Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I don't know about you, but I cannot go through the day without the accompaniment of the Holy Spirit! Not it, Him--the Holy Spirit! One of the Trinity! He leads me, advises me, comforts me, celebrates with me! I cannot live without Him!

So great, the breathing of the Spirit
on life of the day;
impossible to stay the course
without it on The Way.
No matter what I say to Him
He hears just what I mean;
the truest of my heart is heard,
felt and even seen.

O great the vision of the Spirit,
visible and not;
impossible to live the day
without a 'glory shot!'
No matter what I say to Him,
He sees just what I mean;
the truest of my heart is heard,
felt and, glory, seen!

O great the presence of the Spirit,
felt in such a way!
His Presence is without a doubt,
come whatever may!
No matter what I say to Him,
He feels just what I mean;
the truest of my heart is heard,
felt and surely seen!

So great, the Holy Spirit--
the day regarding not!
The fullness of His wonder, oh,
forever I have got!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It IS Something!

So often over the years, I note that when someone blesses another in some way, they will be thanked, only to hear "Oh, it's nothing," by the giver. IT IS SOMETHING!!
#1, If God told you to do it, are you telling God that it's nothing? It is something!
#2, No matter what the gift or deed is, it helps, and it comes from the heart.

It may seem like little or 'nothing' to the giver, but to the recipient it could be the next meal, the next installment on a bill, the next tank of gas...whatever.

If God tells you to do something, do it with all grace and all you are. Be grateful that God chose you to do it. Yes, humility has a place, but not at the cost of cheapening a gift. God has gifted you in such a way that you can meet the need in that other person's life. If no other response, give God the glory! He already owns everything anyway, He is just entrusting You to pass it on...with joy!

And you who gave the gift, thank you. It IS something!

In HIS Service,

Sunday, May 27, 2007

One Day Memorial?

Loved ones gone to serve the country,
faithful to the call.
Some return with memories,
some don't return at all.
So varied are the reasons one
would put his life on hold;
whatever be his motive,
our respect, it should be bold.
Opinion secondary,
his service is a must
for to ensure that we can stand
and say "In God We Trust!"
One day aside for honor? Oh
but such would be a crime!
For I will live a life of gratitude
but all the time!
Branch and rank no matter--
respect be due them each.
Prayers said for every one of them,
to Heaven do they reach.

You may not agree with the who, what or where of all that goes on, but those who are willing to put their lives on the line for another person deserve all honor, respect and dignity due them! Do not forget to pray for them.
Thank you, serviceperson.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day

Thank you.
Thank you to whom each of these words touch.
Thank you to each and every one of you, as there are none amongst us who have not lost a family member to serving this great country.
Thank you.

Some granite and some flowers...
some words composed with pain...
drawn together carefully,
each emotion strain;
A tempered ceremony for
the one to grace this sod--
presented as brave soldiers, then
presented unto God.

But what of one still missing,
whose body yet unfound?
Whatever the location be
a plot of sacred ground.
Memorial to yet remain
deep in the yearning heart:
photographs and images
that never shall depart.

Do we not visit cemeteries
each time we embrace?
For every beating chamber be
a sacred, hallowed place.
Not containing tomes deceased,
but photographs alive!
For in the window of the mind,
such memories, they thrive!

For each day be memorial,
each day a flower bloom...
and everyone would, with the heart
each day, loved ones, exhume!
For must this only be a day
of death of those gone by?
Is it not reflection on
the life they occupy?



Tuesday, May 22, 2007


"I am a sinful man."
I realize this every time I see someone else and try to avoid them just because there is something about them that I think I don't like...that I think I don't want to know about...something that I assume.

"Forgive me, great and awesome God,
I am a sinful man.
I devise atrocities
so far from Your Great Plan!
Destroy that base desire I have
for ungodly gain,
I need to BE integrity--
o can I be more plain?!

When only We can see me, God,
o be there no regret.
Far away from me and closer
to You I must get!
When I can stand before the glass
and, all of You, reflect.
At that moment, o my God,
the life of me perfect!

Lower me, my Father, so that
higher I may be...
take me down, so greater
elevations I may see...
I am nothing! All I am
is what You are within!
Use my heart, my hands, my words
to minister to men.

I need the boldness to pray that every single day...every moment of the day. How about you?


Saturday, May 19, 2007


In a "conversation" earlier today, I just could not get the other person to understand what I was saying and, worse, I could not seem to get the point of what he was telling me.
Twice withdrawing, I finally called one more seasoned than I and said "I am in a conversation with someone and we just can't seem to understand each other." His reply was too simple: "Why do you have to be understood?"

