Tuesday, July 31, 2007


"No, Lord, something else, please!"
"Do I have to?"

Does any of this sound familiar?
It does if you are close to God.
My spirit says it more often than my mouth does, but no matter. He knows my heart.
And I promise you, if you make a commitment to God, sooner or later, these will be the words of your heart, as well.
Even Jesus spoke it once. Remember the garden?
The Lord has been saying it to me for several months now. I only yesterday began to do the certain thing I feel He is leading me to do. Already I am seeing the rewards and benefits of doing what He told me.
If you already have such obedience down pat, then pray for me. I still need to work on it.

Letting go of status quo
for something yet unknown.
Nothing short of living
"Not my will but Thine be done."
Finally to put aside
that cozy and secure
and fasten grip upon His goal,
knowing I'll endure.

Now matter how disquieting
it be within, without,
it is part of growing, of this,
I've not any doubt.
Letting go of that established,
that to which I cling,
shall make me ready for His next,
and newer songs to sing!

Put away, put aside
and follow HIM alone--
focusing on that ordained,
(without a moan or groan!)
So grateful that He understands
my apprehensions each,
and grateful He does not give up,
yet still extends His reach!

If He is leading you somewhere, rest assured that He will help you reach it or obtain it. His Word says that He will not leave us powerless, but equip us to accomplish that to which He calls!


Friday, July 27, 2007

Body of Reason

The Holy Spirit continues to take me to the water’s edge. Why?
I find myself there again as I watch the mighty river…

Roll on, roll on ye life, every
Emotion to contain!
The peace that you produce, it is
Forever, always gain!
The power that you represent
For always is unique;
How many times, your wonders,
Dare the poet not to speak?
But one more attempt as you
Disturb me one time more.
You cause me grip the quill as you
Embolden me to soar!
Power, peace, beauty, terror,
Celebration, too…
All, as the impressive landscape,
You go cutting through!

All sorts of things stand in our way in whatever task is at hand.
That in front of you may be beautiful and impressive, but is it preventing you from reaching your goal? There is NOTHING too formidable for you and God! If there is something in front of you, it is for a reason.
I have found that it is either to cause me to slow down, stop, or call out to God so that He can demonstrate His awesome power!
At the river, I find all three of these!



Blessings on you!
I pray that each of you have an escape that allows you refuge from all that your day may contain! We do. About 15 miles down the road, the White River passes by. It is world-renown for its trout fishing and, for those who take the time, it is one of God's most pacifying tools...

The current that is seen--
what can, what can it mean?
What am I to behold
in mass that's always rolled?
It can't be held in hand...
is such power planned?
The same, though, yours and mine,
what a grand design!

The river is so many different things at different times. For me, it is an escape. Join me there, won't you?
Whatever refuge you need, God will provide. All you must do is put forth the effort and make the time.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


LOOK!! Can you see it?!
God's handiwork! It's promise is everywhere!!
Listen to it's song...

Music far too beautiful for 'music!'
Singing with perfection in the voice!
Celebration grander than 'historic!'
to worship, coronate and to rejoice!
The same is unto Jesus and eternal!
Finally, that newness on display:
new life, new earth, new heavens and perfection--
time, no longer to define the day!!

Can you see it? It is closer than you think! Will YOU be ready? It is surely my prayer that you are as you are reading this! If not, invite Jesus into Your heart in accordance with John chapter 3. No matter what you've done, He can forgive you and embrace you with His perfect love!
Just look and listen!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who Are You?

I did it again.
I guess I'm still human.
One slip of the tongue and the whole evening is ruined.
I'm sorry.
Will this tongue ever know perfection?!!

As I think of who you are,
this heart of mine shoots near and far
and back again incessantly--
no way to fathom all you be!

You are the one completing me
when I am incomplete.
Those areas in which I lack,
you are right there to mete.
one who is supportive
of my endeavors each;
you are right there encouraging,
spurring me to reach.
You listen to me always,
but more than that, you hear;
you help me apprehend the things
that may not be too clear;
you are the one here loving me,
unlovely as I be;
you give far more than given you,
you are a mystery!
No longer I reflect troth, yet
you seek no other man,
and surely that which we enjoy
is far from nuptial's plan!

