Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Awe & Might

The world turns. Life goes on. Life is good. Life is bad. Is there any constant these days?! I know one! And it will go on long after these temporary troubles are forgotten! Sure, pay attention to the signs of the times, but don't forget the most important activity of all!

“Awesome God, Mighty God,
Glory, honor, praise…
Your attributes and qualities
So constantly amaze!
Nothing to compare because
You’re newer, without end!
Your majesty and splendor, can I
Ever comprehend?

Awesome God, Mighty God,
Reverence, wonder, awe…
You thwart the wise of every man,
Defying every law!
Nothing to compare with the
Most ancient of the old!
Your age and Your accomplishment,
Can ever it be told?

Awesome God, Mighty God,
Before, behold, beyond…
Time cannot attach to You,
Oh, how can I respond?!
Nothing to compare, as
Handicapped I’ll ever be
When requested to recount
All You are unto me!!”


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