For peace to be enjoyed
all men must I avoid?
To, harmony, promote
must I retain my vote?
To gain my neighbor's hand
must I understand?
Can I disagree
and go on peaceably?

The Lord hears what I say
and loves me anyway.
At times I disagree,

but He embraces me.
So rough, at times, this life,
but I remain His Wife.
What beautiful accord
have those who love the Lord!

"Lord, make me more like You.
That's what I want to do.
The things that make me fall
are childish, one and all!
Much greater and more true
are all the ways of You.
Those ways make me employ
to tolerate, enjoy."


Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Classroom

"Peace and blessings to you!"
The same, it is purposed for your life!
That God that you picture up there poised to attack as soon as you screw up is actually right beside you holding you up, right in front of you encouraging you onward, right behind you catching you should you slip, fall, or just plain want to give up!
Yes, He loves you and approves of you that much!
We have all heard or been told to "Fear God!"
That does not mean to go through life scared to death that He is going to beat the _____ out of you, it means to respect and trust Him enough to guide your each movement, no matter how slight. And He will!! He wants to! He has awesome things in store for you if you will allow Him to. If you will trust Him to. If you will "Fear Him!"
Fear Him. That means trusting Him so much that you learn to know that He knows better than you do. Trusting Him so much that you allow Him to correct you when needed.
No, He's not sitting up there poised to pounce as soon as you screw up, but He is right there with you watching you, wanting to keep you from screwing up, keep you from getting hurt, keep you from having to learn something for the fifth time! And He will keep you from such if you will listen to Him and trust Him,
Fear Him.

"There is something here to learn,
or else I would not return.
Attentive let me be.
The lesson, let me see.
And I am not alone.
Your Presence here is known.
Teach me, this I say,
in a crucial way.
Teacher, there is none like You!
My failure You eschew.
There is something here for good,
or be here not I would!
Let me quickly learn
so that I may return
a stronger, wiser man,
and prosper in The Plan!"



Monday, May 14, 2007


The following may not be what you expect from this writer, but it is an observation worth observing.

I was in a meeting recently in which people were being honored. Afterwards, I realized that those being honored all had numbers of some sort attached to their names. In a lot of places, 'best' is being replaced with 'most.' Sure, it is wonderful to think that our companies are striving toward 'quality,' but what blares at us when usually hearing or seeing representations of today's companies? Quantity.
It was so refreshing last week to attend the graduation ceremonies of my children. Yes, there was a quantity of graduates, but to hear of their accomplishments and see such in the quality of their achievements was so refreshing.
And what about our own service? Sure, we can rack up all kinds of awards for numbers, and with no mind to the quality of such, but is that how you want to be remembered?
The aforementioned meeting. There were sales people getting up and down, all with larger and larger numbers as the night went on. One in particular did not make it to the platform. This person, rather than focusing on quantity, always chooses to make quality his sign of success. I not only know that he can make the sale, but he is always there later to assure that the quality of the product is where it should be. That is the kind of person I am going to remember. This particular industry will show you the salesman and how much sales they generate. I could care less! I want to know where he is going to be if and when the product breaks down or I have a question about it.
You can have an office full of awards about the numbers you have achieved, but if they're only from numbers, it's just a pile of wood & metal.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's DAY?

One day honor? Impossible!
Necessary, however!
Wherever she is...whatever she's done...she's worthy of gratitude.
Some argue that it's only for the fact that she gave life.
Oh, but to expound: had she NOT chosen life, what a wonderful life I would have missed!!
And to ALL mothers:

Day so far beyond a holiday,
recognition matters not at all:
if she were not lifted up these hours,
still would she be faithful to her call!

"Mother, there you are, still at the task...
honey, oh so faithful you remain...
grandma, here we are, behold your labors...
barren, special honor you retain!
So long beyond one annual alone,
you're loved for your each, exclusive way!
Thanks, respect and deep appreciation
now and always, Happy Mother's Day!"

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Sorry about the lapse. No, wait. I am very thankful for the lapse! In the past 5 days, we have had three children graduate from college!! HALLELUJAH!! At my house, we celebrated me getting a high school diploma! Wait, we celebrated every time I got anything higher than a 'C!' My worst grades were in English! My folks and some of my teachers still just shake their heads that such was the case and here I am with a poetry ministry and a published book?! It is living proof that it is not MY ability, but GOD working through me!
Do be blessed by this reminder of His abounding provision:

God, You are my Provider,
You are THE ONLY Source.
Blessings, they so pour on me
From every way, of course!
But it is You supplying,
Directing every fount,
Therefore, You are the only One
To fathom the amount!

