Saturday, June 30, 2007


Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
God changes not!
Regardless how I feel...
regardless of my health...
regardless of life's situations,
GOD CHANGES NOT, He remains God, He remains in control!

"You are great and Mighty God,
no matter how I feel!
You are great and Mighty God,
regardless what reveals!
You are in control of all
and everything in life,
and it will all work out for good,
because I am your wife!

I trust You, great and mighty God,
I give to You mine all.
I have learned to trust since I
responded to Your Call!
Though I may not always understand,
you mean to me no harm,
and I'm protected by the greatest
shelter in Your arm!

You are great and Mighty, God,
my spirit and my soul
harmonize with this, my heart,
Your greatness to extol!
You are great and mighty, God,
yes, and YOU WILL BE
now and in the life to come
and through eternity!!"

Oh, what a blessing to be secure!!

In HIS Service,


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lover of My Soul

How foreign, the love that God has for us.
Can you handle it? How much?
Allow Him, and He will give of Himself as much as you are willing to accept!

One has done what no one could accomplish,
greater, far, than mortals realize!
He came but for a season and one purpose
from His kingdom way beyond the skies.
Each day of His life was an example
to be heeded by the ones He calls.
The faithful, each shall greatly be rewarded;
they that aren't? Each severely falls.
But what about this One come for a purpose?
I know Him as the Lover of my soul!
He gives to me attention that is peerless;
He cleanses me and makes completely whole!
For I must only look into His beauty
to realize that all of this is true!
For when His eyes, upon my own, are fastened,
it is more, so much more than a view!

Intimacy with my Savior Jesus--
how can it be called a sacrifice?!
Now that we are but a single spirit,
I know that nothing else will e'er suffice!
I look into His eyes--so very honest,
I grip His wounded hand so very fast,
everything that's said is of the Spirit,
and, oh, this moment will forever last!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Never by myself. Yes, that is a good thing. Especially here, on the cliff, conversing with the ocean and God--THE Creator of it. Take a moment everyday to have such precious conversation!

Standing on the cliff once more,
I listen to the ocean roar
and watch it crash upon the shore...
I am not alone.
One told the surf to never cease,
and told the shore not to increase;
One epitomizing peace
has stepped down from His throne.
His voice, unto my heart and soul,
is sweeter than the waves that roll.
He has the words to make me whole
and love without a peer.
For as I look into His face,
His beauty far exceeds this place
and, suddenly, a slower pace
is permeating here.
And as we watch an ocean bird,
He listens to my every word;
life abundant is occurred
in moments that amass;
and, in His face, I'm mindful of
that endearing, perfect love
that cometh only from above,
not evermore to pass.


Monday, June 25, 2007

The Heavens declare!

"What a mighty God we serve!"
Can you echo that? Just look around!
There is no way to go through life and not see God face-to-face!
Ah yes, there is one way: blatant denial!
Again, just look around and listen...

Mountain spires in the sky,
pillows high above;
harmonizing with the creek,
the flutter of the dove;
silent be the writer, yea,
and still the very same
as creation sings, as one,
all glory to His Name!

The heavens, of a truth, declare
the majesty revealed
in the handiwork of God
that cannot be concealed!
Only open up the window,
straightway look ahead:
the glory of His handiwork,
oh, but simply read!

Mountain spires beckoning
my wonderment entice!
All glory, laud and honor,
unto God to sacrifice!
Praise and adoration due

alone a simple sight;
the spirit, even as the billows,
to enjoy such flight!


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beautiful Savior

Do you know Jesus? As who? As what?!
So many people I talk with or hear from speak of Him as 'was' or 'will be.' Each and every one of us need to know Him for Who He is, what He went through for us, and that He is eternal: then, now and forever!
What kind of savior will you let Him be?

Savior--oh the beauty of
the tragedy I know;
Savior--oh the tragedy
of beauty You bestow!
Savior--Son of God Most High,
doing what we cannot;
Savior--giving life from death,
the same, with glories, fraught.

"Savior Jesus, closest friend,
my being to avail;
oh, but teach me how to yield,
but even through the veil,
as greater be the tragedy
if I refuse to share
the miracle and wonderment
unto the unaware!
Oh, but Savior, Jesus, in
the moment only now,
draw me nearer, deeper, yes,
more intimate somehow!
Precious Your vicinity,
and, in the same I dwell!
Cast me not away, oh Lord,
Your Spirit to compel!

Savior--oh the beauty of
the tragedy You know.
Forbid me to ignore the same,
but pure affection show.
I love You, Savior, Lord to me,
I shall not ever wane.
The beauty and the wonder of You
never to explain!"


