Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Never by myself. Yes, that is a good thing. Especially here, on the cliff, conversing with the ocean and God--THE Creator of it. Take a moment everyday to have such precious conversation!

Standing on the cliff once more,
I listen to the ocean roar
and watch it crash upon the shore...
I am not alone.
One told the surf to never cease,
and told the shore not to increase;
One epitomizing peace
has stepped down from His throne.
His voice, unto my heart and soul,
is sweeter than the waves that roll.
He has the words to make me whole
and love without a peer.
For as I look into His face,
His beauty far exceeds this place
and, suddenly, a slower pace
is permeating here.
And as we watch an ocean bird,
He listens to my every word;
life abundant is occurred
in moments that amass;
and, in His face, I'm mindful of
that endearing, perfect love
that cometh only from above,
not evermore to pass.


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