Saturday, June 30, 2007


Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
God changes not!
Regardless how I feel...
regardless of my health...
regardless of life's situations,
GOD CHANGES NOT, He remains God, He remains in control!

"You are great and Mighty God,
no matter how I feel!
You are great and Mighty God,
regardless what reveals!
You are in control of all
and everything in life,
and it will all work out for good,
because I am your wife!

I trust You, great and mighty God,
I give to You mine all.
I have learned to trust since I
responded to Your Call!
Though I may not always understand,
you mean to me no harm,
and I'm protected by the greatest
shelter in Your arm!

You are great and Mighty, God,
my spirit and my soul
harmonize with this, my heart,
Your greatness to extol!
You are great and mighty, God,
yes, and YOU WILL BE
now and in the life to come
and through eternity!!"

Oh, what a blessing to be secure!!

In HIS Service,


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