As I think of who you are,
my reasoning is knocked ajar!
With all I am and I am not,
the greatest wealth this man has got!

Honey, you are that wealth. Thank you.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Worship in Spirit

Adoration. Deeper!
How much of Him do you want?
Do you just show up and say "Here I am, God. Bless me!"
How far will a relationship go with that attitude?!
It takes a little time, but it is worth it!

My spirit, it shall worship You
in spite of everyday;
my mood--it shall be adoration
on the Narrow Way!
For to be Your image when
I see You face to face...
for to exemplify You as
I'm living here by grace!
I am a friend of You and You
are more, so much, much more!
Much closer than a brother, oh,
what is relation for?
Not a word or term to capture
our relationship
that is settled with a promise
and a constant grip!

My spirit, it shall worship You,
for it alone knows how!
Taking every thought of my heart,
sealing it in vow!
Freedom then to reach beyond
into a greater plane!
Impurity to purge--the purest
worship to remain!

My spirit, Lord, to worship You,
Your Spirit to receive.
Relationship that not a thing
of this world may conceive!

Are you willing to invest the time it takes to go to this place?
You will find Him waiting there to welcome you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


God is so good.
His goodness cannot be compared to anything known to this world! For whatever situation life puts us through, God has already been there preparing, and IS there waiting to escort us THROUGH it!

How far into the desert
Am I allowed to go
Before I am deserted
By the ‘friends’ I know?

How deep into the trial
Will my Father lead
Before I am rebuked and scorned
By those who ‘intercede?’

How narrow the way become
Before is no more room
For those who say “I’m by your side…”
Whose shoring I presume?

But One is right beside me
And even deep within.
The same, He cannot let me down
Like noblest of men!
His words, they are not empty,
His promises are sure,
He’s with me in and through the trial,
He makes me to endure!
And there, beyond the trial,
Success, it is complete!
Beyond, beyond the desert,
What grand oasis meet!
Such is a greatest motive, oh,
But not the only one!
For newer are the mercies
Everyday of God the Son!

Whatever the situation is in your life, God has given us each other for support. But in everyone's life, there are those places designed for God alone.
If you are in one of those places, please don't hesitate to call out His Name!! He is right beside you! Your friends WILL let you down, your family WILL let you down, but God CANNOT let you down!! Trust Him.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Morning on the land. Where YOU are? Not always.
But the newness of the day can be wherever you
are, whenever it is! It's all perspective.

Dawn upon me yet again
day begins a regimen
in ways so very far from plain:
victory my certain gain!

The One Who brings to me the dawn
is with me, walking on the lawn
in ways so few may understand,
in ways so real, so very grand!
In ways so very new to be,
in awe and in simplicity!

Dawn to know then clarity
as Jesus Christ, all charity
is come to grace, is come to heal,
is come to make life oh so real!
Is come, my steps to oversee,
and be my All-Sufficiency!

Dawn upon me yet again.
I am the happiest of men
to know that God is right beside
to be my Help, my Hope, my Guide!

Indeed, wherever you are, RIGHT NOW can be morning: a brand new start to your day!
Just ask Him!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

In The Day...

God cares about everything in your life. If you question this, just look around at the living things and how well they are living. His Word assures us that we are more important to God than any other living thing! For me, He even takes that life and fascinates and entertains with it!

Season playing hide-and-seek
with common sense.
By this time, the scorching heat
should be intense!
But with a song inside the heart
life celebrates
the artificial autumn that

In the cool of summertime
the heights of satisfaction climb
as the Creator of it all
sounds His invitation call.
All of life to echo back
knowing He is keeping track
of every move of everything--
hear them, hear them as they sing!

God is in your day. Take a moment to look around and enjoy His presence IN His creation!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Love Without Condition


He loves you just the way you are, but He loves you so much that He will not leave you in that condition! And eventually, He will teach you how to love others the same way...