God, my great Provider,
All glory is to You!
You know exactly what I need
When I’ve not any clue!
You know much better that which I
Require and request,
Therefore, I rest in Your supply,
It ever is the best!

God, You are my Provider
And I shall never lack!
Whatever is my portion, God,
I never shall look back,
Unless it is to testify
Of Your abundancy!
God, You are my Provider and
You shall, forever, be!!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Be God Within

Joseph was one of the most blessed and prosperous individuals in the Old Testament because he was willing to let God be God in his life and to respond positively and faithfully to everything God did. Whether imprisoned, enslaved, SOLD, Joseph found a way to be used by God. I want to be that way! I want to pray constantly

Oh God, be God in my own life,
my heart, my head, my all.
It is my great pleasure, God,
to be led by Your call.
Everyday a happening
that I cannot be explain,
everyday Your signature
as I cede to your reign!
And everyday anticipating
everything You are.
Fully yielded to Your service,
Father God, how far?
How far am I to go today,
which heading shall I take?
Will there be an enemy
or friend that I should make?
Will I elevate someone
by mentioning Your Name,
or witnessing for You will I
assassinate the same?
Oh God, stay God within me
irregardless of terrain!

The only thing I know is
Straight and Narrow be my gain!
Love everyone ahead, Lord, by
allowing me to see
Your signature upon their lives--
wherein is victory!!



Thursday, May 3, 2007

Only Source

God is all, God has all, God does all...
God is all you need!
Try Him! His holy Word tells you to!
He is more than faithful!

God, You are my Provider,
You are THE ONLY Source.
Blessings, they so pour on me
From every way, of course!
But it is You supplying,
Directing every fount,
Therefore, You are the only One
To fathom the amount!

God, my great Provider,
All glory is to You!
You know exactly what I need
When I’ve not any clue!
You know much better that which I
Require and request,
Therefore, I rest in Your supply,
It ever is the best!

God, You are my Provider
And I shall never lack!
Whatever is my portion, God,
I never shall look back,
Unless it is to testify
Of Your abundancy!
God, You are my Provider and
You shall, forever, be!!


Serenity Settled

"Peace that passes all understanding."
Do you have it? Not only does Jesus come to bring life in abundance, He avails to you a peace that can carry you through any situation this life may contain! It is so far beyond a 'feeling.' For His peace will accompany you? No! His peace will actually become a part of your being!

Serenity to settle—
Oh, peace beyond a price!
It is beyond mere ‘feeling,’
Oh, but it’s so nice!
Deep, so deeply seated
That not a thing dismay!
So beautiful, that peace that is
The Truth, the Life, the Way!

“Serenity, come settle,
for Jesus paid the price!
No way to understand it, oh,
But it is oh, so nice!
Deep, so deeply seated,
With Jesus Christ within!
Serenity stay ‘where I am,’
And not just ‘where I’ve been.’

Settle me, serenity,
In Jesus Christ alone!
In Jesus, oh, the blessings of You
Are so clearly known!
Known above a ‘feeling,’
Beyond ‘emotion,’ too.
Beyond this life and ever,
O my Jesus, it is You!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Silent and the Still

"I pray that your life is going well."

For a lot of us, our day may not be going well...our moment may not be going well, etc., but do we allow it to affect our whole life? Yes, each day is life, but life changes.
Some ask me at times how I am doing on a day that I have had a seizure. I am told that I respond in ways that are inexplicable. I can't remember! But no matter how I respond in those moments, I may have a completely different day an hour later!
So very thankful I am that, though life does change from moment to moment, that are precious certainties that do not change! God Most High has seen to it that no matter what is going on wherever in my body, in my day, in my life, I can trust Him to remain. God is "...the same yesterday, today and forever," all the while remaining "...newer everyday!"
I don't understand that, either, but it is true! Visit with me this place where blessed assurances are, yet newness is each time I go....

The silent and the still
For ‘whosoever will;’
It but requires time
Into this place to climb.
So foreign, this locale,
it has its own morale,
yet benefits reside
exclusive to this side.

The silent and the still--
to be here demands will.
Discipline, as well,
top tap into the well.
Everything I'm not
is needed in this spot:
patience, drill, restraint--
my self, it must acquaint!

The silent and the still--
I know it is The Will.
Until such I contain,
retarded be all gain.
In silence will I hear...
in darkness, sight is clear...
in ceding, I defy
me, myself and I.

Can YOU slow down and be patient enough to be transported here?