Friday, August 31, 2007


Blessings on you!
I want to help. How can I?
Do you even want help. How can I know?

"Help me feel what I cannot touch
that I may lend a hand;
help me see what my eyes cannot,
that I may understand;
help me hear that without a sound
that I be Spirit-led;
use all of me in ministry:
my hands, my heart, my head."

There is so much to be done. I want to do everything I am supposed to. I can only do that with God's help.
Pray for me, won't you?


Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I got a phone call the other day. It was from someone from whom I usually draw a lot of strength. He told about things that were going on where he was, and that he was wondering if he had heard the call of God on their lives correctly. Being the pillar of strength that I am, I wept with him until my wife took over and helped him back onto solid ground!
So often it is. Someone is treading the same winepress as I, and I commiserate with them, rather than be the encourager they are looking for! Anyway, I am better today, and here is what God shows me from it:

I cannot see the fruit right now,
do I heed the call?
I'm 'stuck' here in the wilderness,
am I called at all?
I saw Him and I heard from Him
upon the mount ago;
in boldness, I set forth, but here's
a place I do not know!

I am so far away from home,
but a home I've got...
I hunger for the meals I know,
but starving, I am not...
I long for those who comfort me,
but I am not alone--
the One Who feeds and shelters me
I know as I have known!
O, and in an even greater
way I know Him yet:
He is the One assuring me
each glory I will get!
Even when the harvest is
yet deep beneath the ground,
He stays me on the Narrow Path
until the fruit is found!

If that is you out there in the field, press on! I am 28 years into this new life that God gives, and He continues to show me just one day at a time...sometimes, just one MEAL at a time! But therein lies the truth: He continues to show, to lead, to provide.
My son, press on! God promises "I will not leave you nor forsake you!"


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

God for Certain


What to write....

The same question I oft have when I go to prayer. But I know that whatever I have to say God can make sense of. He doesn't really care how polished or profound my words are, He just wants to hear from me. I have grown to the point of not worrying what to write when I pick up my pen. I know that when I feel Him calling, he will fill in the lines on the page. He is so faithful!
I remember a few years back having a conversation with a few wise sages. I told them that I had to make a list of things to pray about when I went to prayer. It troubled me that I could no longer remember everything I wanted to talk to God about. They reminded me of the words of Jesus that My Father already knows what I need before I even open my mouth.
So it has become of late with this pen. My head is still reeling from the past two days of not being able to think clearly at all, but I know that God will have said something to help me or someone else by the time I'm done writing this.
Again, He is so faithful!

You are so very faithful, Lord,
to listen to me talk.
You are so very present, right
beside me as I walk.
You have become so real, You are
a part of all I do,
O my God, let it be said
I am a part of You!
My Father, may You be so much
that less of me is known.
In the words that here proceed
may You be clearly shown.
I want to spend all of me
glorifying all You are!
I do so in Your Presence, Lord,
and never from afar!
In whatever this will say, Lord,
You will be revered!
You are my inspiration and
Your lordship have I feared!
I will write to bring You glory
and encourage all
to seek the Greatness that You are
and hearken to Your Call!

"Thank You, Father, for filling in these lines!"

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Excellent advice for long life.
Fear Him in regards to reverence. For God Himself is no one to be afraid of! He longs to reveal His immensity to us in a way that will cause us to desire to respect, obey and honor Him. In ways that are not our ways. Can you?

I am not afraid
Yet fearful I am made!
The wonder and the awe,
My own vision saw!

Into the chamber as He is preparing;
Anticipating what He will be sharing.
So very honored I to be His choice.
Listen! Oh, I recognize His voice!

I have not any fear—
His bidding, it is clear!
No longer is my shield
As I become revealed.


Friday, August 24, 2007

What's it all about?

Where is God?
Who is God?
What is God?
Can you answer any of these with certainty and boldness?
Your relationship and maturity can be known by said answers.
Are you happy with your answers?
Are you content?
Is there more?
God is so alive! He is the same yesterday, today and forever, oh, but He is newer everyday! If you will allow Him, God can even take your answers to those questions and make them more, better, newer, deeper each and every day!
God is so immense that You can never know Him completely! It will take eternity!
And you will not be with Him eternally unless you accept His Son Jesus Christ as your personal Savior--unless you are born again!
That is really 'intolerant,' isn't it?!
I asked Him to forgive my sins and make me born again over 25 years ago, and I still learn more about Him everyday!
Walk with me through this walk and meet this Savior Who continues to introduce Himself to me day by day... moment by moment...glory to glory!
Can You handle a relationship like that? Can you give yourself completely to Someone that you will never know completely? Someone Who will always be mysterious?
What have you got to lose?

