Monday, March 26, 2007

First Life

On the way to the doctor this morning, God treated me to quite a show. It is a 4-hour trip, so I was able to behold the day that He was making from before light! I am so blessed! On the way, He explained it to me, of course...

Day begins to form
spring begins to storm
imposing in the east--
how violent, the beast?
But beautiful of stage,
that, so soon to rage:
the massive, heaving beast,
it fascinates the least!
Red sky in the morn
fascination warn;
life upon patrol
unraveling the scroll.
Wherever you are, however busy it is, do not forget to notice life, neither neglect to notice the Maker of all life--GOD MOST HIGH!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


There is not a place where God cannot see you. Have you ever felt otherwise? Earlier today, I did! Because the pain in my body is so great right now! I know, however, that God is not based on the way I feel. As I prayed about it, here is what the Spirit spoke back to me:

"In that place of darkness, it
is visible to Me.
'Follow, follow!' this I say,
for I can clearly see!
You cannot hear, you cannot know,
you cannot even feel--
I know exactly where you are,
oh, heed to My appeal!

There be no valley deepest,
there be no pain too great;
there be no situation that,
for your God, is too great!
Far greater be My love for you,
far greater be My care,
and greater be My arms around you
always, everywhere!

I know what you are feeling,
there be no blinding shroud!
I come with hope and healing;
for, of you, I am proud!
A greatness I have for you,
I AM, in you, the same!
Release all that to which you cling
and soar in My great Name!"

This may not be exactly what you think of when you think of God, but that's how real He is in my life! He already knows everything about me, but He desires to hear it from me. Especially when I am not feeling well, but definitely not limited to such. For even when everything is going right inside my day, He wants to hear about that! He does hear that from me as I know Him in such a way that we can discuss and converse about everything.
You CAN know God this way.

Thursday, March 22, 2007



My brother, where I cannot see at all,
is in distress, for I can hear him call.
The same that I heard constantly before,
the very call that I chose to ignore.
Will his voice to me only indict?
Or will the heart inside his voice excite?!
Indicted am I in that I but hear,
conviction be if I be insincere.
He knows I am aware of his estate.
He knows I serve a God so very great.
He knows there is a calling on my heart,
and he's well aware of failure on my part!
God, the Holy Spirit, knows, as well.
And if my brother lands his soul in Hell,
will I be in pain that he chose to be,
or that he did not hear The Truth from me?

Each of us are blessed with an opportunity each day to reach out. A card, a letter, a phone call, a smile... What I do with that opportunity dictates future opportunities along the Narrow Way.
"Father God, please make me receptive and obedient."


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


"He's in the way. Find him a nursing home."
"We have lives to live. Find her a retirement village."
"He's not all there. What's the point in keeping him here?"

It hurts. These are actual statements I have heard from people. Is life so busy that we neglect life? Are loved ones only so if they can love and give back? One of the most beautiful things I have learned in this life is the rule that "What we sow, this also shall we reap." This came beautifully to proof when my wife and I ran a care home. A simple touch or a smile is enough to change a matter what age! Are you brave enough to reach out?

How many generations has he seen?
His patience—I have yet to learn such mean.
Is he in a hurry anymore?
Speed—he appears to have no need for.
I see patience in each line upon his face.
The seasons and the years he wears with grace.
My fault? I do not even know his name…
How many generations know the same?


Monday, March 19, 2007


Father, thank You so much for speaking to me as I am here with you.
Thank You for the ways that you speak to me:
Father, You speak to my eyes as they behold Your countless touches on the land...
You speak to my tongue as I taste the dew upon it...
You speak to my nose as the buds and blossoms waft through the breeze...
You speak to my skin as You kiss it with the sun rays that are in and out...
You speak to my heart as I look, see and feel that which I am so in love with...
You speak to my soul as You fill me with hope and expectation of the wonders awaiting...
You speak to my entire being as You embrace me and love me as I stand in Your Presence!
Thank You, Father, for Your countless languages of love that I shall never grow weary of!


Friday, March 16, 2007

Beyond My Box

Blessings on you!
"With God, all things are possible." But with me, are all things desirable? God is so awesome! His wonders are so far and above the words of a poet! GOD IS ALL....but I want MORE!

As I obtain the wonder of the wonder,
o make me not complacent to the same;
as is revealed more of revelation,
blind me not unto the reason that He came!
As I break through and truly reach my brother,
let me not surrender such a quest!
Let me never reach a comfort, saying
"I've done my part....there is no more....this is the best."

"But as I reach the wonder of the wonder,
expand it, God, and lose me yet once more!
As I reach that pinnacle before me,
expand Yourself that, higher, I may soar!
Too many are the learned roundabout me
who boast 'I have His way, here, in a box;'
rather, Father, be to me a window
whose view, but only more of You, unlocks!"


Thursday, March 15, 2007


Look up in the sky. Why does that hawk not move his wings? Why does he captivate me so? Hear his answer...

