Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The slavery of sin. Do you remember it? Do you know it now? You don't have to! Jesus died so that you don't have to! There is so much in Jesus!
A lot of people I talk to feel that Jesus is just a set of rules that will eliminate all of the 'fun' in your life once you accept Him. I have found that just the opposite is true: I did not know what life was until Jesus came into my heart! I did not know freedom until Jesus came in to my heart! I did not know what true fun and enjoyment were until Jesus came into my heart! And the dread, the regret, the shame that I was a 'slave' unto for all of those years? Jesus released me of it and I am
Nevermore a slave unto
Transgressions of the past.
Beneath the blood of Jesus, all
Of my shortcomings cast!
The sea of His forgetfulness—
The deepest of the deep—
A peaceful harbor there exists
Whence I, an anchor, keep.

Nevermore a slave unto
An allegation nor.
For I know the accuser, he’s
Defeated evermore!
In court so long ago was I
Indicted and was tried,
Found guilty, oh, but then forgiven
By the Crucified!

Nevermore a slave unto
Myself nor to this place!
I saw justice as it mingled
With His love and grace!
When they, form the Judge’s chambers,
Came out of the door
Jesus looked at me and said
“You’re mine forevermore!”

Nevermore a slave, but yet
A bondservant am I:
Purchased once and ever with
A price, and none more high!
I am my Beloved’s and
I know that He is mine!
Love has drawn the contract, oh,
And love to counter-sign!

And the same is waiting for YOU! Don't waste another moment in the dread of your ways, nor in the 'dread' of what life will be if you accept Him as your Savior. You will never know 'living' until you die to this life!


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