Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lover of My Soul

How foreign, the love that God has for us.
Can you handle it? How much?
Allow Him, and He will give of Himself as much as you are willing to accept!

One has done what no one could accomplish,
greater, far, than mortals realize!
He came but for a season and one purpose
from His kingdom way beyond the skies.
Each day of His life was an example
to be heeded by the ones He calls.
The faithful, each shall greatly be rewarded;
they that aren't? Each severely falls.
But what about this One come for a purpose?
I know Him as the Lover of my soul!
He gives to me attention that is peerless;
He cleanses me and makes completely whole!
For I must only look into His beauty
to realize that all of this is true!
For when His eyes, upon my own, are fastened,
it is more, so much more than a view!

Intimacy with my Savior Jesus--
how can it be called a sacrifice?!
Now that we are but a single spirit,
I know that nothing else will e'er suffice!
I look into His eyes--so very honest,
I grip His wounded hand so very fast,
everything that's said is of the Spirit,
and, oh, this moment will forever last!!


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