Sunday, June 3, 2007

In Service to You

Though your day has been beyond description, may there be such a peace and calm in your evening to grant you a glimpse of that far greater...

"Oh Father, now accompany
along this Narrow path;
shield me from the ravages
of the world's wrath!
The shelter of Your palm is all
that I shall ever need...
come to me, oh Father, into
You will I be freed.

The bondages of sickness, I
would seek, Lord, not to know;
my time to be spent praising You,
anxieties to "GO!!"
Not again distracted from
the wonder that You are...
to revel in the splendor, oh,
but never from afar!

Oh Father God, Your Presence,
for it has not any peer;
nor would I seek another thing
of all that's present here!
I purpose to be useful for
the Kingdom that is due,
I submit myself, oh God,
in service unto You!"


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