Thursday, August 23, 2007


There are times when I feel that I am nothing. All my strength is gone. Even my desire is gone! BUT GOD, so very faithful, comes to me with affirming reminders not only of who I am, but Who He is within me!

“Lord, You are everything to me
when there seems nothing left to be.
When I can only say so much,
You hear the rest with just a touch!
When strength inside me is unknown,
You reach out and give me Your own,
Lord, when I am not anything,
I recall You are my everything!
And You remind me, once again,
‘Be still and know that WE WILL win!’
Far greater are the Ones with me
than anything my eyes can see!
And even when my voice can't start
You listen to me heart-to-heart
and hear the things that can't be said
and make sure I'm securely led.”

Yes, there are times when I don’t even know how to pray. I serve a God that is so great that He understands that!

Do you?


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

O What Grace!

Yes, the cry of my soul DAILY be such!
There is nothing in this life greater than the grace of God. Without God's grace, NOTHING would be at all! Do you know of it yet? Can you sense it? Not one of us can know it fully, but He is faithful to allow glimpses of glory to those truly seeking!

O what grace, no man could ever merit!
O what mercy shares the very same!
O I cannot wait each day to share it!
O what mirth when one cries out His Name!

And who am I to represent
the Giver of such grace?
To gaze at His visage, but I
must shield my very face!
He calls me by my name and bids me
"Look into My eyes!"
His glorious affection, of a truth
I recognize!

O what mantle is the calling of Him
placed on one as minor as the poet!
I will do my best because I love Him,
do my best to see that all men know it!



Oh, the handiwork of God. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the beauty of the land. One of my high school teachers noticed this and, along with my love for writing, allowed me copious amounts of class time to write about such beauty! I never did lose my love of such, and God continues to thrill me with the work of His hand!

I am too emotional,
I am overcome.
I see the peaks and rolling hills
And teardrops be the sum!
I try to capture it on page
And realize I can’t!
To behold His handiwork
My vision is to pant!

I am too emotional,
I am overcome.
I look against the indigo
And I am stricken dumb!
The imposing majesty
My strength to generate;
Mine impulse is to cry
“You are so good! You are so great!”

I am too emotional,
I am overcome.
I cling, though, to You, You alone,
Therefore remain I plumb.
Daily forward in the Word,
In sight, in sound, in sense,
The glory of Your handiwork
To be my recompense!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Further Love

Blessings on you!
God loves us. The extent of that love cannot be measured. However, you and I can limit the affects of it on our lives. How we react won’t stop Him from loving us, but we may prevent or hinder ourselves from enjoying the full effects of that great love!
How far will you go in that love affair?

To any other, I remain unknown.
In truth, do I exclaim “I AM YOUR OWN!”
I have been seduced by that not great;
The strength of my refusal they berate!
As greater, far, is the betrothal of
The One declaring that I am His love!

He intimates the kindness of my youth.
His eyes to verify His love in truth!
I sought Him in the wilderness and found
He fastens mine each step on holy ground!
He loves me in this place and I abound.
A love more intimate cannot be found!

Jeremiah 2


Sunday, August 19, 2007

What is Wealth?

I have been accused of many things. One thing is that I am too happy. Therefore, I am not the best person in the world to counsel one who is going through a reality check.
Reality for me right now is not knowing how the bills on the refrigerator are going to be paid, or if I will be conscious tomorrow morning. Oh, I KNOW that they will get paid, I just don't know how God will do it each time! Reality for my wife is not knowing if I will recognize her a few hours from now, or when her pain will go away.
With that which afflicts me, the others in my household have had to alter not only their own realized expectations, but their conceptions of health, wealth, and daily life.
I thank my God constantly that my wife, my son and my daughter have put their dreams and expectations on hold just to help obtain a level of normalcy for this house to enjoy.
Each member of my household at some time has prayed the following...

I am so very wealthy, Father.
How long will it last?
I hunger not at all, nor thirst--
will this buffet be passed?
There is an abundance of
Your life and of Your living;
o let me never take for granted
all that You keep giving!

I am so very wealthy and
I boast in You alone!
Without You in my life, mine each
success would be unknown!
There is none like You, therefore,
I seek not any other;
releasing ALL to cling to YOU,
"...closer than a brother!"


Friday, August 17, 2007

My Hope in Glory!

Blessings on you!
Have you got it all figured out? I do not, either! All I have to do to realize how few answers I have is look into the evening sky! However, I do have the most important Answer, and I listen to His voice as His Holy Spirit gives me these words to share...