“Love without condition,”
is it even known?
Is it something into which
One is slowly grown?
Is it even recognized,
Being merely man?
“Love without condition,” but
no worldly person can!
Can only come when is known
The Father in His Light,
The Father in His mercy,
So blessed, the delight!
Never the comparison:
To WHAT, the very same?
“Love without condition,”
it is why the Father came.

God’s love—all-encompassing;
The Father’s love—complete!
Dare NOT attempt comparison,
All efforts to deplete!
The Father, He is perfect…
The Father, He is good…
He knows you absolutely,
Like not another could!


Saturday, July 7, 2007


Do you have it? Do you need it? Do you know it!
The Word says that there is no one who does not
need it, no, not one.
Here is where I found it:

The hands of just a Carpenter,
calloused from the years;
worn from working wood and clay,
and wiping sweat and tears;
the hands that gripped the prison bars
as stripes, for us, He bore,
the same they are that made the wine
from water they did store.

The hands of just a Carpenter
reached down from up above
into this puny, sinful man
with such a foreign love.
they wiped away the scars of sin
and healed a broken soul,
and, with compassion 'yond degree,
they made this sinner whole!

The hands of just a Carpenter,
so hated by some men,
were driven by a heart that came
to purge my every sin!
The same hands reached down unto me
when no one really cared,
and with them He, His holy love
and comfort, freely shared.

The hands of just a Carpenter,
they carry me with ease
and take me where a perfect peace
flows like a gentle breeze.
They gently reach into my heart
when it is full of ache,
and, with compassion, love and care,
all pain and stress they take.

The hands of that same Carpenter,
do hide me from this world,
and shield me from temptation and
all evil that is hurled.
They hold my own when I walk
and guide me through the day,
assuring me that always, He,
beside me e'er, will stay.

The hands of that same Carpenter
can do the same for you!
He'll take away the scales and you
will have a different view.
But you must open up your heart
and let His healing in,
or you will die like millions more--
forever lost in sin.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sound of Freedom

Listen...can you hear that sound?
To some, it is complete silence....to some, it is explosions near and far....
To others, it is confession of something indwelt so deeply....
To some, it is absolute silence...
Cannot each of us purpose to guarantee there be no muffle of those beautiful noises?

I hear the sound of freedom,
it echoes through this land;
resounding through the halls within
of all who boldly stand!
The liberties we cherish
are wrought of sacrifice:
this country's very finest--
they paid the dearest price.

I hear the sound of freedom,
it echoes through the age;
affirmed unto the deepest part
with each turn of the page!
He represents the blessings
forever to suffice:
the Father's very finest--
He paid the dearest price!

I hear the sound of freedom,
it is without, within;
its promise is eternal,
wherever we have been!
The liberties and blessings
from each one concise,
are taken not for granted--
they have a dearest price!


Monday, July 2, 2007



Is it the cry of YOUR heart?
I know that for several of you reading this, it is your cry and the cry of your countrymen. I am praying for you.
How very blessed I am to live in America! To be free!
Oh, but freedom is more than a 'location!'
Can you echo such about your freedom?

Throughout the heavens and the earth
let freedom ring...
in death, in first and second birth
let freedom ring!

From boulevard to byway
is known blest liberty,
while, beyond imaginary lines,
it is a fantasy.
Elsewhere, many so jealous
that, reasoning, they fail,
disdaining the security
such freedom to avail.

In similar and stranger face
let freedom ring...
in handshake and in embrace
let freedom ring!

Remorse be not a factor in
such wretched state of mind;
given over to the self,
what wickedness to find!
Is it then even possible
to recognize His calling?
But when to turn the appetite
from that which is appalling?!

In heart, in mind, in body whole
let freedom ring...
in the spirit and in the soul
let freedom ring!

In attitude and action
may liberty abound.
In crimson covenant alone
be independence found!
Some to refute this statute--
look now upon said fruit...
freedom's truest harmony
from God alone recruit!

In times ago, in times that be
let freedom ring...
in pending high eternity
let freedom ring...
let freedom ring!