contradict.
My Peace, my Healing, God, my Everything,
my Blessing--unto You I ever cling!

He is waiting to be everything to you!
Can you handle that?


Saturday, October 6, 2007


Blessings on you!
Have you received any blessings today? Are you sure?
When I pray, I have gradually gone from giving God my shopping list, to worshipping Him and asking Him what He wants of me today. No, it has not been easy. Yes, it has taken me years to learn. I realize, however, that if I am doing His desires and His work, "...all else shall be added unto me."

Before the mighty throne
of Who calls me His own.
My approach is known,
and I desire be shown.
My heart is full of praise
knowing of His ways,
and greater to discern,
yes, more of Him to learn!

My Savior and my Lord--
my time will He reward.
My time? I've none at all
as I obey His call.
My longings, oh so deep,
that, hidden, I may keep,
somehow that come about
as long as I'm devout.

How perfect is His will!
His attributes instill...
His riches and His ways...
my life become a praise!
No other way to live,
save all my life to give
to Him Who gives His all
to them that heed The Call!

Each of us have wants and needs. Are yours being met? Ask God to align them with His will and dedicate yourself to Him. He will bless you in ways that you cannot even fathom!!


Thursday, October 4, 2007


What is your need?
It is my heart's cry that, at whatever hour you read this, you are receiving from God all that you need!

The need as I write this is sleep! For the first time in my life, I am having trouble going to sleep...for the second night in a row. Why?
Some of you may say "Welcome to my world!"
It could be God helping me understand what that brother is going through that I will minister to next week. I don't know. What I do know, however, is I am not alone! My Father is right here beside me. He is reminding me of things as we converse. He reminds me that

I am healed because He told me so,
not because of how procedures go,
not due to the medicines I take,
and not because of statements doctors make.
I am healed by the stripes He bore.
He looks at me and tells me "I restore."
His word is alive and lives in me,
therefore, constant healing is to be!
I am healed no matter how I feel.
He listens and He answers my appeal.
His answers are too wonderful to guess,
but they are what I need, my life to bless!

Whatever your need is right now, God is able! He wants to hear from you right now. He will answer you. You may not understand the answer, but you HIS time.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We are Blessed!

Is such the cry of your heart?
Is it your heart's cry only when things are going great?
My wife is no longer able to hold a job.
I have not been able to maintain "gainful employment" since 1998.
But you know something else?
Before you can have any possessions whatsoever, you must possess the knowledge that you are blessed!
Are YOU blessed?

No matter what I do or do not own,
All that God possesses is my own!
No matter which direction I may go,
God is sure, the Narrow Way to show!
And if you are able to contain,
if I listen, His way 'comes so plain!
A blessing and provision like no other,
in Him who's closer, closer than a brother!

Again, His means of supply are far beyond words...even a poet's words!
Have you discovered them yet?
Just ask Him!

In HIS Service,