There are worlds and galaxies
As yet unknown to man…
There are wonders far too great
To be in this life’s plan…
The glories and the majesty
That thrill us in this place
Are they not merely preludes unto
That prepared by grace?

But thrill the poet they indeed,
And briefly, satisfy the need
To see, to hear, to know, to feel
What, soon, the heavens shall reveal!
I will see Him with my eyes
When, at last, He renders skies
With a trumpet and a shout—
There shall be, there shall be no doubt!!

The things I don’t yet understand,
They garner not a great command
As I look for Him, pressing on…
My hope in glory never gone!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Place for Me!

Sure, you may have heard this all your life, but it is true!
Give God a chance to prove it to you. It will far surpass anything you ever imagined!

By God am I accepted and approved,
Thus, by this life, I shall not be moved!
My family may turn their backs on me,
God’s wide-open arms but I will see!
I hear the world tell me I am unknown,
God looks at me and says “You are My own!”
My ‘friends,’ upon my feelings they may trod,
But truth remains: “I am a friend of God!”

I know a place where there is no rejection!
Perfected, the emotions in that place!
I can only get there by submission,
Sustained am I there perfectly by grace!
Highly favored there and elevated,
By the blood, accepted and approved!
O stay me in that Word that is so living,
And, by this life, I shall not be moved!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

In The Deepest

Whoever you are, wherever you are, appreciate your position.
I learned years ago never to say “It can’t get any worse than this…”
Or “I can’t go any lower than this…”
Whoever you are, there is someone worse off than you. There is somebody, somewhere that can give you a dozen reasons for you to rejoice. And, every one of you has someone, somewhere that looks up to you.
You have a responsibility, excuse me, an opportunity to live this day with all that is in you and make a difference in somebody, somewhere. Enjoy it!

In the deepest of it all,
The river is the most!
There is silence…there is power…
There is life engrossed!
In the very lowest, there
Is not a thing to fear;
With nowhere else to go but up,
It is a place severe!

In the deepest of it all
And everything released;
Greater, far, is the
Appreciation of the least.
Yearning is for all that was
For granted taken prior;
But appreciation must be
If life will be higher.

In the deepest of it all
There is such room to grow!
Starting from the bottom, there
Is so much life to know.
Curse not again the valley nor
The river so alive
Whence abounds sweet life, and blest
Abundance, o, to thrive!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bread & Cup

Pieces. Pieces of life. Each of us has part of our life in pieces. One, however, allowed His life to go to pieces just for us...all the while holding all of humanity together by doing so.
Have you partaken of Him?

“The bread that I am holding,
Your body—pierced and broken;
Partaking of it in holiness—
Oh, what life is spoken!
The cup that I am holding,
Your blood—alive and flowing;
Drinking without hesitation,
Oh, what healing knowing!

Elements alive and living—
Come, oh Lord, commune!
I need it ever-constantly,
For I am not immune!
Mercy and forgiveness, healing,
Everlasting grace,
I boldly cry "I am undone!”
As I am in this place!

O teach me all significance
That I would cheapen not!
For You are worthy, Lord, of all
The living I have got!
For You gave all of You, Lord, in
The elements I hold;
Show me this oft and ever in
The truths, Lord, herein told.”

"Thank You, Lord Jesus!"



Thursday, August 9, 2007


Yes, you can!
There are plenty of hours to get all that work done.
In fact, put the work down and go with me. There is something I want to enjoy with you:

For hours and a half,
the trout, they laugh and laugh
As I maintain the line--
is such of their design?
I bait in every way
as they enjoy buffet
with each and every cast...
another hour passed...

Such folly not to mind.
For one thing is designed:
the beauty of this place--
God's majesty and grace!
And I will feed the fish
whatever dish they wish
just so I can partake
of the river and the lake!

In your quest to obtain that which is just beyond your grasp, don't forget to rest and enjoy possessions that cannot be obtained!


Lessons in Life

Blessings on you!

If there is one thing I have learned, the trials I go through are for me to learn from not just for my own good, but for to help someone else who may face the same thing.
God is big enough to handle my questions, and generous enough to trust me to give those answers to others. I won’t say that I’ve stopped asking, but I am learning that He always knows what’s best!

Everything that comes my way
Somehow sends glory Heavenway.
I’ve learned that each adversity
Is merely opportunity
For me live and learn and grow,
Yes, and more of grace to know.
Each moment purposed, fully known,
Yet so very rarely shown,
But to be lived in victory,
The very same His purpose be.