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Security. Do you have it?
What is it to you?
Over the years, I have met so many people who cannot enjoy security unless it meets their criteria.
If you are going to be secure in God, you are going to have to do it on His terms.
Can you? "His ways are not our ways."
He will secure you eternally if you will allow Him to!

So very safe inside You,
Secure with You within;
So very blessed in knowing that
You took away my sin!
Nothing now to separate,
Love—for It is done!
The learned may prognosticate,
But Truth says “We are One!”

The thinker then to stumble, lest
Your wonder, he accept;
The mathematician thwarted, being
Not what he expect;
Logician in a frazzle as
his theories come to naught,
…but to surrender unto You
and claim “I fathom not!”

So very safe inside You
Life can do no harm!
The storms of life that daily come
Deflected by Your arm!
The simple and the scholar,
I accept You as You are,
And, from that basic avenue,
I go so very far!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Beautiful Design

O, the memories. Every day, not just on this, Father's Day. And surely, honor is due him each and every day! I am so blessed to have my dad in my life! Here are some of the things I see as I reflect...

Every callous, every line—
What a beautiful design!
Whatever life does to his face,
The same, it yet resembles grace.

Hands, though dry and wracked with pain,
Able, giving to remain…
The same, they give and give so much,
Nothing to affect that touch.

Coal-black hair—no longer, though,
Salt-and-pepper now to know;
Polarized to this, his son:
Plumage plenty—plumage none!

More graphic, though, to me than sight:
The qualities that come to light…
The memories that so delight…
To emulate him be my plight!

Every callous, every line—
What a beautiful design!
Beyond cliche abundantly,
Proud of my dad, I’ll always be!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Awe & Might

The world turns. Life goes on. Life is good. Life is bad. Is there any constant these days?! I know one! And it will go on long after these temporary troubles are forgotten! Sure, pay attention to the signs of the times, but don't forget the most important activity of all!

“Awesome God, Mighty God,
Glory, honor, praise…
Your attributes and qualities
So constantly amaze!
Nothing to compare because
You’re newer, without end!
Your majesty and splendor, can I
Ever comprehend?

Awesome God, Mighty God,
Reverence, wonder, awe…
You thwart the wise of every man,
Defying every law!
Nothing to compare with the
Most ancient of the old!
Your age and Your accomplishment,
Can ever it be told?

Awesome God, Mighty God,
Before, behold, beyond…
Time cannot attach to You,
Oh, how can I respond?!
Nothing to compare, as
Handicapped I’ll ever be
When requested to recount
All You are unto me!!”


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Are you? About what? So deep within, indeed, every one of are about something!!
Staring at the pen in my hand, I cry

Impassioned of the innermost:
what avenue have I?
Does exist a media
whence fervency to cry?!
That churning in the fathoms that
I just cannot contain...
oh, I reside in bondage till
my spirit can explain!
Said zeal to be a mystery?
Not to MY heart and soul!
My calling's sole objective be
His glories to extol!
Hinder no advancement of
the ink-sword in my hand
that carves the dross whence revelation
be alone to stand!

"O God, make me blind and deaf to everything that would prevent me from seeing or hearing."

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Daily walking with God. Is it easy? Not always. Is it impossible? NO! The Bible states that "His ways are not our ways..." However, the closer we walk to Him, the more we desire that walk, the more His ways WILL become ours! Do you want His ways?

In ways beyond my own,
Your Presence, it is known.
Your hand—it gives the best;
I am forever blest!

In places I can’t see,
Your ways and workings be
Too grand to recognize?
But right before my eyes!

In people that I know
Your Spirit is to flow!
Blest opportunity
To feel, to hear, to see!


Guard Me!!

Do be blessed on this day that the Lord has made.....
So often, I grab a pen and paper not knowing what to write. However, the Lord is so faithful that the words flow regardless! In a passionate moment with Him one day I cried

"Oh, guard my heart, that hallowed part
whence I be truly known!
In the same, make sin and shame
to be not ever shown!
Make there to be integrity
as resident and guide;
a blessed place where love and grace
emit from deep inside!

Oh, guard my mind, that none to find
a vice to contradict!
Oh, be my shield on battlefield
whence powers, all, conflict!
A war be there beyond compare,
according to Your Word,
but as YOU guard against bombard
blest victory's occurred!

O guard my soul, I give control
but wholly unto Three!
Established so, but long ago,
before a certain Tree!
And I am kept as I accept
the path You set before
that shall not end 'til I ascend
unto that Golden Shore!!"

Stay the path!

