Friday, June 1, 2007

Afternoon retold

Work is over for the day. The day continues on.
Take a moment. Walk with me and look around, won't you?
Yes, we have time...

Immeasurable clouds of ivory
against forever blue,
carried by a gentle breeze
with redolence anew;
granite spires and rolling slopes
border it below,
the former to display the fleeting
vestiges of snow.

The verbiage of the poet to
describe the afternoon.
The verbiage of my heart still crying
"Soon and very soon...!"
And the promise that's been since
before those mountains came:
before we know it, all of it
will be consumed in flame!
No matter how majestic is
the sky, it will not last!
The mountains in their dignity,
as dust shall they be cast!
Yea, after have escaped the ones
belonging to the fold,
then shall come the pestilences
long ago foretold!

Oh, but what awaits our vision
just beyond that flight!
Is it not inconceivable
to this, our earthly sight?
But to be enticed, reminded
by what I behold
in the sky and on the land---
afternoon retold!


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