Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Keep A Watch


I heard it all my life. I heard it from mom! (Little did I know she was prophesying!) And it was not until I grew up, and am still growing, that I learn the effect simple words have on life...on lives.

O hear the cry, the cry of me.
A lowly scribe, I make a plea.
I plead for justice in my quill,
I plead to pen the sovereign will.
My heart, that beating chamber place,
Would yearn, would cry for more of grace
In all I think, in all I write,
In all I speak, suggest, recite!
For some far greater than myself
All dignity have laid to shelf.
The confines of the craft to shear,
Seducing that which taints the ear.
The more disgusting be the part,
The more some hail it “Modern art!”
An artist, though, the difference knows
Between profanity and prose.

Is then the cry, the cry of me
A counterfeit and empty plea
As I have been in company
With those who court such bribery?
O marvel not that I can rhyme,
Nor meter dialogue with time!
The greatest champions of verse
Can do the very same and curse!
Nor marvel in the treasury
Of phrases, terms and words that be
Amassed upon the shelves possessed
In boundless thought, in beating chest!

Again the cry, the cry of me,
“Cling to the grand simplicity
of honor and integrity—“
the quill to keep such policy!
And even if I stand alone
Before the great Almighty throne
When He has summoned scribes that be,
Integrity will stand with me!

"So be it, Lord."

KEEP A WATCH… (Psalm 141:3)


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