Thursday, June 7, 2007

Guard Me!!

Do be blessed on this day that the Lord has made.....
So often, I grab a pen and paper not knowing what to write. However, the Lord is so faithful that the words flow regardless! In a passionate moment with Him one day I cried

"Oh, guard my heart, that hallowed part
whence I be truly known!
In the same, make sin and shame
to be not ever shown!
Make there to be integrity
as resident and guide;
a blessed place where love and grace
emit from deep inside!

Oh, guard my mind, that none to find
a vice to contradict!
Oh, be my shield on battlefield
whence powers, all, conflict!
A war be there beyond compare,
according to Your Word,
but as YOU guard against bombard
blest victory's occurred!

O guard my soul, I give control
but wholly unto Three!
Established so, but long ago,
before a certain Tree!
And I am kept as I accept
the path You set before
that shall not end 'til I ascend
unto that Golden Shore!!"

Stay the path!

No, it is not easy.
Yes, there are obstacles!
But GOD will not give us more than we can handle!!
Trust HIM!


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