"Slowly do I wing my way,
yonder to my home;
upon the gentle winds do I
so very freely roam.
Many battles have I seen,
and I have won them all;
fighting to defend myself,
it is the only call.
Only one thing sets me back,
and that is mortal man.
The only thing that hinders me
from living my own plan.
Dominion over other beasts,
ruler of the sky--
yet only by the hand of man
can death, upon me, sigh."

And then I heard the Lord say...

"Very soon, I'll wing my way,
coming once again.
Bringing victory as you,
that final battle, win!
No longer to defend yourselves
against the evil one,
but to forever sing and shout
of all that I have done!
**Only one thing hinders Me--
that same old mortal man.
Though strong-willed, he must still submit
to My salvation plan.
I wait a little longer yet,
that more I may take home,
that they be in My Book of Life
and not in Hades' tome!"

**The further away I get from writing this, the more that statement troubles me. I don't want it to sound like man is hindering Him, (as if man could!) but that He is waiting until the last possible second so that all will have an opportunity to be saved.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AGE of Miracles?

I received a prayer request a few days ago from a family whose infant was about to go on dialysis for the next year until a kidney could be found for him. An infant. And I wondered "Are miracles only for those of us who are old enough to understand them?" Then I wondered further "WHO could understand a MIRACLE?" But I settled on the Scripture which implores us to bring the little children unto Him!

Miracle--for those of certain age?
"Trouble not the Master..." what outrage!
"You must come to me as a little child;"
therein lies that faith, so undefiled!

"As mere children, God, we come to You.
We profess the miracles You do!
For You do what has not been done before!
You plant, You grow, You heal and You restore!
As we hold this life inside our hand,
this is how You hold us, we understand.
You know his most intricate design
You assure our spirits we'll be fine!
They tell us that this is, as yet, unknown,
but we know that all things to You are shown!
Stand we in accordance to Your Word,
rejoicing in the miracle occurred!"



Each of us have a cross to bear. In this house, my wife bears hers and half of mine! I need that. You see, I have seizures. One of the effects they have on me is that I can't remember all that I used to, among other things. It is frustrating.
Anyway, one particular day, I sat and wrote the following words. It really turned into a confession on my part, and it was but one more step in the process of "casting all my care upon Him."

...and after the last seizure, I said "Oh God, if I could only understand, then I would be more comfortable." And it came to me while doing chores this afternoon:
"Indeed, if I came to understand, what need would I have of Him?
If I did understand, would I not just accept it and live with it, rather than lay on my face before Him in search of an answer?"
I know He can heal me. I don't know when or if He will. And if He said "My son, I will heal you on thus and such date," would I not be slack in my appeal and my attention unto Him knowing such?
And then the blatant, ugly truth in my original inquiry: "If I could only understand, then I would be more comfortable."


Friday, March 9, 2007

Divide to Join?

What a wonderful world! What a different world!
What a blessing when we can savor peace!

Let not my language separate
Though I be set apart.
From the hand of me, let flow
What touches to the heart.
“I am no better than a brother
Anywhere at all.”
I have to live this very statement
To secure my call.
If I can’t ‘show’ a difference,
How will other men receive?
If they cannot see life in me,
Which life will they believe?
If they cannot hear love, if they
Can’t feel the very same,
Why should they desire any
Benefits I claim?
Cloak all of me that may distract,
Distract from all of God!
Love must abound and be abounding,
Even to the ‘odd.’
Every one of us included
In that spoken class
If we are to know unity,
Each fetter to surpass.


Thursday, March 8, 2007


With the sight of that which is crafted by His hands, this pen is never at a loss for words!
With relationships with those in the fold and beyond, I am never wanting for content.
With the Holy Spirit indwelt so deep within, all I ever have to do is get a pen and say "Speak, oh Lord!" HE IS FAITHFUL!
Too, all I must do is look at the gift He blessed me with over 25 years ago, and I am not only inspired, but 'elevated,' as well! These words were penned in 1994, but they ring even more true with each new day that passes...

Is anything of more import?
Is precedence elsewhere?
Does that about the house prevail
when it is time for prayer?
And when the things of world encroach
and time seems out of reach,
somehow she always finds the time
to study what she'll teach!
A beacon in a busy world
that tempts at every hand,
through grace and perseverance will she
ever-firmly stand
exemplifying unto all
the giving and the gift,
even those beyond her home,
her giving, it shall lift.

Oh, blessed be the woman with
commitment unto God.
Her step, her word, her every thought
in Jesus, won't be flawed.
And truly, her desires, what
her heart may, there, conceal,
with honor are bestowed upon her
in her blessed zeal!

It has been 25 years. Still, I find myself in awe and disbelief that God should honor me by making her for my life! I love you, honey!


Monday, March 5, 2007


I know a life-situation from which nobody is exempt. Each and all of us, at one time or another, will be faced with a loss. My mom would comment often "Why does it always come in threes?" I knew not what she was talking about until lately. This week, even. Yes, it hurts. No, words do not always help, but maybe it helps to hear that God knows exactly how we feel at those times.

