Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beautiful Savior

Do you know Jesus? As who? As what?!
So many people I talk with or hear from speak of Him as 'was' or 'will be.' Each and every one of us need to know Him for Who He is, what He went through for us, and that He is eternal: then, now and forever!
What kind of savior will you let Him be?

Savior--oh the beauty of
the tragedy I know;
Savior--oh the tragedy
of beauty You bestow!
Savior--Son of God Most High,
doing what we cannot;
Savior--giving life from death,
the same, with glories, fraught.

"Savior Jesus, closest friend,
my being to avail;
oh, but teach me how to yield,
but even through the veil,
as greater be the tragedy
if I refuse to share
the miracle and wonderment
unto the unaware!
Oh, but Savior, Jesus, in
the moment only now,
draw me nearer, deeper, yes,
more intimate somehow!
Precious Your vicinity,
and, in the same I dwell!
Cast me not away, oh Lord,
Your Spirit to compel!

Savior--oh the beauty of
the tragedy You know.
Forbid me to ignore the same,
but pure affection show.
I love You, Savior, Lord to me,
I shall not ever wane.
The beauty and the wonder of You
never to explain!"


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