No, it is not easy.
Yes, there are obstacles!
But GOD will not give us more than we can handle!!
Trust HIM!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Keep A Watch


I heard it all my life. I heard it from mom! (Little did I know she was prophesying!) And it was not until I grew up, and am still growing, that I learn the effect simple words have on life...on lives.

O hear the cry, the cry of me.
A lowly scribe, I make a plea.
I plead for justice in my quill,
I plead to pen the sovereign will.
My heart, that beating chamber place,
Would yearn, would cry for more of grace
In all I think, in all I write,
In all I speak, suggest, recite!
For some far greater than myself
All dignity have laid to shelf.
The confines of the craft to shear,
Seducing that which taints the ear.
The more disgusting be the part,
The more some hail it “Modern art!”
An artist, though, the difference knows
Between profanity and prose.

Is then the cry, the cry of me
A counterfeit and empty plea
As I have been in company
With those who court such bribery?
O marvel not that I can rhyme,
Nor meter dialogue with time!
The greatest champions of verse
Can do the very same and curse!
Nor marvel in the treasury
Of phrases, terms and words that be
Amassed upon the shelves possessed
In boundless thought, in beating chest!

Again the cry, the cry of me,
“Cling to the grand simplicity
of honor and integrity—“
the quill to keep such policy!
And even if I stand alone
Before the great Almighty throne
When He has summoned scribes that be,
Integrity will stand with me!

"So be it, Lord."

KEEP A WATCH… (Psalm 141:3)


Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The slavery of sin. Do you remember it? Do you know it now? You don't have to! Jesus died so that you don't have to! There is so much in Jesus!
A lot of people I talk to feel that Jesus is just a set of rules that will eliminate all of the 'fun' in your life once you accept Him. I have found that just the opposite is true: I did not know what life was until Jesus came into my heart! I did not know freedom until Jesus came in to my heart! I did not know what true fun and enjoyment were until Jesus came into my heart! And the dread, the regret, the shame that I was a 'slave' unto for all of those years? Jesus released me of it and I am
Nevermore a slave unto
Transgressions of the past.
Beneath the blood of Jesus, all
Of my shortcomings cast!
The sea of His forgetfulness—
The deepest of the deep—
A peaceful harbor there exists
Whence I, an anchor, keep.

Nevermore a slave unto
An allegation nor.
For I know the accuser, he’s
Defeated evermore!
In court so long ago was I
Indicted and was tried,
Found guilty, oh, but then forgiven
By the Crucified!

Nevermore a slave unto
Myself nor to this place!
I saw justice as it mingled
With His love and grace!
When they, form the Judge’s chambers,
Came out of the door
Jesus looked at me and said
“You’re mine forevermore!”

Nevermore a slave, but yet
A bondservant am I:
Purchased once and ever with
A price, and none more high!
I am my Beloved’s and
I know that He is mine!
Love has drawn the contract, oh,
And love to counter-sign!

And the same is waiting for YOU! Don't waste another moment in the dread of your ways, nor in the 'dread' of what life will be if you accept Him as your Savior. You will never know 'living' until you die to this life!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

In Service to You

Though your day has been beyond description, may there be such a peace and calm in your evening to grant you a glimpse of that far greater...

"Oh Father, now accompany
along this Narrow path;
shield me from the ravages
of the world's wrath!
The shelter of Your palm is all
that I shall ever need...
come to me, oh Father, into
You will I be freed.

The bondages of sickness, I
would seek, Lord, not to know;
my time to be spent praising You,
anxieties to "GO!!"
Not again distracted from
the wonder that You are...
to revel in the splendor, oh,
but never from afar!

Oh Father God, Your Presence,
for it has not any peer;
nor would I seek another thing
of all that's present here!
I purpose to be useful for
the Kingdom that is due,
I submit myself, oh God,
in service unto You!"


Friday, June 1, 2007

Afternoon retold

Work is over for the day. The day continues on.
Take a moment. Walk with me and look around, won't you?
Yes, we have time...

Immeasurable clouds of ivory
against forever blue,
carried by a gentle breeze
with redolence anew;
granite spires and rolling slopes
border it below,
the former to display the fleeting
vestiges of snow.

The verbiage of the poet to
describe the afternoon.
The verbiage of my heart still crying
"Soon and very soon...!"
And the promise that's been since
before those mountains came:
before we know it, all of it
will be consumed in flame!
No matter how majestic is
the sky, it will not last!
The mountains in their dignity,
as dust shall they be cast!
Yea, after have escaped the ones
belonging to the fold,
then shall come the pestilences
long ago foretold!

Oh, but what awaits our vision
just beyond that flight!
Is it not inconceivable
to this, our earthly sight?
But to be enticed, reminded
by what I behold
in the sky and on the land---
afternoon retold!