Monday, June 25, 2007

The Heavens declare!

"What a mighty God we serve!"
Can you echo that? Just look around!
There is no way to go through life and not see God face-to-face!
Ah yes, there is one way: blatant denial!
Again, just look around and listen...

Mountain spires in the sky,
pillows high above;
harmonizing with the creek,
the flutter of the dove;
silent be the writer, yea,
and still the very same
as creation sings, as one,
all glory to His Name!

The heavens, of a truth, declare
the majesty revealed
in the handiwork of God
that cannot be concealed!
Only open up the window,
straightway look ahead:
the glory of His handiwork,
oh, but simply read!

Mountain spires beckoning
my wonderment entice!
All glory, laud and honor,
unto God to sacrifice!
Praise and adoration due

alone a simple sight;
the spirit, even as the billows,
to enjoy such flight!


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