Though grief be for a moment,
compassion is to reign;
each every emotion
is subject to His rein.
Though pain be for a season,
much longer, pleasure, see!
Yea, and more than thought may grip
the good in God to be!

The 'learned' speak of 'balance?'
But greater be 'the good!'
Far greater be the wonderful
said declaration would!
Witnessed even in the Word
that shall not ever die:
His mercy, love and goodness, oh,
the ages prophesy!!

Mere grief be for a moment--
e'en lessons for to gain
for the good of life each day,
regardless of the pain!
In a Plan superior
to anything we know
be an answer stellar to
whatever days bestow!

God bless you, Tom. We will see you soon!


Sunday, March 4, 2007

I'm Pressing on

Praise the Lord!
When you are on the mountaintop and can see everything, Praise the Lord!
When you are in the valley and can't even see your next step, Praise the Lord!
When you see the bills, but you can't see what to pay them with, Praise the Lord!
When you are in pain, but can't see the Healer, Praise the Lord!
When there is no pain, and there is nothing wrong, Praise the Lord!
NO, it is not easy. Are you hyper-spiritual? Are you in denial? NO! You are merely being obedient to the Word! Keep pressing on.....

I'm pressing on to victory,
in spite of what is pressing me!
My wealth...(or lack thereof,)
is all eclipsed by His great love!

I'm pressing on to higher ground
where I'm unshaken, I am sound!
A cabin there beyond a cloud?
But no! A mansion He's avowed!

I'm pressing on to life eterne,
of which, but day by day, I learn.
One day, to party on that sod:
one day that never ends, PRAISE GOD!

I'm pressing on unto that day
with Christ---the Truth, the Life, the Way!
The Narrow Way, with its terrain....
Heaven's treasury, my gain!

I'm pressing on to where all pain,
(and thoughts of such,) do not remain!
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
forevermore to be my Host!

I'm pressing on.....


Friday, March 2, 2007


The called of God know vividly that after a life of serving Him there is great reward! It is a wonderful catalyst to press on boldly, but not the only one!
I know quite a few who think that serving God is only to be done out of fear of what's ahead. FEAR NOT! If you are doing service for HIM, serve with a grateful heart, a willing heart! In doing so, not only will you store up treasures in Heaven, but you will reap benefits en route, as well!
One of my favorite and most rewarding ways to SERVE is to WORSHIP! Listen to what Isaiah said:

You are the One Who reached into
The very mighty sea,
Dividing there the waters, that
A pathway straight could be!
You braced the mighty currents and
The life with which it teemed,
Thus providing freedom unto
All of the redeemed!

Yea, unto You we shall return
To Zion with a song!
Everlasting joy upon
Each head within the throng!
Joy and gladness we’ll obtain
All throughout the day,
All sorrow and discouragement
Will then flee far away!!

Again, You are the very One
Who split the mighty sea!
And yea, we make a joyful noise
As we return to Thee!
Oh Father, there is not a thing
Greater than You are!
Thus, unto Thee alone, we bow,
Returning from afar!

...and 'worship' is a service that everyone is capable of.

(Isaiah 51:10,11)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thank You, Lord

Sometimes I catch myself in what I call a "recording." Talking with God, my Father, and instead of it being a two-way conversation, it turns into a "wish list" with an "amen" at the end. Father God is so much more than that! His Word is very clear that He knows what we want & need before we even speak to Him. Yet, being omniscient, He still desires to converse with us...a dialogue, not a monologue.
I pondered this one evening and started to just thank Him for all I have, rather than just request.

"Thank You, Lord, for everything,
Especially for listening to me.
I’ve talked to You about so many things,
(How weary You must be!)
I know that always, in my prayers,
I repeat almost all that I say,
And yet I know that You will listen
To me, whenever I pray.
Thank You for the love, dear Lord,
That I know You have for me;
And please accept the undying love
That I do have for Thee!
And Lord, please take this little poem
And accept it as a gift
For all the times You come to me
And give my spirits a lift.
Please forgive my debt, dear Lord,
As I forgive my debtor;
And thank You for tomorrow, Lord,
For I know it will be better!
Thank You for hearing my problems, Lord,
And for helping me solve them all;
And thank You for hearing all of my wishes,
(Some of which are not small!)
Thank You for watching over me, Lord,
And for bringing to me no harm;
And thank You for filling my beautiful life
With so much love and charm.
Thank You for my home, dear Lord,
And the roof that’s over my head;
And thank You for letting me kneel and pray
At night before my bed.
And Lord, for all of the food I eat,
I thank you very much;
And a special thanks for all of the times
That I have felt Your touch.
Thank You for my life, dear Lord,
And with it You can do
Whatever You please, because, my Lord,
I’m turning it over to You!

Once again, I thank You, Lord,
For all of the above;
And I promise to You, dear Lord,
You will always have my love."