“What is this?” “I don’t understand!”
I don’t have to. He’s in command
Of all that is concerning me:
The good, the bad, ALL things that be!
That call…that letter…that report…
To panic, I must not resort
As every step has been ordained
By Him in Whom I am contained.
And if I do not go through them,
How can I minister to him
Who comes to me in same accord
To reason or to be restored?

Therefore, every adversity
Becomes an opportunity.
May this man, therefore, quickly learn,
Lest such opportune, I spurn!
But grace is great and grace abounds,
And from the same I shall rebound
With knowledge for my brother man:
I will help him when We can!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Beyond the Day

It is very hot and uncomfortable here. Somewhere else, it isn't.
I am in pain as I write this. At other times, I am not.
I know that at least one of you is reading this while in hiding. At other times, you read it freely.
My point is, no matter what is going on where we are, we must continue living. We adjust...we adapt...we endure. All to the glory of God.
However we are living, we shall be rewarded for it. Some of you are enjoying those rewards right now, others are believing for them. But the key is to continue LIVING.

Life goes on in spite of life,
and living of the same.
No one has a guarantee
of what that life will claim.
That which is yet ahead of me
remains in Hands beyond;
the only thing I may control
is how I will respond.

Life goes on in spite of me,
will I contribute such?
Each and every situation
requires human touch.
The same, it may be limited,
but needed, nonetheless:
I will choose to press ahead,
I will choose to bless!

"Father, You know everything,
visible and not.
I know that as I have Your blood,
control of life You've got!
Help me to live this truth out loud,
in sight of One and all,
that someone, somewhere, somehow would be
responsive to Your Call."

In JESUS' Name,


Monday, August 6, 2007

Spoken in Love

"Father, please forgive me for only looking with my eyes and listening with my ears."

I know that none of you ever make quick judgments about people, but I do.
One day at a business, a lady was talking about how wonderful church service was the day before. Next time I saw her, she was cussing out one of the younger employees due to his inexperience. One of the first thoughts in my mind was “Gee, I wonder what kind of church service she was talking about?!” One of the seasoned saints employed there saw right through my thoughts and, upon query, said “Yes, she is that way, but God is doing a mighty work in her life. You should have seen what she USED TO be like!”
I have gotten to know this person quite a bit more over the past year, and I have a whole new respect for her after learning who she is and what she goes through everyday!

Never is life as it would appear.
Truth, it is not always crystal clear.
Too quick is this man to judge and decide
By only what is seen on the outside!
And never will I know a person true
Until I learn to be more deep than ‘view.’
And never will their truth I realize,
Until I see them with my Father’s eyes.


Saturday, August 4, 2007


There is a purpose for you, no matter who you are.
Even if it is only to read these words and uplift someone with them, you have a purpose.
In a busy world of confusion, don't let ANYONE rob you of these truths!

In a world where obstacles abound,
there is a place where certainty is found.
In a world unstable and unsure
there is a place where I remain secure!

In a world so darkened and unclear,
there is Light remaining oh so near!
In a world that only cares for one,
There is One who says I am His son!

And there is room for you in that place!
It is availed by abundant grace.
One residing there possesses all;
and He is listening for your call.
Everything slows down there, you will see.
Nothing there is what it '...used to be..."
If you care enough to make the climb,
you will find He always has the time!
So many are the questions taken there.
The answers are too numerous to share!
But every answer be just what you need
to press on in the battle and succeed!

So, in a world where obstacles abound,
Seek that place where everything is sound:
getting there, it is a Narrow Way--
Jesus, our stability and stay!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Daily Test

As I’m sure we have all learned, things are not always as they appear.
Standing at the shore, there are precious few ways to know what we are getting into should we advance. However, we must go forward.
WHEN to go forward must be learned by trust!

The currents, they are visible
And captured for awhile.
So evident, the gradients,
Just looking from the stile.
From static unto rushing,
The very same is life:
Currents o so innocent
Can cut just like a knife!

So placid on the surface…
So turbulent below…
To the sight so very calm,
Facade it could be, though!
A lesson for the learned,
So priceless to retain:
Amidst the tumult that is life,
At peace must I remain.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Very Lonely Place

Can you enter into the following place with me. For some, it is a very uncomfortable place. For me it was...for years! Jesus and the Holy Spirit changed all that!

In a place where honesty is chief,
Is there place for contrary belief?
Where integrity is base for all,
Every other motive has to fall!
That room, it is the heart so deep within.
It has such great propensity for sin!
Even inclination to the same!
Set watch, that there would be no cause for shame!

Each and all appointments bid the call
“Is it honest, fair and right to one and all?”
The answer is awaiting in the mirror.
So live and move and breathe with such a fear!